The former president of Mexico Peña Nieto reappears on his 55th birthday thanks to his girlfriend Tania Ruiz (PHOTO)

A photograph posted by model Tania Ruiz, surprised many. Peña Nieto reappears… after a few surgeries? “Enjoy it because in Me...

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  • A photograph posted by model Tania Ruiz, surprised many.
  • Peña Nieto reappears… after a few surgeries?
  • Enjoy it because in Mexico he is going to be taken to trial”, the model was told.

After a long time away from the cameras and the public eye, Enrique Peña Nieto, who was president of Mexico, in one of the most distressing six-year terms for that country, reappeared on social networks, looking very happy next to his beautiful girlfriend Tania Ruiz; this on the occasion of his 55th birthday, where the young model wrote some sweet words to him for said celebration.

But comments were quick to appear, some from colleagues who have always shown affection and appreciation towards the couple, other from relatives who congratulated the former president, but there were also some sarcastic comments and some people even claimed that it is the last birthday he’ll celebrate away from jail, since AMLO has other plans for the former president.

Peña Nieto Tania Ruiz: Peña Nieto reappears

Peña Nieto Tanía Ruiz: Peña Nieto reappears
Photo: Instagram

After a long period of no news, no information About Peña Nieto, the model Tania Ruiz took advantage of the occasion of her 55th birthday to dedicate some affectionate words to the former president of Mexico; The young woman has been commissioned to publish an unpublished photograph of the ex-president, where he looks quite young and with a smile from ear to ear.

The couple began to relate in 2018, when Peña Nieto was ‘separated’ (it was an open secret) from the actress Angélica Rivera, with whom he was married for 10 years, although there are rumors that affirm that they began their romantic relationship while still He was married to “La Gaviota”, in fact, it was in 2019 when they were seen to be very affectionate in Spain, when the divorce proceedings were just beginning their process; It was in the middle of the year that they confirmed the relationship, just at the moment that Enrique was already legally single.

Peña Nieto Tania Ruiz: “Happy birthday, My Boyfriend!”

Peña Nieto Tanía Ruiz: "Happy birthday, my boyfriend!"
Photo: Instagram

With a romantic photograph, Tania Ruiz took the opportunity to send her congratulations to Enrique Peña Nieto, writing a long dedication that delighted many, since they consider that she looks happier next to the Potosi model and that her ‘vitality’ has returned. how much he needed, since the moment he left power he already looked tired and looked older.

In the post, the Mexican wrote: “Today on this important date where we are filled with good wishes, praise, blessings and what each person has inside. Happy Birthday Boyfriend Mio !! What happiness and happiness to be able to celebrate one more year of life by your side. Always giving me the same illusion and the same happiness for celebrating your birthday. For that part of me that you are there ”, was part of his romantic dedication.

Peña Nieto Tania Ruiz: “Life has given me the opportunity to be with you these years”

Peña Nieto Tanía Ruiz: "Life has given me the opportunity to be with you these years"
Photo: Instagram

It seems that the couple overflows with the love they feel with anyone who is present and on several occasions they have let it glimpse, Ruiz Eichelmann He took advantage of the occasion to be able to “describe” their relationship, which he has kept in private and that only in some meetings or in the romantic getaways that they do reveal it.

“Life has given me the opportunity to be with you these years and God bless you, to be able to hug you, love you and continue building in this space that we have and live today, which is the most valuable thing. Our time!! Our life !!! ”, mentioned the 34-year-old in the post she published on social networks.

Peña Nieto Tania Ruiz: “Always facing every situation”

Peña Nieto Tanía Ruiz: "Always facing every situation"
Photo: Instagram

At the beginning of their relationship it became somewhat controversial, since the former president continued in the process of divorcing the actress, which is why it was considered that his outings with the model were part of a hoax; In addition, fame and rumors always haunted Peña Nieto, who, seeing that he was in power in the presidential chair, earned him a lot of negative criticism and enemies. Tania in her writing has let it be known that they have faced several situations, from which they came out ‘victorious’.

“I found a partner and we build the relationship day by day. There is no experience without falls and there is no evolution without stumbling. Always facing every situation we have experienced and hand in hand, together with God. May God bless you, protect you, take care of you today and always wishing the same for everyone. I love you!! Happy day, My Beautiful Boyfriend! “, He commented.

Peña Nieto Tania Ruiz: “I love to see you happy”

Tania Ruiz and EPN
Tania Ruiz and EPN

The instant the photo was published, several comments began to follow, mainly from friends and colleagues of the model, who left messages of appreciation for the ex-president, wishing him the best of luck and have a happy birthday, but they were also the friends from Potosina, who told her that they liked to see her so happy next to Peña.

