Plane and helicopter collide in the air and leave at least two dead (PHOTOS)

At least two people were killed after a helicopter collided mid-air with a plane  and burst into flames. The accident happened over the C...

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  • At least two people were killed after a helicopter collided mid-air with a plane  and burst into flames.
  • The accident happened over the Chandler airport in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Chandler Police are asking anyone who witnessed the incident or videotaped it to contact authorities.

Awful accident. A helicopter crashed and burned, killing its two occupants, after the helicopter collided in midair against a single-engine plane that landed safely at an airport and exploded over the Phoenix suburbs, authorities said.

According to Chandler Police Sgt. Jason McClimans, the collision occurred near the Chandler Municipal Airport. McClimans and a Fire Department spokesman, Battalion Chief Keith Welch, confirmed that two people aboard the helicopter were killed.

Airport accident left at least 2 dead

airport accident
Photo: Twitter

Likewise, the authorities reported that the people traveling on board the plane did not need medical attention. No one on the ground was injured, McClimans said, The Associated Press news agency reported.

A video posted on social media showed a team of firefighters using a tarp to cover the burned human remains of the helicopter in what appeared to be a vacant lot or field near the southern edge of the airport, it reported. The Sun.

Police look for information on the accident

airport accident
Photo: Twitter.

The news video also showed the plane in an upright position right next to a runway. Its fuselage appeared to be intact. The airport was closed and the National Transportation Safety Board will investigate the collision, McClimans said.

Chandler Police are asking anyone who witnessed the incident or recorded the collision at the Chandler Municipal Airport to contact authorities at 480-782-4130.

Fire at hospital kills at least 9 in Romania

Hospital fire leaves dead

On the other hand, at least nine people died in a fire registered on the morning of Friday, October 1 in a hospital in the coastal city of Constanza, in Romania, reported the authorities quoted by the news agency AP, The Washington Post and 13 News.

All the patients were evacuated from the Constanza Infectious Diseases Hospital and the flames were extinguished by mid-morning, the country’s emergency department said, according to the aforementioned information agency.

Hospital fire kills nine people

Dead hospital fire

Citing the Health Ministry, AP detailed that there were 113 patients in the medical unit of the hospital where the fire broke out, 10 of whom were in the intensive care unit. Health authorities will offer more details at a press conference later.

Romania, a European Union country with 19 million inhabitants, suffered two other deadly hospital fires in the past year, raising concerns about the country’s aging health infrastructure, the AP said in its report.

Tragic balance confirmed for hospital fire

Fire in hospital

Last November, 10 people lost their lives after a fire devastated an ICU for patients with Covid-19 in Piatra Neamt, in the north of the country. In January, five other people were killed in a similar incident in a ward of the Matei Bals hospital in the capital Bucharest.

Following the latest incident, President Klaus Iohannis called for urgent and “profound” reform, noting that such tragedies “must not be repeated.” So far the authorities have not reported what would be the cause of the fire that has left at least nine dead.

The hospital where the fire occurred cared for patients with Covid

Fire in hospital

Video footage showed patients jumping out of windows from lower levels of the hospital and firefighters carrying people. Emergency response teams set up a mobile unit near the hospital while dozens were evacuated and transferred to other health centers, the Reuters news agency reported.

More than 12,100 Covid-19 patients, including 315 children, were being treated in Romanian hospitals as of Thursday, including 1,364 in intensive care units. The number of new Covid-19 infections in Romania reached 12,032 on Thursday, a new record, and intensive care units across the country were running out of space. Romania has the second lowest vaccination rate of the 27 European Union countries, Reuters noted.

Jamel Martínez set fire to his apartment and killed himself after jumping from the building

Fire in hospital
Reference photo: Shutterstock

On the other hand, a young man decided to put the most sad ending to his life in New York. Police authorities reported that Jamel Martínez allegedly set fire to his 10th-floor apartment and later killed himself by throwing himself from the roof of the building.

The victim, who was later identified by police as 18-year-old Jamel Martinez, suffered from mental illness when he killed himself on Saturday, Sept. 18, by jumping from the top of an apartment building in Manhattan, the report reported. daily local New York Post. Filed Under: Airport Accident Kills 2.

Tragic end for Jamel Martínez

Jamel martinez

Jamel Martinez would have started a fire in his apartment on the 10th floor of East River Houses, located on E 105th Street, around 4:40 in the afternoon, before jumping from the roof of the building, police sources told the New York Post, who He also mentioned that the fire was extinguished by the New York Fire Department.

The victim’s grieving father, identified as James White, told the newspaper that the boy had just been discharged from Bellevue Hospital about a month ago after he was battling depression. Filed Under: Airport Accident Kills 2.

The father had begged the hospital not to release Jamel Martínez

Jamel martinez
Screenshot from video posted by the New York Post

The father commented that he had begged the hospital not to release his son, who he said had “changed” in recent years. She added that the pressures to graduate from high school had weighed heavily on her son Jamel Martínez.

“This is my son who did this. This is my son. “I was not supposed to leave Bellevue Hospital. I told Bellevue Hospital not to release him, to take him to a program where he could put his mind in order. ” Filed Under: Airport Accident Kills 2.

He suffered from mental problems (click on the image to see the video)

Jamel martinez
Screenshot from video posted by the New York Post

James White, who does not live in that building, said the hospital discharged him anyway, even though his son Jamel Martinez was taking prescription drugs. “He went through something that his mind fell on. He ran away from home. He was already in the news for being a missing child. ”

Parent James White added, “He needed help … people don’t take this mental issue seriously.” In turn, he commented that he learned of the tragic news from a phone call made by his daughter, who already knew what had happened. Filed Under: Airport Accident Kills 2.

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