The ‘macabre’ plan to reinstate Donald Trump in the US presidency is revealed

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The ‘macabre’ plan to reinstate Donald Trump in the US presidency is revealed
  • Plan to reinstate Trump as president of the United States unveiled
  • The CPAC attendees received cards that describe the plan in 7 points
  • The plan involves overthrowing the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi

Plan Donald Trump presidency. At the insistence of former president of the United States, Donald Trump, on an alleged fraud in the November elections, when the Democrat Joe Biden beat him in the dispute for the presidency of the country, now the plan to reinstall the Republican back to the House is leaked, according to Insider.

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Through the Twitter account of a Forbes reporter, a photo of some cards that were given to attendees of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas was shared, said cards describe a 7-point plan to reinstate Donald Trump as president in days, not years.

The plan to reinstate Donald Trump to the presidency

Plan Donald Trump presidency.

The cards appeared to have been made by a group called Patriots Soar, which was not affiliated with the event’s organizers. It is worth mentioning that the macabre plan involves overthrowing the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, and eventually installing Donald Trump in his place.

Former President Donald Trump has not yet forgotten the alleged fraud in the 2020 elections, and would be asking for a vote to accuse and dismiss the alleged impostors that are President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, who won the victory over the Republican.

Donald Trump Presidency Plan: Plan to Overthrow Nancy Pelosi

Donald Trump Presidency Plan: Plan to Overthrow Nancy Pelosi

One of the points to reinstall Trump is to overthrow the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, since he ranks third in the line of presidential succession. If this were to happen, the Republican would re-assume the presidency in this highly unlikely scenario.

The plan that has been circulating on social media hinges on Republicans regaining control of the House, which they plan to do by opening the curtain on the Democratic Party’s “horror show,” causing groups like the Black Caucus to “change.” sideways. The card links to a website that elaborates on the insane plan and claims to have evidence connecting the Democratic party to satanic sacrifices.

Donald Trump Presidency Plan: Conspiracy Theory

Donald Trump Presidency Plan: Conspiracy Theory

The message alludes to unaffiliated popular conspiracy theories that accuse the Democratic party of secret satanic abuse. A recent study found that about a quarter of Republicans believe that Satan-worshiping pedophiles control the United States government.

The conspiracy theory that Trump will soon be reinstated as president has been popularized by prominent supporters, including MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and attorney Sidney Powell. The card also refers to the widely discredited conspiracy theory that the 2020 elections were fraudulent, which has been rejected dozens of times in court.

Plan Donald Trump presidency: The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)

Plan Donald Trump presidency: The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)

According to the Insider portal, he had previously reported that there is no legal path for Donald Trump to be reinstated to the presidency. The CPAC, is an annual meeting of the main conservatives of the USA This time it will take place in Dallas in the next few days.

It is speculated that Donald Trump will speak that day at the meeting, in addition to other speakers including his son Donald Trump Jr. and other allies of the former Republican president such as former Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf and Representative Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina.

Donald Trump presidency plan: Trump among the worst US presidents

among the worst US presidents
Photo: Twitter

Although former President Donald Trump boasted that he would be “more presidential than any president who has ever held office” with the exception of Abraham Lincoln, historians now say he is among the worst presidents in the United States, according to the Buffalo News. With each new presidential election, the C-SPAN poll asks historians to rate each outgoing US president on the 1st major issues related to political leadership.

Being the first presidency of former President Trump, 2021 was the first year that it was included in the ranking that has been measured since 2000. However, it was not considered in a positive way in the survey. The 142 historians who participated in the survey agreed that Trump, far from being one of the best and most important presidents of the United States, is among the group of the worst leaders. Trump was located at the bottom of the list, in position 41 in history.

Donald Trump presidency plan: lies take him to the bottom of the list

Lies take him to the bottom of the list
Photo: Getty

Trump is the last president on the list when it comes to moral authority and administrative skills. In both areas, he ranks 44th out of 44. “Trump’s low moral authority rating probably has something to do with the amount of lies he perpetuated before, during and after his presidency,” he said. Buffalo News.

Contrary to Republican Donald Trump, former President Barack Obama rose to No. 10 from No. 12 in 2017. George W. Bush also dropped a few spots on the list, from No. 33 in 2017 to No. 29 in 2021. Could it be that Trump is he one of the worst leaders?

Trump’s company will be indicted for tax crimes

Obama moves up
Photo: Getty.

Regarding New York prosecutors, they had planned to file criminal charges in previous days against the company of former President Donald Trump and its financial director, Allen Weisselberg, for alleged tax crimes, according to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on Wednesday.

The accusations would be the first resulting from investigations into the Trump Organization that have been open for three years in the Big Apple and that the former president has always denounced as part of a “witch hunt” against him, reported the Efe agency. Filed Under: Donald Trump Presidency Plan.

Company faces tax crimes

Photo: AP

According to the newspaper, which cites anonymous sources familiar with the case, the defendants appeared before a judge. Trump will not be among the defendants, his lawyer told the WSJ, but Weisselberg, a key figure in the company and whom prosecutors have been trying to convince to cooperate with the investigation, is expected to be there, according to several sources.

According to the newspaper, the financial director of the Trump Organization would have rejected those proposals and will be charged with charges related to tax evasion, after the Prosecutor’s Office has studied for months whether he and other company employees illegally avoided paying taxes on some compensation they received such as vehicles, apartments, or tuition in private schools. Filed Under: Donald Trump Presidency Plan.

More serious charges could be filed

trump tax crimes
Photo: Twitter.

If prosecutors can show that the company and its executives consistently dodged paying taxes, they could file more serious charges, the WSJ adds. Investigations into the former US president’s company have accelerated in recent months, with several executives being called to testify before a grand jury in preparation for possible indictments.

The investigations cover possible tax fraud, insurance and other criminal offenses, allegedly committed before Trump’s arrival in the White House. These could include inflated appraisals, unjustified allowances, and duplicate accounting, ultimately not paying or paying very little taxes for years, as has emerged. Filed Under: Donald Trump Presidency Plan.

Investigations cover possible tax fraud

trump tax crimes
Photo: Twitter.

The Manhattan prosecutor, Cyrus Vance, achieved a great triumph last February, when he gained access to years of Trump’s tax returns after a long legal battle in which the Supreme Court ended up rejecting the arguments of the former president that those documents be kept confidential.

The Prosecutor’s Office has also been investigating the secret payments of money that the Trump electoral campaign made to the porn actress Stormy Daniels to prevent her from making public an alleged sexual relationship with the then presidential candidate, since they could violate the legislation of the New York State. Filed Under: Donald Trump Presidency Plan.

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