Pink backs beach handball team over sexist clothing

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Pink backs beach handball team over sexist clothing
  • Singer Pink applauds the decision of the women’s handball team to wear shorts instead of a bikini.
  • Singer Bob Dylan returns in streaming.
  • The group of Gente de Zona says that the people of Cuba are marching to demand their rights.

HELSINKI (AP) – American pop singer Pink has offered to pay the fine imposed on the Norwegian female beach handball team for wearing shorts instead of the required bikini bottom. Pink said she was “very proud” of the team for going against the rule that prevented them from wearing shorts like their male counterparts.

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In a tweet posted on Sunday, Pink said: “The European Handball Federation MUST BE FINED FOR SEXISM. Good for you ladies.” She added that she will be “happy to pay your fines for you. Keep it that way”. At the European Beach Handball Championships in Bulgaria last week, the Norwegian female team was fined 1,500 euros ($ 1,770) for what the European Federation called inappropriate dressing and “a violation of dress code.” The rules stipulate that women must wear bikini bottoms while men wear shorts.

Equality is sought


The Norwegian Handball Federation did not contest the decision, seen by the Norwegian team and several others as unfair, and previously announced that it was willing to pay the fine. The European Handball Federation (EHF) acknowledged on Monday the commotion that the incident had caused in the press and social networks, and said it would donate the amount paid by the Norwegian team “to a major international sports foundation that supports the equality of women and girls in sport ”.

“We are very aware of the attention the issue has received in recent days, and while changes cannot happen overnight, we are fully committed to seeing something good come out of this situation at this time, so the EHF has donated the fine to a good cause that promotes equality in sports, ”EHF President Michael Wiederer said in a statement. He added that handball is already ahead of other sports in some respects, such as the parity given to men’s and women’s competitions. He noted that this had happened much earlier in beach handball than in soccer. The women of the Norwegian team posted a photo of themselves on Instagram in shorts and told their followers: “Thank you very much for all the support. We really appreciate all the love we have received. ”

Bob Dylan returns to the stage … at least in streaming


NEW YORK (AP) – After a year and a half hiatus from the pandemic, the tireless touring warrior Bob dylan returned to the stage on Sunday, at least virtually. Dylan played for fans who paid $ 25 to see it online on the Veeps platform. More than a concert, it was a stylized black-and-white film, with the 80-year-old singer and a four-piece band in a bar in front of an audience that smoked heavily and paid little attention to him.

Dylan has not presented Live since December 2019. COVID-19 was the only thing that put his so-called Never Ending Tour on hold. Since 1988, he has given concerts regularly: 78 in 2019 and 84 in 2018, for example. Their costume changes and differences in the location of the band and witnesses made it clear that Sunday’s performance, titled “Shadow Kingdom,” was not directly executed. His audience was actors rather than fans; they did not applaud.

The singer’s broadcast

A microphone used by a singer

Their costume changes and the differences in the location of the band and the audience made it clear that Sunday’s performance, titled “Shadow Kingdom,” was not running. The audience consisted of actors rather than fans, and they did not applaud. Dylan’s band featured an accordionist and a double bass player on many of the songs. There was no drummer; the songs were more folk, blues and country than rock ‘n’ roll. At times, Dylan was accompanied by an acoustic guitar, as in the first song “When I Paint My Masterpiece.” At the beginning, two women sat at tables across from him, smoking and drinking beers.

When he performed “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight,” the women sat on stage next to Dylan, who was wearing a white jacket, and stared blankly at the camera. Dylan concentrated on material from the early years of his career, including songs he rarely performed live such as “Queen Jane Approximately” and “Wicked Messenger.” His luminous version of “Forever Young” was the best known of the 13 songs he played. A version of “What Was it You Wanted” from the 1989 album “Oh Mercy” was the only one released after the early 1970s. Dylan did not speak to his audience online. After a short version of “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue,” the performance ended in less than an hour, giving the impression that it was the first part of something else. Dylan has not announced any further performances on or when he will return to the ring.