“I love to see you happy”, “May they be that happy always!”, “How beautiful”, they wrote in the comment box, showing themselves happy for their friend, who on different occasions has let it be known that she is in the ‘best point’ of his relationship with Enrique, since it is a quite respectful relationship and that they have been able to connect in the environment in which they operate, in addition to being ‘smooth sailing’.

“Is it real or a soap opera?”

"Is it real or soap opera?"
Photo: Instagram

But how in any publication where a controversial figure appears, it did not take long for the sarcastic comments of Internet users to arrive, who asked the Potosina if this time their relationship was real or a product of a campaign; These comments arise due to Peña Nieto’s relationship with Rivera, since it was speculated for many years that it was only a screen for him to win the presidency and the rumor came to life again after the divorce.

“Is this relationship real or is it a novel?” Commented a user in the comments, who was quickly supported by other people, who did not hesitate to make fun of the situation, remembering the scandal of Enrique Peña Nieto with his ex-wife, although several defended the lawyer’s relationship with the model, arguing that this time he seemed happier than when he was married to “La Gaviota.”

“Enjoy it”

"Enjoy it"
Photo: Instagram

But the comments were not only about mentions about his former partner or the congratulations they sent to the former president, but several people came to comment in the post about the trials that the president of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador wants to make, where he is asking to the people who comment if they want the ex-presidents to be ‘punished’ for the alleged crimes they committed while in power.

Enjoy it because in Mexico they are going to take them to trial, “said a user, making his comment one of the most prominent in the publication, since many Internet users agreed that Peña Nieto would probably be among the first to be punished if the investigation and detention of former presidents was approved and that he had little time out of jail; other people defended Peña, saying that this situation was not going to happen and that they only wrote without knowing what was really happening.

“Is it Photoshop?”

"Is it Photoshop?"
Photo: Instagram

But there was a follower who was more observant than the others, arguing that the photograph that Tania had uploaded on social networks was a photomontage, since her hand did not coincide with the other hand that was hugging the model, so several Users began to follow the thread of the comment, giving their opinion on it, mentioning that for them it was an issue.

It’s Photoshop. The hand that embraces is not the same as the hand that takes the girl’s. Why lie? ” commented a netizen. “You are correct, it’s Photoshop, but you see that they love to deceive the People …”, “Very true, that laziness, it is not worth it”, were some of the responses that emerged from that comment, since there was ‘something’ that it didn’t fit the photograph.

Is it operated?

Is it operated?
Photo: Instagram

But not only did they suspect that it was a photomontage, but Peña Nieto is more ‘rejuvenated’ in the image posted by Potosina, since in the previous images that the young woman has published, a remarkable On the other hand, several have even joked that it is a case of ‘collagen’ and that it is stealing the youth of his 34-year-old girlfriend.

But apparently what happened is that he has undergone different aesthetic treatments, so that he looks more ‘rested’, but everything is in assumptions and analysis of photographs that have been published, since it was never confirmed if the former president has chosen to undergo some ‘fix’ on his face and it is only a break from the Mexican government, which left him with great consequences.

Nicole Peña congratulates him

Nicole Peña congratulates him
Photo: Instagram

But Tania Ruiz was not the only one to publish a photograph next to the former president, her son Nicole and Alejandro also took the time to write him a small dedication and celebrate another year with his father on social networks, showing totally unpublished images of the life they lead together and of their most special moments.

Not only Nicole’s dedication drew attention, but also the good relationship she has with her father’s girlfriend, who at every opportunity she has comments on her publications and is on the lookout for the young woman in her twenties, who of the president’s three children , has always been characterized by being extremely ‘private’, not like Paulina, who usually lives more with her followers.

Alejandro Peña sends loving words to his father

Alejandro Peña gives affectionate words to his father
Photo: Instagram

Although Paulina Peña did not get to share an image next to Peña Nieto, her son Alejandro did decide to post with his group of followers a brief dedication to his father, revealing a never-before-seen photograph of the two, enjoying their quality time at the same time thanking him for “being the person he is”.

“Congratulations to this man, whom I call Daddy with all my love. I wish you always continue to be very happy. You are my adoration and I thank you for guiding me to be the person that I have become. I love you dad, ”wrote the 23-year-old, who has always been very attached to his father and has been rumored on several occasions that he wishes to follow in his footsteps in politics. Some images of this note come from the following video

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