Pennsylvania: Bed Bug Infestation Season Begins

Brown stink bug infestation season begins in Pennsylvania This pest tends to form inside houses and other structures when temperatures be...

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  • Brown stink bug infestation season begins in Pennsylvania
  • This pest tends to form inside houses and other structures when temperatures begin to drop.
  • “There is a very robust population of brown marble stink bugs this fall,” said agricultural authorities.

With the arrival of autumn, the pest season also usually begins, in the case of Pennsylvania it is the plague of stink bugs.

According to Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and Pennsylvania State University “there is a very robust population of brown marble stink bugs this fall.”

Unlike others, brown marble stink bugs (Halyomorpha halys) often invade homes and buildings as they enter through cracks and crevices as temperatures begin to drop.

Pennsylvania bed bug infestation: season begins

Photo: Twitter.

“As in past seasons, in recent weeks, we have begun to observe high numbers of brown marble stink bug adults and nymphs that are collected from monitoring traps placed in and around commercial orchards,” the agency reported.

According to the Pennsylvania State University, the adults of this species emerge in the spring and mate and lay their eggs between March and August.

By September they become adults and look for a place to spend the winter.

Similarly, the university pointed out that stink bugs usually have only one generation per year but that this 2020 could have two.

According to the National Pest Management Association, “warmer-than-usual spring and summer temperatures can allow stink bug populations to complete more than one population cycle in a year, often resulting in more sightings. of stink bugs in and around homes. In regions of Pennsylvania where temperatures were especially warm from May to August, residents can find higher numbers of stink bugs in the fall. “

Pennsylvania bed bug infestation: season begins

Photo: Twitter.

Stink bugs can cause allergic reactions such as rhinitis or conjunctivitis in sensitive people, although they are thought to affect only a small percentage of the population.

The defensive chemicals in bed bugs can be an aeroallergen for allergy sufferers.

Also, if insects are crushed or crushed against the skin, a dermatitis can develop at the point of contact.

Although stink bugs are not lethal to humans if they pose significant agricultural damage.

The brown stink bug feeds on a wide variety of plants and fruits.

According to data from the Departments of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Pennsylvania is among 11 states within the “red zone” where serious and nuisance agricultural problems associated with pests such as stink bugs have been reported, according to Univision.

“They are invading more states across the country and Pennsylvania is a hot spot,” the statement said.

“This little mistake has cost farmers millions in crop losses. Although they prefer to infest fruit and vegetable plants, they move quickly indoors when temperatures drop, ”he added.

The marbled brown stink bug was first collected in September 1998 in Allentown, but it probably arrived several years earlier.

This pest usually enters homes in large numbers, which means that if you do see one, there will probably be more inside your home.

The recommendation of the authorities is to cover any cracks in the home so that insects cannot enter. Likewise, they recommend not touching or squashing a bed bug, since its foul smell will attract more stink insects.

In February, avocado bugs invaded plantations in Hawaii, putting US health authorities on alert.

An invasive pest of insects (bed bugs) was discovered feeding on the leaves of avocado trees in the state of Hawaii and was also seen on plants in retail stores in Maui, entomologists said.

Avocado lace bugs were first discovered in December in Pearl City, Oahu, and later spotted on the islands of Hawaii and Maui, the state Department of Agriculture reported, according to the AP news agency.

Infested plants discovered in retail stores in Maui were destroyed or cared for, department officials said.

It is unknown how these insects were introduced into Hawaii.

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