Photos of Erik Rubín with an influencer are leaked, is he cheating on Andrea Legarreta? (PHOTOS)

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Photos of Erik Rubín with an influencer are leaked, is he cheating on Andrea Legarreta? (PHOTOS)
  • Photographs of Erik Rubín at a party with an influencer are leaked.
  • Suspicions begin about an alleged infidelity towards Andrea Legarreta.
  • The woman has not been identified, but it is said that they had a party together.

Erik Rubín, husband of the Mexican television host, Andrea Legarreta, is caught partying with an influencer and suspicions about a possible infidelity start to appear, according to a post made by the Chicapicosa2 Instagram account.

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It was in the early morning of this Tuesday, June 22, 2021 when several photographs of the musician were leaked. In them, he is seen enjoying a party, in the company of a woman who has only been identified as an influencer.


Andrea Legarreta
Instagram photo

In the images, it seems to be spending a nice night on the beach, as you can see some palapas and the woman does not release a drink, while Erik Rubín only greets the camera. He is dressed in a white shirt and dark pants while she appears to be wearing a blue palazo.

So far, neither party has issued an opinion or reaction on the photographs and it is unknown when they were taken, but it is already beginning to speak of an alleged infidelity of the singer towards his wife

Andrea Legarreta: “DO NOT BE EVIL THOUGHT”

Instagram photo


Immediately people began to comment on it, some people defended the guitarist and others the television host, the truth is that the controversy began to arise and these were some things that were written.

“Andrea will say, I was recording a video, do not be badly thought, my love was working”, “Andrea has passed several scandals of horns to this and I think it is because of the fear of being told that he failed,” they wrote.


Erik Rubin
Instagram photo

Other people came to the defense of Erik Rubín and commented that they did not see anything wrong with the images: “Ah well, I don’t see anything wrong with this photo, he’s just dancing, but that’s what my eyes see, reality is which is”.

Some more wrote: “Oh, he wasn’t so cool”, “he likes that guy… he looks like Andrea or even the same daughters! Well, they will come out to deny what is usual and attribute the scenes of a video or of the same fan and that it was Andrea who took the photos, you know ”. Filed Under: Andrea Legarreta


Instagram photo

Then came more comments in defense of the singer and one person made it quite clear: “There, let him man, he also gets bored of the same thing.” Some more asked, “Wow, wow, what’s the name of the influencer?”

“Well, let’s see what Andrea says, her husband came out as a party boy haha, with the belief that this girl (Andrea) is”, “he put the account private, it is said that they were caught”, “And who is that girl?”, “Well, I see some comments and I am surprised, but for many it will not seem that her husband is going partying with other women.” Filed Under: Andrea Legarreta

Andrea Legarreta: BACKGROUND

Instagram photo

Probably in the next few hours there was a reaction from the couple or the influencer, who although the photos appeared has not been identified yet, it is only known that she is well known in the world of social networks.

Nor is it established where the photos were taken or the date, although it is said that they are recent, there is no record of it. Previously there were rumors of an infidelity of him, but the couple always denied it.

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