Gente de Zona: “It is the people who are marching”


MEXICO CITY (AP) – The slogan “Homeland and life!” it is heard with force in the demonstrations in Cuba among the citizens. It is a verse from a song that has become the anthem of these protests and that emerged from artists who for the first time dared to express their disagreement with the government. “Patria y vida”, performed by singer Yotuel Romero, Gente de Zona, Descemer Bueno, Maykel Osorbo and El Funky, was released in February and since then its video has added more than 6.7 million views on YouTube.

The lyrics change the Cuban revolutionary slogan “homeland or death ”, created by Fidel Castro, by:“ No more lies, my people ask for freedom, no more doctrines / Let’s no longer shout ‘Homeland or death’ but ‘Homeland and life’ ”. “This is historical, this had never happened and people shout ‘homeland and life!’ in all streets. We are very proud, “said singer Randy Malcom, from the duo Gente de Zona, in a telephone interview from Miami.

The people of Cuba fight

The flag of Cuba

“We knew that ‘Patria y vida’ was going to be a song that was going to greatly influence the thinking of Cubans,” he added. “But we did not know that it was going to go so far and we are very proud, the truth, of being the driving force behind the Cuban people to take to the streets to denounce everything that this dictatorship does.” Since its launch in mid-February, singer Yotuel Romero was clear that they wanted to encourage people to speak out against authoritarianism.

“It is a song that we all believe is a song to freedom, a song to life, a song to love for our land,” he said on launch day in a video posted on Instagram. “I want them to say ‘it’s over with us.’ Lying is over, deception is over, torture is over, imprisonment is over, prisons are over. ”

The story of the song

A studio mic like the ones Blades uses

Romero’s representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment from the singer seeking his opinion on the protests. Romero, a member of the Orishas group, raised the idea for the song. They began working on it in Miami and sent it to Maykel Osorbo and El Funky, artists of the San Isidro Movement that since 2018 has protested against the Cuban government.

The subject was finished in Miami, while its video had to be filmed surreptitiously in Cuba due to the participation of the artists of San Isidro. “They couldn’t film, if they saw them they would put them in jail and we had to do it secretly,” Malcom said. Last weekend, the song resounded as a cry of protest at the massive anti-government demonstrations, something that had not been seen in Cuba in decades.

The Cuban crisis


Following the protests, there were riots, hundreds of arrests, injuries and one civilian dead (according to official figures), in addition to the fact that internet access was limited on the island. The protesters were protesting shortages, shortages, power outages and limited access to COVID-19 vaccines. The country is going through its worst economic crisis in decades and protesters are demanding political changes. The protests also spread to other cities such as Miami and Mexico City.

The government insisted that United States sanctions were added to its own deficiencies that explicitly seek to asphyxiate the island economically to generate discontent. In addition, he used a campaign on social networks such as Twitter to promote the marches. Several requests for comment from the AP went unanswered.

Defense of freedom

Some hands with broken chains representing the freedom that Cuba demands

The musicians denounced the repression of the unarmed civilian population in the demonstrations in Cuba. Gente de Zona is known for popular dance songs like “La Gozadera” with Marc Anthony, “Niña” with Becky G and “Si no vuelves”. “Patria y vida” is the first song that links them to a political theme and adds them to the tradition of the protest song in Latin America. “It becomes a commitment that you have with your people, that they have followed you and that they gave you everything you have today,” said Alexander Delgado, the other member of the duo.

“We never had the knowledge that talent and that a song could be the weapon to hit these people hard, this government.” Malcom and Delgado said that what the protesters are asking for is a free and democratic Cuba and that their discontent is genuine, unlike those who have indicated that they are a minority influenced by the United States. “The one who is lying in the street is the people of Cuba, they are not people from other countries, we are the Cubans who are defending our freedom, we are the Cubans who want free elections, we are the Cubans who no longer want a dictatorship that we say what we have to do, “said Malcom. “Only we who have lived in the dictatorship know what that means.” In the song they say that they are already 60 years “locked the domino”, in reference to the years of the Cuban regime. “It can take up to a century if we don’t do what is happening today,” Malcom added.

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