Plane crashes into building in Italy, eight dead

Small plane crashes into building in Milan, Italy. 8 people reported dead, including a child. Property burns in flames as well as vehicle...

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  • Small plane crashes into building in Milan, Italy.
  • 8 people reported dead, including a child.
  • Property burns in flames as well as vehicles around.

A small plane crashes into a building in the city of Milan, Italy and authorities have reported at least 8 people dead, in addition to extensive material damage, as well as the arrival of rescue forces according to the Daily Mail and The Sun.

The preliminary report indicates that the building burst into flames and that fortunately it was empty, the only fatalities were of those who were on the plane, six passengers and two members of the crew, authorities are investigating the accident to find out the cause of the tragedy.


Plane crashes
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At the scene of the events, elements of firefighters could be seen aboard extinguishing machines, while ‘fighting’ against the flames of the fire. It was later indicated that among the deceased was a minor, however, they did not give more details about it.

The sexes or identities of the people who perished in the fatal plane crash that occurred in a metro station in San Donato Milanese, a small city near Milan, Italy, are also unknown, news that shocked the inhabitants of the place. .

Plane crashes: I WAS EMPTY

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Among the bad news there is good news, as they report that there were vehicles around the impacted building, however they were also unoccupied, so there are no more victims to regret more than those already reported. The building was engulfed in flames and after several hours, firefighters were able to put out the fire.

A cloud of black smoke rose for several meters and the column could be seen from several kilometers around. It was said that the property was in the process of a remodeling, which is why it was empty, but it is unknown what percentage of progress it was in.

Plane crashes: MOBILIZATION

San Donato Milanese
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Reports from Sky TG24 indicate that the plane was flying between Milan’s Linate airport and the Italian island of Sardinia, but the reasons that caused it to rush are unknown, so it will take several days before the causes to define responsibilities are known.

In the place dozens of patrols, firefighters and medical services were stationed near the place, and powerfully attracted the attention of the inhabitants of the small Italian town. The news ‘spread’ quickly through social networks and several images of it are already circulating.


Plane crashes
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But later, state television Rai stated that the passengers were believed to be French, however this was not confirmed yet. People who work or live around the building heard the explosion and left their places alerted without knowing what had happened.

For several hours, police elements had to protect the area and the firefighters did work to put out the fire that spread throughout the place, so fear seized some citizens who saw how the building was being consumed, which fortunately did not it was total loss. Filed Under: Plane Crashes


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Until now the authorities were still at the scene and trying to piece together the puzzle of this tragic plane crash, which left 8 people dead, including a child. It is still unknown if they have already found a black box to know the recordings of the pilots.

This mishap occurs in the middle of Sunday, and people reacted on social networks by posting surprising images of the explosion and fire that could be seen several blocks around. The authorities will work on the identification of the bodies in the aerial searches. Filed Under: Plane Crashes

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