Poncho de Nigris strips naked with his wife, and even Larry Hernández is scandalized (PHOTO)

Poncho de Nigris uploads a photo of him and his wife naked Instagram goes crazy at this revealing and “forbidden” photograph. It makes La...

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  • Poncho de Nigris uploads a photo of him and his wife naked
  • Instagram goes crazy at this revealing and “forbidden” photograph.
  • It makes Larry Hernández react himself.

The actor, singer and influencer Poncho de Nigris shows a “forbidden” photograph where it is possible to see him and his wife, Marcela Mistral, completely naked, causing a great surprise among his followers and even Larry Hernández himself.

With the caption: “The forbidden photo that never came out, I hope it does not become controversial with this beautiful postcard and excellent pose of a server with stomach cramps.”

The footballer’s brother, Antonio de Nigris continued to write: “I hope your comments are correct and long live love, hahahahahahahahahahaha is the cover of the next song that is going to be called … AGENCY” he concluded.

The Photo It was published on his official Instagram account, where Poncho de Nigris and Marcela Mistral appear lying on a large white bed while they are naked and their private parts being covered only by a large black box.

This publication already has more than 150 thousand “likes” and an endless number of comments of Internet users who went crazy at this photograph, among which stand out those of the Mexican comedian and actress Consuelo Duval, the television program Suelta la sopa, the host Mauricio Barcelata and the singer Larry Hernández.

And it is that, although the point was not that, it was inevitable not to generate great controversy before this revealing photograph, where thousands of Internet users were present in the comments.

You can see that of Consuelo Duval, who wrote: “I really love it” along with some emojis of applause and faces with a heart. To which quickly several fans also of the Mexican were present: “And to me its excellent vibe, Mrs. Ching …” replied another Internet user.

We could also see the comment of the host of “Come joy”, Mauricio Barcelata, who seems to have given a brief reference to the morning program: “A bomb of joy.”

On the other hand, the singer Luis “El Yaki” even compared them to Greek gods: “Very mythological, the royal (Greek) gods. There were even some more daring and risque comments, such as the comment of the following netizen: “I wanted to see the package” wrote one.

Nigris poncho nude

PHOTO. Instagram. Poncho by Nigris.

Also, what could be read a lot in the publication of Poncho de Nigris naked was the famous phrase that Marcela Mistral said in a Multimedia program, where she told a participant that she did not let her children see social networks, where several comments said the same: “Because of these things I do not let my children enter the internet” wrote an Internet user in a sarcasm tone, which triggered more comments of this type.

The correspondent for Primer Impacto de Texas, Lupita Elizondo, argued that that photograph had already been uploaded: “Yes, you published it, friend, but you deleted it! Don’t you remember? ”, To which Poncho replied that it was not the time to upload it.

After this comment, several Internet users were not far behind and replied: “You already have a memory of my grandmother, or will it be so tempting?” Wrote one.

Another Internet user said that they only wanted to cause controversy: “He wants to make a controversy, like Samuel García and Mariana” It should be noted that the two are great friends of the Nigris family, and even great Monterrey personalities, Mariana as a public figure and Samuel as a politician.

However, the comment that attracted the most attention was that of the Mexican regional music singer, Larry Hernández, who quickly wrote in the publication the following: “ERRRGA TORO. !! What the eggs of yours, I upload one like that and I’m going to see pure butter. My respects to don vr # ”.

To which the Monterrey man quickly replies: “Carnal hug, we have to see each other” To which Larry replies “Siii we”.

An Internet user responded to this series of comments by making a comparison between Poncho de Nigris and Larry Hernández: “My Poncho de Nigris is from an agency, you Larry are like a chocolate car, all used and damn *” said an Internet user.

Nigris poncho nude

PHOTO. Instagram. Poncho by Nigris.

It should be noted that Larry Hernandez He is one of the best-known personalities of Mexican royal music and a great admirer of Mexican soccer, being even a great fan of the Cruz Azul team.

It was a great surprise for many when they discovered that the interpreter of “Amor de los dos” was a fan of the machine, where he even received a lot of criticism and ridicule when this became known on his Instagram account.

And, before the match between the two most famous teams in Mexico, called the young classic, took place, Larry Hernández posted a photograph showing his little daughter and him wearing the shirt of the cement team, with the legend: “Ready to the young classic ”.

Cruz Azul played against América, one of the most traditional teams in the country as well as the machine, however, the eagles are also one of the most hated teams in the country.

This is because many of its members are not liked by the Mexican fans and it is seen in the large number of memes that are published on social networks. Provoking a lot of criticism about it.

One flatly said the following directly: “You were my idol, but no longer because you go to Cruz Azul.”

“Up the America”, “no”, “it would look prettier in yellow compa”, “up the @clubamerica pinch… Larry”, “what a waste and I want a girl and you have her and you dress her ugly”, expressed several followers.

However, several famous people entered the scene, where his already “compadre” Poncho de Nigris commented: “Super leader, your beautiful twin is just like you.”

While the singer of grupera music, Ana Barbara wrote to her: “The most beautiful thing in the world”, she said referring to her little daughter.

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