The supposed photo of Canelo Álvarez’s wife with her father-in-law sparks controversy (PHOTO)

There is an alleged photo of Canelo Álvarez’s wife in a compromising situation with her father-in-law. In the photo you can see Fer...

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  • There is an alleged photo of Canelo Álvarez’s wife in a compromising situation with her father-in-law.
  • In the photo you can see Fernanda Gómez and Mr. Santos very ‘close’ to each other.
  • People criticize the image and say that they must respect each other.

Fernanda Gómez, the wife of Mexican boxer Saúl ‘El Canelo’ Álvarez, ‘rocked’ social media with a photograph she took with her father-in-law, Mr. Santos, and posted on social media. That has sparked a lot of controversy because people noticed something that didn’t seem right to them. They thought the two seemed too close and that it was not good. The photo was uploaded by the account @lomascomentado and most of the comments were negative.

Little is known about the father of the Mexican boxer because he stays out of his son’s career. He’s not a person who appears much in the media but he has always been present throughout the athlete’s career. Now, Fernanda Gómez, the athlete’s partner decided to make public how she gets along with her father-in-law and apparently it did not go so well, since people considered it disrespectful.


Wife Canelo Álvarez father-in-law
Instagram photo

The boxer is currently the best in the world, however, he’s criticized by many since they don’t think he’s really the best. They believe that he doesn’t fight with the best. But the truth is that every time he fights he earns tens of millions of dollars in addition to what he earns from sponsorships and the companies he owns. Some boxers praise him and others not so much, hence the controversy.

The athlete’s wife, Fernanda Gómez, with whom he has a daughter, is used to showing off her lifestyle and things she does with him and their daughter. She’s used to being a public figure and so far she has more than 1.1 million followers with more than 320 posts and thousands of likes and comments where people send greetings and tell her how beautiful she is. But this time that was not enough.


Fernanda Gomez
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Although the photograph doesn’t appear in her official account, nor in that of the boxer, people were critical, because they don’t believe that the photograph was appropriate. They say that there must be limits and respect between them. However, it is evident they get along well and that the only thing that unites them is the love for Canelo.

Although some prefer other boxers, like the legend Julio César Chávez, Juan Manuel Márquez and others who have made history by beating the great fighters of their time. Although there is controversy, it cannot be denied that Saúl Álvarez is one of the most influential figures in the world in his field, and especially in Mexico. He is loved and hated by many, but always in the spotlight of the most important events. Filed Under: Wife Canelo Álvarez father-in-law


Instagram photo

The photo of Fernanda Gómez, Saúl Álvarez’s wife, shows her dressed in red and being embraced by Santos, the boxer’s father, who’s wearing a brown jacket and a striped shirt. People didn’t like that they look too close in the photo, cheek to cheek. People considered it disrespectful which raised suspicion.

Some even wrote mocking, messages such as: “I would never take a photo like that with my father-in-law… Oh, draw a line of respect.” “Too close?” Filed Under: Wife Canelo Álvarez father-in-law


Wife Canelo Álvarez father-in-law
Instagram photo

Controversy has always followed the couple, especially the boxer as many question his ability. However, some boxing legends do consider him the best. A few days ago, Roberto “Manos de Piedra” Durán and Sugar Ray Leonard were face to face, just as they were more than 40 years ago in the ring.

The Panamanian and the American are now friends. After a talk from Sugar at the 59th WBC Convention, the two ex-boxers met up on stage and reminisced about old times. Likewise, the two members of the Hall of Fame spoke of the boxer who leads this sport today, the Mexican Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez. Filed Under: Wife Canelo Álvarez father-in-law

Wife of Canelo Álvarez and father-in-law: WILL SOMEONE BEAT THE MEXICAN?

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“There is no other, ‘Canelo’ is the best pound for pound, he has no rivals and he will not have them. Mexican boxing is in good hands with ‘Canelo’, he is a very strong fighter, is in good condition and is very disciplined, but I see that his defense fails him a bit, he must throw more punches. I have seen him in his fights and he tends to throw many power blows, but that makes you tired, so he must be more careful with it,” said Durán.

Meanwhile, Sugar Ray commented that the Mexican boxer has a special touch, and said that “Canelo” will take on a giant challenge now that he’s looking for the Cruiserweight sash in 2022. “All the fighters are very special, to all of them, I have a lot of affection for everyone, but especially for Mexican boxers, they have a special ingredient, they give boxing very special flavor. All boxers work hard every day to achieve their goals,” said Leonard.

Wife Canelo of Álvarez and father-in-law: DOES FLOYD MAYWEATHER FINALLY ACCEPT WHO IS THE BEST?

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Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez is the best pound-for-pound boxer today and Floyd Mayweather Jr. knows that. He held that title for years and is the only one who has defeated the Mexican. The “Money” recognized the tapatío, who he defeated in 2013, but also said that today there are other high-quality fighters. “Yes, we like ‘Canelo’, he is a great boxer, but there are also Gervonta Davis, Errol Spence, Terence Crawford, David Benavidez. There are many great fighters, in my opinion,” said Mayweather Jr. in his unexpected visit to one of the judging sessions held at the 59th Annual Convention of the World Boxing Council, in Mexico City.

On the other hand, Floyd said he will continue to enjoy retirement. The American fighter last fought professionally in August 2017 against Conor McGregor. Since then he has only had two exhibition fights, something that he doesn’t rule out continuing to do. “I did everything that was possible in boxing, but I really don’t miss boxing that much. I have only done some things like exhibitions, which is something very different from a real fight,” said Floyd, who smiled when he was asked whether he would face Julio César Chávez Sr. in an exhibition. “No, Julio César Chávez is a legend.”

Wife of Canelo Álvarez and father-in-law: WHAT DOES THE MEXICAN BOXER WANT?

Wife Canelo Álvarez father-in-law
Instagram photo

He likes challenges and wants to continue making history. Saúl Álvarez doesn’t back down and said that if Eddy Reynoso wants them to go for Cruiserweight, they will. The “Canelo” will challenge the super middleweight monarch of the WBC in 2022. The African Ilunga Makabu, who he met in the capital during the closing of the 59th annual Convention of the organization. “We are on,” said the man from Guadalajara.

“Eddy (Reynoso) comes up with crazy things, as I said, but I’m on, I want to make history and I’m on for whatever comes next. It means a lot and I want to make history, it’s a great challenge for me and it’s dangerous”. Considered the best fighter pound for pound, he said that he will look forward to fight in Mexico again and that they are already preparing it.

Wife of Canelo Álvarez and father-in-law: WHAT OTHER FIGHTS DOES HE HAVE ON HIS MIND?

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It seems that the fight might occur in Mexico at the end of 2022. The options are Mexico City or Guadalajara, and the alternatives are many, from soccer stadiums to the Mexico City Arena. “I am very happy with the possibility of fighting in Mexico and you will no doubt see me soon, we are putting that together. We are going to negotiate the fight and many details, but the possibility of coming to Mexico makes me happy,” he said.

From the outset, the return to the ring is set for May 2022 and there is still no rival. Laughing, the fighter was asked if he would look for a full weight fight in the future, because now that he’s going for Crucero he will look for his fifth title in different weights. “Maybe a year ago I said no to Crucero and here we go, but I don’t think so, with Eddy I don’t know anymore. My body can’t handle that”, he said.

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