Powerful storm hits California with potentially historic rains

A powerful atmospheric storm hits California with “potentially historic rains”, floods and landslides. The storm also called ...

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  • A powerful atmospheric storm hits California with “potentially historic rains”, floods and landslides.
  • The storm also called a bomb cyclone has flooded roads, downed trees and caused landslides.
  • Heavy rains and high winds hit the Bay Area on Sunday.

A powerful storm rushed into southern California after flooding roads, knocking down trees and causing mudflows in areas that had been burned by recent fires in the northern part of the state, The Associated Press reported.

Torrential rains and strong winds accompanied the arrival of an atmospheric river, a long and wide column of humidity that was extracted from the Pacific Ocean. The Sacramento National Weather Service office warned of “potentially historic rains.”

Rains in California cause heavy flooding

Photo: AP

Flooding was reported throughout the area of ​​the san francisco bay, which closed streets in Berkeley, flooded the Oakland Bay Bridge toll plaza and overflowed rivers in Napa and Sonoma counties. Power poles were toppled and tens of thousands of people in North Bay were without power.

By Sunday morning, Mount Tamalpais, north of San Francisco, had registered half a foot (15 centimeters) of rain in the previous 12 hours, the weather service said. “Some of our higher elevation locations could see 6, 7, 8 inches of rain before we’re done,” said weather service meteorologist Sean Miller.

Several trucks capsized due to heavy rain

california rains
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About 150 miles (241 kilometers) to the north, the California Highway Patrol closed a stretch of State Route 70 in Butte and Plumas counties due to multiple landslides within the massive Dixie Fire burn scar. Also, several trucks overturned on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge due to heavy rains and intense winds that hit the Bay area on Sunday, reported KRON4 News.

“We have already had several collisions this morning with vehicles sliding on water, numerous trees falling and several roads being flooded,” the Oroville Highway Patrol office tweeted Sunday. “If you can stay home and off the roads today, please do so. If you are on the roads, be very careful. ”

Landslides force road closures

Photo: AP

In California’s Colusa and Yolo counties, state highways 16 and 20 were closed for several miles due to landslides, the state Department of Transportation said. Burned areas remain a concern as bare lands cannot absorb heavy rains as quickly, increasing the likelihood of flash floods.

“If you are near a recent burn scar and you haven’t already done so, prepare now for possible debris flows,” the Sacramento Weather Service tweeted. “If local officials tell you to evacuate, or you feel threatened, don’t hesitate to do so. If it is too late to evacuate, go to higher ground ”.

Two people died in Seattle

Photo: AP

The same storm system also hit the states of Oregon and Washington, causing power outages that affected tens of thousands of people. Two people were killed when a tree fell on a vehicle in the greater Seattle area. Eastside Fire & Rescue responded to the scene of the deaths near Preston, Washington, which is about 20 miles (32 kilometers) east of Seattle, The Associated Press reported.

According to the National Weather Service (NWS) Meteorological Prediction Center, the coastal states of the Pacific already began to feel this Sunday the effects of the bomb cyclone that surrounds the northwest coast of the country and that will mainly affect Washington, Oregon and some parts of Canada. Still it will be felt throughout the area. Filed Under: Storm Will Bring Heavy Rain To California.

They order evacuation

Photo: AP

South of San Francisco, evacuation orders were in effect in the Santa Cruz Mountains due to concerns that several inches of rain could trigger debris flows into a fire’s burn scar as the storm advanced early Monday morning.

Further south, parts of western Santa Barbara County saw evacuation warnings updated to orders in the area burned by this month’s Alisal fire. Strong winds were also expected, with gusts of up to 97 kph (60 mph) in the windiest places in Northern California. Filed Under: Storm Will Bring Heavy Rain To California.

It is not a hurricane, but strong winds will be felt

Cyclone bomb will hit Seattle as hard as a hurricane
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Meteorologists have clarified that this storm, also called a bomb cyclone, is not a hurricane, although strong winds will be felt. “All bomb cyclones are not hurricanes, but sometimes they can adopt characteristics that make them look a lot like hurricanes, with very strong winds, heavy rainfall and well-defined features like eyes in the middle,” explained climate scientist Daniel Swain of the University of California at Los Angeles.

Experts also warned about the great waves that this system will generate. “The big story for the WA / OR shores will be a big swell. Waves are developing due to hurricane force winds south of the low. Here is the forecast of significant wave height (maximum waves will be double this value) for the next 3 days ”. Filed Under: Storm Will Bring Heavy Rain To California.

Storm will bring more rain

Tropical Storm Nicholas Texas Gulf of Mexico
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“The water levels will be 2-3 feet above expected values on the coast due to low atmospheric pressure. The waves / swell could add 1-2 feet more surveillance needs, ”adds the meteorology account on the swell on the shores.

And he concludes that with “Good news: we are not in the true tidal part of the tidal cycle! But an overflow of the tides is predicted in Astoria ”. In conclusion, this bomb cyclone will bring a lot of snow, strong winds and very high and dangerous waves to the west coast. California’s hydrologic year 2021, which ended on September 30, was the second driest on record and last year’s was the fifth driest on record. Some of the most important reservoirs in the state are at record low levels. Filed Under: Storm Will Bring Heavy Rain To California.

Why is it called a bomb cyclone?

Photo: AP

Why are these systems called a bomb cyclone bomb? In fact, the term has been harshly criticized by certain meteorologists who describe it as “sensationalist”, yet “cyclone bomb” has been established since 1980, according to The Independent.

Climate expert Ryan Maue explained to this medium that “bombogenesis is the technical term. ‘Bomb cyclone’ is a shortened version, better for social networks. The actual hits are not going to be a bomb at all. There is nothing to explode or detonate ”. Filed Under: Storm Will Bring Heavy Rain To California.

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