Piercing! A week after the murder of Efraín Ruales, his brother shares alarming words (PHOTOS)

Pablo Ruelas, Efraín’s brother, dedicates a message to him a week after his death The letter was shared on social networks that is ...

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  • Pablo Ruelas, Efraín’s brother, dedicates a message to him a week after his death
  • The letter was shared on social networks that is addressed to heaven
  • “God is a just judge, a God who at all times manifests his anger”

A week after the murder of presenter Efrain Ruales, his brother Pablo Ruales, dedicated some emotional words that he shared in the social networks, to fire his brother.

It should be remembered that on January 27 the Hispanic presenter was murdered by a group of armed men, while he was driving in his vehicle, which was on his way to his home.

Through the program’s Instagram account A new day, they shared the publication that Pablo made where he leaves some moving words directed to heaven.

Pablo Ruales Brother Efraín Ruales message



“To my little one, my little brother: What was the last thing you thought, was it that in your last seconds images of your whole family, your girlfriend and loved ones passed through your mind? Could it be that you suffered? Could it be that you cared more for us than for your pain and agony? Why did they do this to you? There are a sea of ​​loose questions ”, thus began his emotional message.

Then he added: “Perhaps a cardiac arrest, a stroke, a fatal disease, we would have faced a resignation to the will of God, but the way in which your life was taken from you, leaves us afraid, leaves us uncertainty, mistrust, emptiness emptiness and more social emptiness. We ask for justice for what they did to you, although that will never fill the void that you leave with your early departure ”.

And he ended by commenting: “Thank you all for your messages of support. They ask me to fight for the justice of Efraín, and I will do so, but now the truth is that I have no strength left. We demand their best work and application of justice from the authorities ”.

Until today, the Ecuadorian authorities have not been able to find those responsible for Efraín’s death, but they have gathered several clues, such as the location of the truck in which the murderers were traveling.



Brother Efraín Ruales message. After seeing these emotional words from Efraín Ruales’ brother, there were a large number of followers who took the opportunity to fire the Ecuadorian presenter, sending their messages.

Pablo Ruales Brother Efraín Ruales message 2


There were those who mentioned that the laws of the country need to be changed to avoid these events: “Ecuador is in mourning, we need the laws to be reformed to live a better time.”

“Many Forces from Montevideo Uruguay I speak to you, I was a faithful follower of your brother and when I got up and grabbed my cell phone and saw the news, it broke my soul. It felt like he was a relative of mine, he was a good divine human being, ”said one user.

Some showed their pain by stating that they had already gone through the same thing: “My God, what sadness only time heals everything else it does not forget, I lost a brother, he was 44 years old, that was 10 years ago and I still cry for him.”

Others sent their prayers: “May God help you and give you the strength you need to be able to bear this great pain, blessings for all of you, may God have it in his Holy Glory.”

“I do understand perfectly what you feel, each word as if I wrote it myself, they also took my brother away from me in the same way I am so sorry God gives them strength”, were some of the messages.

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The presenter Efraín Ruales’s girlfriend shows the messages he sent her before he died

Brother Efraín Ruales message. Formerly Efrain Ruales’ girlfriend, on his account Instagram, Ale Jaramillo, shared a series of images where you can see the last WhatsApp conversations he had with his partner, days before he died.

Pablo Ruales Brother Efraín Ruales message 3


In the publication, Efraín’s sentimental partner placed a phrase where he shows that one is affected by the death of his boyfriend, who took his life while driving his vehicle, “One week”, accompanied by some heartbroken emojis, this makes reference to the time that has passed after the murder.

On the day of the murder, Ale Jaramillo, shared in his Instagram stories, a video where he is doing exercises, and behind her appears Efraín who trained together with her, it was the last time she saw him alive, because when he left there to go home was when he was shot that caused his death.


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