“Perreo” of Colombian woman on coffin causes indignation and goes viral (VIDEO)

Video of Colombian who dismisses deceased in coffin with perreo goes viral People began to criticize the action because they do not consi...

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  • Video of Colombian who dismisses deceased in coffin with perreo goes viral
  • People began to criticize the action because they do not consider it in good taste
  • Some even believe that it is a lack of respect towards the family and the dead

A video has gone viral, because a Colombian dismiss a deceased with a perreo on his coffin, while dancing to a reggaeton song and the networks explode because of the action, according to information published by the news portal of The Impartial and Javier Ceriani on Instagram.

The material has caused so much shock among Internet users, because they consider it disrespectful and others in bad taste.

However, everything seems to indicate that it was the last will of the deceased, who apparently asked his family and friends not to will cry when firing him.

Image taken from Insatgram @@ elimparcialcom

That is why instead of doing a gloomy and quiet ceremony, as funerals normally are, in the street the party of all the deceased’s acquaintances was felt.

In Mexico and in various parts of the world, funerals are solemn ceremonies in which silence is kept out of respect for the person who died.

However, this time the guests were the ones who put the party together and put all their pain aside to try to fulfill the will of the deceased.

However, this did not turn out as expected as the criticism did not stop falling to social networks because they did not consider it appropriate.

This type of farewells have been seen in other parts of the world and completely change the shape of funerals with sadness and tears.

On the next page we will leave you the complete video so that you are the one who judges if you believe it a lack of respect or simply a demonstration of love.

On this page you can see the full video in which a Colombian dances a perreo on top of a deceased’s coffin.

In the audio, you can hear the melody of ‘She Wants Hmm Haa Hmm’ from ‘Leka The Poet’, which caused an uproar.

Perreo is a dance that is used when a reggaeton genre song is sung and basically it is to shake the butt.

The woman wears jeans and a black blouse, with her hair down, and without further ado she does the perreo in the middle of what seems to be a party.

Around him are dozens of people who set the ‘party’ to say goodbye to the deceased.

Until now, it is unknown in which part of Colombia this festive funeral took place, which breaks all traditions.

However, despite being very novel, many people did not agree with the type of farewell that is done to the deceased.

On the next page you can see the opinions of the people about this very unique event.

To see the video click here.

Image taken from Insatgram @javierceriani

Although it was said that the perreo of the Colombian woman on the coffin where she danced, was in that country, a person immediately corrected and according to her it was elsewhere.

“So much criticism without knowing, first it was in Ecuador, not in Colombia, second I do not see anyone offended, that means that perhaps it was the will of the dead and who are we to judge ?, and third the one who is dancing is she, if she is not ashamed, it is her problem, live your life, and let live, if it bothers you then go to the next video people, “said a woman,

Someone else said: “Lack of respect, just for attention.”

“If they are not hurting anyone … go ahead, maybe the deceased wanted to be fired that way, why not?”, “It is disrespectful”, “rabble”, were other expressions of the people watch the video.

Some more wrote: “Well, goodbye, maybe the deceased liked it and she liked it. That is why in life is everything, from dead to what ”.

How repulsive and disturbing! And worse things will be seen “,” the coffins of the coffins “,” the end of the world now “, said more Internet users when they saw the material.

Image taken from Insatgram @javierceriani

But people were not satisfied with the perreo of the Colombian above the coffin where she dances, and they began more criticism of the video.

“It seems to me a lack of respect and that the family accepts this show towards the pantheon. In what city did this happen? I don’t think that in Colombia, because in Colombia the coffin goes to the pantheon, it goes by hearse and the coffin cannot be seen, ”said another person.

Someone else reiterated that it was not in Colombia but in Ecuador: “It was in Ecuador and well, if some are fired with mariachi, if the deceased liked that music, what else?”

“She is drugged … I would bring her down from the coffin”, “everything that people do to attract attention, that lack of respect, there are no feelings”, “vulgar to death”, “look for an urgent brain”, more people said.

But someone wanted to make their opinion very clear and explained: “That afterwards they are not saying that they are touching them if they lend themselves to that, what a loss of prestige as a woman, what a shame for Colombia. She is representing Colombian women, we even have good people, but this is what you see ”.

This is how people manifested themselves before the video about the woman dancing on the coffin.

Colombian perreo coffin

Image taken from Insatgram @javierceriani

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