Pitbulls kill pet sitting mom

Oklahoma mother was killed by pit bulls. Her body was found by police in a Skiatook garage. The official cause of death has not been anno...

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  • Oklahoma mother was killed by pit bulls.
  • Her body was found by police in a Skiatook garage.
  • The official cause of death has not been announced.

Pitbulls attack mother. There are episodes of TV series where there are deaths caused by dog attacks, however fiction rarely becomes reality, showing that human beings are in constant danger, especially if your job is to care for a group of dogs.

A horror story was lived in Oklahoma, when the news broke that a mother had been attacked by a group of Pitbull dogs, to later confirm that she had died from her wounds, leaving behind her two young children.

Pitbulls Attack Mother: The Attack on Rebecca

Pitbulls Attack Mother: Rebecca's News
PHOTO: Twitter

A 28-year-old woman, belonging to the state of Oklahoma, was mutilated to death by a group of pit bulls, since her last job was to take care of this group of dogs, who are presumed to be the cause of her death. said the authorities who are in charge of his case.

According to the portal of Pawhuska Journal-CapitaHe, Osage County Sheriffs were dispatched Saturday, June 19, to an address in Skiatook, a city 16 miles away from Tulsa, where the body of Rebecca McCurdy, a 28-year-old woman who was found, was found. She was taking care of the house and a group of dogs, who presumably attacked her. Filed Under: Pitbulls Attack Mother

Pit Bulls Attack Mother: The Sheriff’s Report

Pit Bulls Attack Mother: The Sheriff's Report
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Rebecca was in the garage of the house, by the time the police had arrived, unfortunately she had already died, so the pertinent work and the investigation process began to be carried out. According to the Pawhuska Journal news portal, the Sheriff’s office released a statement to the press where more details of the scene are given and it is stated that “Rebecca was the victim of a dog attack.”

It is also reported that “there were several pit bull dogs caged in the garage”, in addition to confirming that “the owner of the house claimed that he raised pit bull dogs as a hobby and sold them”, but as if that were not enough, it is described that the event could have occurred due to an accident with one of the cages that was overturned. Filed Under: Pitbulls Attack Mother

Pit Bulls Attack Mother: The Fate of Dogs

Pitbulls attack mother: the fate of dogs
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The New York Post reported that the dogs were taken into custody by the animal welfare program, where they are being held pending a better investigation and for the necessary data to be collected to determine which of them was the cause of Rebecca’s death.

Meanwhile, Osage County investigators will continue with the case, investigating what happened at the time of the incident, while awaiting the results obtained by the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner’s Office, but for now it is declared that there is no cause. death officer. Filed Under: Pitbulls Attack Mother

Pitbulls Attack Mother: Rebecca’s Family

Pitbulls attack mother: donations
PHOTO: Go FoundMe

Rebecca is survived by her husband Brandon and their two young children, Brandon Michael and Reagan Alexandria-Jane, who have received help from the closest members of their family, where they ask for the help of others for the future of the children.

In the Bell the following reads: “On Saturday June 19 we lost our beautiful Rebecca. She leaves behind two young children and a husband. If you would like to make a donation to help Rebecca’s children in the future, we appreciate any donation. ” Filed Under: Pitbulls Attack Mother

Pitbulls attack mother: “Rebecca had a genuine warmth and glow”

Pitbulls attack mother: the outcome
PHOTO: Twitter

An online obituary was published by Kingfisher, where the family takes a tour of the life of Rebecca McCurdy and shows the momentous events that marked the life of the victim, in addition to describing her as a person of “true light”, and that he did not “shy away from butter.”

“Rebecca had a warmth and a genuine glow about her that was contagious. If there was a time when you weren’t laughing or feeding someone, you were singing. He had the voice of an angel and was not afraid to use it ”, they mention in the obituary, leaving a clear example of who McCurdy was before that terrible attack. Filed Under: Pitbulls Attack Mother

Funeral services

Pitbulls attack mother: funeral services
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At the bottom of the obituary page, it is shown that the funeral services will begin on June 24, 2021, at the First Baptist Church in Maysville, and then conclude with the burial that will be in the Maysville Cemetery under the direction of John W. Williams of Winans Funeral Home, Maysville, Oklahoma.

In addition, the public is asked that if they cannot attend, they have the option of sending words of comfort to the family through the funeral home page, as well as the site where they can make a donation to Rebecca’s children and that they will be destined to a fund for their care.

A serious problem with dogs

Problems with dogs
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Unfortunately it is not the first time that a dog attack has been registered in the United States. Recently, in New York there was an attack by pit bulls against a man who was in a wheelchair, and who, like Rebecca, died mutilated.

New york post, relates that the man found himself with dog bites all over his body, in his mobile home in Brooklyn. They report that the man’s ears were torn off, as well as that he had suffered lacerations and puncture wounds, which by the measurements coincide with the bites of a dog.

Preventions to avoid an attack by dogs

To avoid attacks
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The portal of the Debate shows different techniques if a person is faced with an attack by an enraged dog, but before that, it mentions that when a person is faced with an attack by a dog, the areas that tend to injure the head and neck, due to pressure that the dog exercises with its jaw.

So he explains that at the time of the attack, the victim should not be pulled to release it since it can cause the person to tear or the animal ends up clinging more tightly, it is not recommended to hit the animal, and it is recommended to pull a bucket of cold water to distract you.

Dog attacks

The figures shown for attacks
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Los Angeles Times, reported that in 2019 alone, the United States estimated 66 percent of deaths caused by dogs, where the list was led by Pitbulls, followed by Rottweilers, who inflicted 10 percent of the attacks that resulted in death.

The newspaper shows that in 2019 pit bulls make up about 6.5 percent of the total dog population in the United States. Currently there is no exact figure that details the growth of the population of this specimen, but its attacks do occur frequently.

Almost fiction

The attacks don't stop
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As we can see, no one is exempt from suffering a death from an attack by angry dogs, for which reason, the population is urged to take precautions and move away quickly if they see a group of dogs in attack, in addition to choosing to call security and animal control.

As in the case of Rebecca, in the country more cases have been seen where unfortunately they end in death and there is no correct protocol to follow, but there are preventive measures that can save the life of anyone who is in real danger.

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