Poncho De Nigris shares Galilea Montijo’s ‘dirty secrets’ thanks to her former domestic employee (VIDEO)

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Poncho De Nigris shares Galilea Montijo’s ‘dirty secrets’ thanks to her former domestic employee (VIDEO)
  • The always controversial Poncho De Nigris shares Galilea Montijo’s dirty secrets.
  • Poncho De Nigris hired former Galilea Montijo employee and she told him everything.
  • Netizens react to Poncho De Nigris’ video.

Poncho De Nigris, the actor, singer and influencer, shares Mexican host Galilea Montijo’s dirty little secrets. The Monterrey native posted a video on his social networks where he talks about Montijo’s relationship with her husband, the politician Fernando Reina Iglesias.

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The recording where Poncho De Nigris shares information about the marital life of Galilea was reposted by the Instagram account elchisme_noduerme, in it you can see Poncho in the pool while talking to a woman, supposedly an employee who had previously worked with Montijo.

Poncho De Nigris talks about Galilea Montijo

Poncho De Nigris talks about Galilea Montijo
PHOTO Instagram

In the video, Poncho is seen in a pool while talking to a woman: “Fabiola is famous, I worked with Galilea Montijo,” he says, imitating the woman, who supposedly was an employee of Galilea and now works with the Monterrey influencer.

In the publication you can read the following message: “Former employee of Galilea told her new employer Poncho De Nigris what was happening at the driver’s house hahahaha, uuuu what will she say when she no longer works with Poncho, she sure made her sign confidentiality contract ”.

Poncho De Nigris’ employee tells her the secrets of the famous driver

Poncho De Nigris talks about the marriage of Galilea Montijo
PHOTO Instagram

“Fabiola does not like them, Fabiola is already famous, I was just there, with Galilea, I worked in the house with Galilea Montijo, name the gentlemen fought very ugly, they clung to the bun and it sounded like I was spanking him at night, and well, really hard, ”said Poncho, imitating Fabiola’s voice.

But Poncho is aware that just as the woman talked about her former boss, she can also talk about him and that is why she said in her video: “And I tell her, no, what is she going to say about us.” The publication reached 9,292 reproductions and thousands of comments, some against Poncho.

They criticize the attitude of Poncho De Nigris

Poncho De Nigris talks about hiring former Galilea Montijo employee
PHOTO Instagram

Internet users did not stop expressing their opinion about the Poncho De Nigris video, and disqualified Poncho De Nigris’s attitude: “Poncho’s also super out of place if they’re telling you, shut up”, “That Poncho is a motherfucking”, “ Uuffff I already want you to stop working with pPoncho. Let’s see what it says ”.

“He himself says” No, what is he going to say about us “,” How little mother of the gossipy lady because of that type of person the others pay at work “,” Oh no, and ethics “, “What a bad language of that woman”, “Oh that Poncho is worth everything”, “And the poor lady for gossip to see who hires her after Poncho.”

“Don’t let Poncho be surprised”

Poncho De Nigris takes out Galilea Montijo's dirty laundry
PHOTO Instagram

Users warned Poncho De Nigris for hiring a person who speaks ill of his former employers, and they tell him to fire her better: “Be careful with Fabiola, since Poncho would have already fired her, he’s already giving her a taste of how It’s the lady, don’t be surprised by Poncho ”.

“What a indiscreet and gossipy lady and the other too, what a shame.” However, there were also those who defended the former member of Big Brother, by assuring that Poncho De Nigris is like that of a joker: “Whoever follows him knows that he is joking”, “Obviously it is a joke it shows … … Poncho is like that.”

“He already got the employee in trouble,” they tell Poncho De Nigris

Poncho De Nigris talks about Galilea Montijo, will he be angry with him?
PHOTO Instagram

However, the comments that disapproved of the attitude of the singer, Poncho De Nigris, were more: “That woman is a gossip, when you work at home what you hear and look at, you keep it to yourself and Poncho De Nigris is just another old gossip”.

“He already got the employee in trouble, at any time he will sue her. @ Galileamontijo just for mitotero @ponchodenigris you must keep quiet”, were the comments that could be read in the publication, which the same users said, Poncho had already deleted from your Instagram. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF WHAT PONCHO DE NIGRIS SAID

And the feet of Galilee?

PHOTO Instagram

On the other hand, the famous television host, Galilea Montijo, has been characterized by her incredible beauty, in addition to standing out in the world of entertainment, with her great ease of speech and incredible performance in the media. Being a recognized celebrity both in Mexico and in the United States.

On this occasion through her Instagram account, the Mexican shared a photograph where she raised the temperature by appearing in a daring and tiny two-piece bikini, which leaves very little to the imagination, but Internet users discover something strange.

Show off your figure

PHOTO Instagram

Galilea Montijo uploaded to her social network profile, a daring photo where she boasts her figure with a heart attack bikini, but doubts invaded the followers, when they saw that the driver’s feet had been cut off, and they began to question the Mexican : “All good, but what about the feet?”, “And the feet?”, “It makes me laugh that he gave the explanation and all the people keep asking about the feet.”

But the presenter cleared up all this misunderstanding: “For those who ask about the feet. For obvious reasons, what they see are CORALS, their feet are buried ”, was Gali’s response in the header of her photograph that generated several doubts among her fans, because her feet were not visible.

Tans too much

PHOTO Instagram

In addition to wondering about her feet, several users praised the driver for her body, and mentioned that this time she looked a little more tanned than normal, but despite that the compliments and compliments predominated in the post, delighting the pupil of the most of the followers.

“Oh yes, in those beautiful beaches or who wants to return”, “What a woman you are Gali”, “beautiful !!! And well tanned you look beautiful !!! “,” You are well tanned, beautiful Galilea Montijo “,” Great body that barbarian “, were some comments from Internet users.

Dazzle with your figure

PHOTO Instagram

It is not the first time that he has figure In a bikini, 47-year-old Galilea Montijo has proven again that age is just a number, and decides to show her body in a sexy, very colorful two-piece swimsuit, while posing in the pool.

“What. Beautifull. Galy. Blessings. ”,“ Mamasiita ”,“ Leave your hat and necklace, my Galilea’s great body is envious ”,“ The one that is pretty is pretty… ”,“ The prettiest of all ”,“ Everything is fine Except that pile of Earrings In your Ear looks bad but to taste the colors ”, were some of the comments.

Show off your beauty on social media

PHOTO Instagram

Martha Galilea Montijo Torres is a Mexican television presenter, host, and actress. She has participated as an actress in various telenovelas in Mexico and is currently the host of the Hoy program, she has made several variety and reality shows, one of the most recent was Pequeños Gigantes.

The celebrity is also the owner of a body of envy, and constantly on her social network account, Gali boasts to her fans how year after year that figure is captivating more and more viewers, who have been left with their mouths open by how the presenter in her photos. Some images in this note come from this Y this videos

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