Pennsylvania: FBI investigates votes for Trump found in trash

Pennsylvania: FBI investigates votes for Trump found in trash There were 9 ballots, of which only 7 were for Trump They were found near S...

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  • Pennsylvania: FBI investigates votes for Trump found in trash
  • There were 9 ballots, of which only 7 were for Trump
  • They were found near Scranton, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania: FBI investigates votes in favor of Trump found in the trash. This Thursday the Department of Justice reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, for its acronym in English) will carry out an investigation into some ballots they found in the garbage in Pennsylvania.

President Donald Trump has often pointed to possible attacks on democracy in these upcoming elections on November 3.

In a statement published through the site An official from the Department of Justice and shared on Twitter it was announced that “since Monday, FBI personnel working together with the Pennsylvania State Police, have conducted numerous interviews and have recovered and reviewed certain physical evidence. Election officials in Luzerne County have cooperated. ”

FBI Votes Trump Trash

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Trump reacted on Thursday to the discovery of these ballots, saying: “We want to make sure that the election is honest and I’m not sure it can be.”

He also declared that he will present his candidate to the Supreme Court of Justice, because he thinks that it is possibly the same who will decide on this year’s elections.

This is due to the mass distribution of ballots by mail due to the sanitary measures of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States.

Apparently the discarded ballots found in the trash near the city of Scranton, in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania belonged to the military and were marked with votes in favor of the US president.

At first it had been pointed out that the total number of ballots were in favor of the Republican candidate for the Presidency, however in a later report it was pointed out that only seven of these had been marked in this way.

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This was initiated due to the request of Stefanie Salavantis, a Republican woman who serves as District Attorney for Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.

This Thursday the Pennsylvania Middle District Attorney’s office, through its official account of Twitter, shared a letter addressed to the Luzerne County Elections Office regarding the investigations into the ballots found.

FBI Votes Trump Trash

PHOTO: Twitter

In this letter addressed to Shelby Watchilla, Director of the Luzerne County Elections Office and posted on the site official from the United States Department of Justice, the existence of nine discarded ballots is confirmed.

Of these, seven were without an envelope, all marked in favor of the Republican candidate Donald Trump, in turn he mentions two ballots that seem to have been violated and then put back in place, and that because it is not the procedure adequate, its content is unknown.

He also mentions that of the total of nine ballots found in the trash, three of them can be attributed to specific voters, while the remaining six cannot be attributed to anyone at this time.

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In this same letter to the Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, Elections Office, it is noted that “the proper method of processing received military ballots is to store the ballot safely, unopened, until the pre-count can begin, that in no case is it before 7:00 am on Election Day.

Opening a military or foreign ballot, or an absentee or mail ballot for that matter, violates the statutes of control and is contrary to the guidance of the Pennsylvania Department of State, “says prosecutor David J. Freed, who writes and sign the letter.

“The preliminary results of this investigation are concerning and the Luzerne County Elections Office must comply with all applicable state and federal election laws and guidelines to ensure that all votes, regardless of party, are counted to ensure an accurate electoral count. “Continued the prosecutor.

Later, in the letter, he requested to meet with Shelby Watchilla, to continue the investigation of the ballots found in the garbage.

The Republican Attorney for the Pennsylvania Middle District, David J. Freed, ends the letter with the following sentence: “Our goal, which I am sure you share, is to ensure that every vote properly cast is counted.”

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