Poncho Denigris announces the death of a loved one in tears

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  • Poncho Denigris announced an unfortunate loss through social networks.
  • He was crying and singing a song by Julio Iglesias.
  • “I want to show everything I’m feeling,” said Poncho in the video.

Poncho Denigris announced the departure of a loved one on social networks. In the video he posted on his social networks, he announced that someone close to his wife’s grandfather, Marcela Mistral, had left; in the clip posted on social networks, the influencer is seen crying while playing a Julio Iglesias song.





The Monterrey native clarified that every time he suffers a family loss, the best way to deal with it is by listening to a song by Iglesias and that he always manages to feel reassured and at the same time, the song gives him the support he needs thanks to its lyrics. The influencer has suffered several losses recently, such as the death of his brother, Antonio Denigris in 2009.

Poncho Denigris family death: Announced the departure of a loved one

Poncho Denigris family death: Announced the departure of a loved one
Photo: Instagram

Poncho Denigris, announced that he was very sad for the loss of a relative. He commented that he always liked to show how he felt to his followers and this time he had to hide it; for that reason, it is recorded while he is drinking from a glass and listening to a song by the Spanish singer Julio Iglesias.

The influencer recorded the video from inside his vehicle, while telling his followers on social networks the reason why he was extremely sad. He decided to tell the reason why he played the song “Life goes on the same”, which is one of his favorites when he is going through an extremely difficult time.

Poncho Denigris family death: “I like to show my emotions”

Poncho Denigris family death: "I like to show my emotions"
Photo: Instagram

Poncho starts the video by commenting that he is quite sad. He commented that his family was going through a hard time and being faithful to the followers on his social networks, he decided to share the news that he was in a very bad mood; Denigris mentions that he wants to be honest and show himself at all times, not just the ‘good parts of his day to day’.

I’m having a bad time. I like to show all my emotions, when I am sad, angry, happy. ”, The Mexican is heard saying to the camera of his cell phone, while his eyes are red from crying. In the background, the voice of the Spanish singer does not stop reproducing and he seems to be in a very bad moment.

Poncho Denigris family death: “For Marcela”

Poncho Denigris family death: "By Marcela"
Photo: Instagram

The singer, actor and influencer, mentioned that he is going through a loss in his family. He mentions that it is someone close to his wife’s grandfather and that the family is very sad because the man was left a widower and Marcela was very close to his grandfather’s wife; for this reason he also feels sad.

Today I am sad for Marcela’s grandfather, he was left a widower, alone. For Marcela, ”Denigris says in the clip he shared on social networks, while shedding a couple of tears after announcing the loss they experienced. It seems that he and Marcela were very attached to the person who left, so he did not want his loss to go unnoticed.

Poncho Denigris family death: “For a loved one”

Poncho Denigris family death: "For a loved one"
Photo: Instagram

He points out that in those moments of absolute sadness, the only song he likes to put on is one by Iglesias due to its special meaning. For that reason, in his car he listens at full volume while he recounts the loss suffered by his wife’s grandfather and that the family was grieving.

I always play this song when a loved one dies. Because it says… ‘Life goes on the same, ‘”the Mexican influencer announced to social networks, making a confession to his followers about the important meaning that the song has for him and how valuable it is in the moments of sadness that afflict him.

Poncho Denigris family death: “Turn it around”

Poncho Denigris family death: "Turn it around"
Photo: Instagram

But, wanting to leave the sadness for another moment at the end of the song, he reminds his audience that they must turn the ‘page’ and get on with life. The singer is not the first time that he has suffered a pain as deep as losing a loved one, so he mentions that it is important to continue living and remember people with good times.

Well, let’s turn the page. ”Denigris told his followers. After that, he wiped off the remaining tears and put on his sunglasses, to finish the clip that he shared through his Instagram Stories; Several of his followers expressed themselves on social networks, sending him their love.

“Cheer up”

"Cheer up"
Photo: Instagram

“Courage, my lord, may God give you great strength. I know that there are no words for these moments, only God is the one who gives us that strength, resignation to endure such an irreparable loss, hug you and your beautiful wife with all respect, that the grandmother stand out in peace and God have her in his holy glory. ”Is read in one of the messages left by his followers in the video of the account Paparazzamx, who shared the clip of Poncho.

You are not the only famous person going through a near loss

Salma Hayek mourning the death of a loved one
Photo: Instagram

“I will not be able to hug you again” The Mexican actress, Salma Hayek, is in mourning after revealing the unfortunate death of her sister-in-law, her husband’s sister on businessman French; François-Henri Pinault. In her farewell message, the Hollywood actress will also remember her as the great friend and company that she was for her during all this time.

It was on September 3 when the Mexican businesswoman, Salma Hayek, was in long tablecloths after celebrating her 55th birthday, a party where she was flooded with endless flowers, during this celebration, Salma declared that she felt very tired already Although she had not commented on the matter, the signs of affection were not lacking in this special moment for her.

The message you wrote

He says goodbye to his sister-in-law; Salma Hayek mourning the death of a loved one
Photo: Instagram

Unfortunately, the joy would not last long for the family, especially for that of her husband, the French businessman, François-Henri Pinault, since a few days later the death of her beloved sister and great friend of the Mexican actress would be announced. ; French Florence Rogers Pinault, who died a few hours on Monday.

Through her social networks, Salma Hayek wrote a tender farewell message for her beloved sister-in-law, whom the native of Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, considered a great friend and company for her, regretting that she would no longer be with them, but that even so his memory will always be present.

The photo you posted

He says goodbye to his sister-in-law; Salma Hayek mourning the death of a loved one
Photo: Instagram

On her official Instagram account, the Mexican producer Salma Hayek published a tender photograph next to her late sister-in-law, while both were tenderly posing with a big smile in front of the camera. This image managed to collect more than 62 thousand likes within just a few hours of being shared.

At the bottom of the photograph, Salma began with her message saying goodbye to her dear friend, whom she will undoubtedly miss all this time: “My friend and my dear sister-in-law, today you are flying into the unknown and I will never be able to hug you again,” the Mexican began. after finding herself in mourning for the unfortunate death of a being dear to her and her family.

“Your goodness”

"Rest in peace"; Salma Hayek in mourning after the death of a loved one
Photo: Instagram

Given this, Salma Hayek denoted the kindness that her beloved sister-in-law, sister of her husband François-Henri Pinault, had, something that will undoubtedly always be remembered by both her and her entire family: “But the feeling of your goodness, your strength, your enthusiasm for life, as well as the eternal light of the stars shining in your eyes ”.

To end her message, which was written in both French, Spanish and English, the businesswoman wrote that all these qualities will be remembered by her: “And most of all the resonance of your laughter will live in my heart forever, rest in peace, Florence Rogers Pinault ”, the Mexican concluded after learning of the death of her beloved sister-in-law.

Messages of support

"I'm very sorry for your loss"; Salma Hayek mourning the death of a loved one
Photo: Instagram

Quickly various comments began to arrive in the publication of Salma Hayek, who made known through her social networks the death of her beloved sister-in-law, where followers and fans of the actress began to send her their condolences and a rest in peace for the sister of her husband:

“What a nice message Salma. Florence, a star of love “,” I am very sorry for your loss Salma “,” I am sorry, in solidarity with your family “,” I am very sorry for your loss I will have positive thoughts for you and your family “,” Rest in peace dear Florence ” , “Beautiful photo, prayers and appreciation for you”, were some of the messages that Salma and her family received after the death of her loved one. YOU CAN SEE THE PHOTOGRAPH HERE



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