Shocking video: Police officers order a traffic stop and in the middle of a conversation they are shot

A traffic stop turned into a chilling scene. Police officers were attacked with an AR-15-style rifle while talking to passengers in a car...

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  • A traffic stop turned into a chilling scene.
  • Police officers were attacked with an AR-15-style rifle while talking to passengers in a car at a traffic stop.
  • The gunman was killed at the site.

The images are really shocking. Two policemen ordered a regular traffic stop and just as they were talking to the passengers, they were surprised by one of them who unleashed an intense shooting just meters away.





Two Florida sheriff’s officers were ambushed during a traffic stop after a man armed with an AR-15-style rifle got out of a vehicle and opened fire on them, according to a chilling new video captured on a patrol camera and published by the New York Post and other media.

Deadly traffic stop

traffic stop
Officers Brian Potters and Tyler Thoman. Photo: Screenshot from Brevard Sheriff video

Brian Potters and Tyler Thoman, officers of the Brevard County Sheriff, were attacked by gunman Paris Wilder, 38, during a traffic stop executed in West Melbourne on August 30, said the aforementioned media on the afternoon of Friday, 10 of September.

Gunman Paris Wilder was killed when officers were forced to respond to shots, while Officer Brian Potters was wounded with gunshot wounds to the leg and buttocks, the New York Post reported.

They release video of the shooting at a traffic stop

Traffic stop
Screenshot from Brevard Sheriff video

Images released by the Sheriff’s Office on Friday, September 10, showed officers talking to two men outside the car stopped by a traffic stop moments before the ambush was executed. It was not immediately clear why officers detained the men, the newspaper said.

In the recording, Officer Brian Potters could be seen joking with Paris Wilder while he was sitting in the back seat of the vehicle, where a two-year-old boy and a dog were also riding.

He got out of the car and unleashed an intense shooting (click on the image to see the video)

traffic stop
Screenshot from Brevard Sheriff video

What appeared to be a regular conversation took a drastic turn after the officer asked Paris Wilder to get out of the car. Immediately, the passenger got out of the vehicle armed with an AR-15 style rifle and began firing at the two officers.

On the spot, Officer Brian Potters was shot while trying to take cover behind his police van. Paris Wilder then chased the two officers even as they shot her, then hit Officer Potters on the head with her gun several times, according to video released by authorities.

“Evil can never be dead enough”

traffic stop
Screenshot from Brevard Sheriff video

The Sheriff’s Office reported that officer Tyler Thoman was the one who managed to kill Paris Wilder by fatally shooting him while he was attacking his partner Brian Potters, lying on the ground next to the patrol.

Paris Wilder was described by the Sheriff’s Office as a criminal with an extensive record of 40 prior arrests. “For those who may be foolish enough to ask why we shoot it so many times, that answer is simple: because evil can never be dead enough,” said Sheriff Wayne Ivey.

The gunman “had no respect for human life”

traffic stop
Screenshot from Brevard Sheriff video

According to the Post’s report, Sheriff Wayne Ivey added: “This individual had absolutely no respect for human life and focused on only one thing: killing our officers to avoid arrest, as he knew he was facing multiple sentences. mandatory minimums of imprisonment for their pending cases ”.

The sheriff mentioned that Officer Brian Potters is expected to make a full recovery. The other two men who were with him now killed during the traffic stop initially fled when the shooting broke out, but returned to the scene shortly after and are now helping with the investigation, the newspaper said.

Karla Rico dies and her 10-year-old son is injured in dramatic crash in Texas

Crash in texas

In other case, a mother identified as Karla Rico died and her 10-year-old son was injured in a severe collision caused by a driver who was allegedly fleeing police when he unleashed the tragic accident this week in Texas. The family’s puppy, a poodle, also lost his life in the collision.

The 28-year-old Hispanic Karla Rico and her young son were hit by a driver who allegedly ran a red light while trying to escape at full speed from police authorities, reported People on Wednesday.

He fled from the police and crashed Karla Rico’s car

Karla Rico
Accident where Karla Rico died. Photo: Screenshot from CBS DWF video

In accordance with Fox NewsOn Monday afternoon, Karla Rico was driving with her 10-year-old son and puppy Apollo through the intersection of Garland Avenue and Miller Road, northeast of Dallas, when her silver Toyota was hit by a Honda Accord driven by Bobby Lee. Murphy, 37, of Oklahoma.

Moments earlier, Bobby Lee Murphy had been pulled over for a traffic violation, during which time officers allegedly noticed evidence of drugs inside his vehicle. But before they could investigate further, Bobby Lee Murphy allegedly sped up and fled with the two passengers inside.

“It was like a horror movie”

Karla Rico
Bobby Lee Murphy. Photo: Dallas County Jail

In an apparent attempt to evade officers, Bobby Lee Murphy reportedly ran a red light, crashed Karla Rico’s car and a second vehicle, a Honda CRV, which was stopped at a red light in the lanes to the south, People detailed.

“For me, it was like a movie, a horror movie,” witness Joshua García told the newspaper. CBS DFW. “You are never prepared for a situation like this,” added the Hispanic after witnessing the tragic event in which Karla Rico and her puppy lost their lives.

Karla Rico died at the accident site

Karla Rico
Karla Rico, her son and her puppy Apollo. Photo: courtesy of the family

After the collision, Bobby Lee Murphy and the other two occupants of his car were transported to a hospital in the area, while the driver of the Honda CRV suffered minor injuries and was killed at the same place of the crash, police said. cited by People.

Karla Rico was pronounced dead at the site, as was her puppy Apollo, and the 10-year-old son was taken to a hospital in the area, where until Wednesday he remained in critical condition, reported People and Fox News reports.

Karla Rico was an “incredible” mother

Karla Rico
Karla Rico died in a traffic accident. Photo: GoFundMe

“Karla was an amazing person and everyone who knew her loved and admired her. She was a blessing to all who had the privilege of working with her, ”wrote Emily Smith on a page of GoFundMe that he created to help the family cover the medical expenses they face for the child’s injuries.

After being treated by doctors, Bobby Lee Murphy was charged with murder and evading arrest, causing serious bodily injury. It is unclear whether he pleaded guilty or hired an attorney to comment on his behalf, the People report said.

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