Pedro Silva Renteria was arrested in Texas for the murder of a trans Latina in Georgia

A young man identified as Pedro Silva Renteria was arrested in Texas on Thursday. Pedro Silva Renteria is accused of the murder of a R...

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  • A young man identified as Pedro Silva Renteria was arrested in Texas on Thursday.
  • Pedro Silva Renteria is accused of the murder of a ‘trans’ Latina in Georgia.
  • The suspect had been on the run for three months.

He fled for several months, but it was time for him to face justice. A young man identified as Pedro Silva Renteria was captured in Texas after being charged with the murder of a transgender Latina (trans) in Georgia.

The Efe news agency reported that the authorities in Georgia announced on Thursday the arrest of a young Hispanic man as the main suspect in the death of a transgender woman of Costa Rican origin, who was shot to death in her home in the town of Brookhaven, a suburb northeast of Atlanta.

Pedro Silva Renteria accused of murder

Pedro Silva Renteria
Photo: Go Fund Me page that had been created to raise funds for Sophie Vásquez’s funeral

Brookhaven Police reported that Pedro Silva Renteria, 18, was arrested on Thursday near Grand Prairie, Texas, and that he has requested the transfer of the defendant to Georgia to be tried for the crime of Sophie Vásquez, 36, that occurred. on May 4 at the entrance of his apartment.

The suspect was detained by federal marshals and officials from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and the Grand Prairie Police, a town west of Dallas, according to Georgia authorities, who did not provide further details of the arrest, Efe said.

The victim and Pedro Silva Renteria knew each other

Pedro Silva Renteria

The preliminary police investigation suggests that it is not a hate crime and that Sophie Vásquez and Pedro Silva Renteria appear to have known each other, however, community activists believe that the murder was motivated by prejudice.

Sophie Vásquez, a Costa Rican immigrant whose body was found at the entrance to her apartment in Brookhaven with multiple gunshot wounds, was a member of Community Estrella, a non-profit organization that advocates and defends the rights of the transgender community in Georgia, explained Eph.

They ask for justice to be done for the murder allegedly committed by Pedro Silva Renteria

Pedro Silva Renteria

“What we have been advocating from the organization is that we want justice to be done, because no human being deserves to be killed and less for being of a different gender identity or sexual orientation,” said Li Ann, director and founder of Community Estrella, to Eph.

With the death of Sophie Vásquez, Ann, known as “Estrella,” has number 24 transgender people killed in the United States so far this year. “We as ‘trans’ people are vulnerable to a lot of discrimination, to many challenges and to many needs,” lamented the activist, who assured that they are also discriminated against for being immigrants, being Latinas, for not speaking English, for the way they dress and even for being indigenous.

They did not reveal a motive for the murder, but the police already think they know

Pedro Silva Renteria

In a report update this Friday, the local newspaper The Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) reported that investigators said the victim was killed around 2:00 a.m. and her body was found about six hours later at the entrance to her apartment at The Atlantic Brookhaven. Pedro Silva Renteria was named a suspect some two weeks later.

Police spokesman Lt. David Snively previously indicated that investigators believe they know why Pedro Silva Renteria committed, but did not reveal it. However, she mentioned that she does not believe that it was a hate crime or that Sophie Vásquez’s gender was the reason she was attacked.

More charges are expected against the defendant

Pedro Silva Renteria

“It would not be appropriate for us to share that information until we confirm our understanding of the case by speaking directly to the suspect,” Snively told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in May.

Pedro Silva Renteria will remain in the state of Texas pending extradition to Georgia. Brookhaven police noted that additional charges are also expected to be brought against the defendant.

Mayor sends message after the capture of Pedro Silva Renteria

Pedro Silva Renteria
Photo: Brookhaven Police Department

“While we must all be patient as the wheels of justice turn, I hope the progress made in this case brings some relief to the friends and extended family of Sophie Vasquez,” stated Brookhaven Mayor John Ernst at a statement sent by email and quoted by the aforementioned newspaper.

The Brookhaven Police investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information should contact police at 404-637-0600 or send an anonymous notice to the Crime Stoppers hotline at 404-577-8477, AJC said.


Hispanic man who murdered TikTok star loudly blames deadly shooting in head

murder cinema

A Hispanic man accused of gunning down two people, including a TikTok star, in a Southern California movie theater is blaming the voices in his head that he said had tormented him for months, according to The Associated Press.

“The voices said they were going to kill my friends and family,” Joseph Jiménez, 20, said Wednesday in an interview at a Riverside County jail in Banning, where he is being held. Riverside Press-Enterprise on Wednesday.

The testimony of the accused

Tiktoker Anthony Barajas dies: Identify the culprit
Photo published by the Daily Mail

The Hispanic suspect did not explain how killing the youths would save their loved ones. Jiménez also gave a detailed description of the shooting, but offered his condolences to the families of the victims, saying, “I wish I hadn’t.”

Rylee Goodrich, 18, and Anthony Barajas, 19, who was a TikTok star, were shot in the head while watching a movie in a nearly empty movie theater in Corona, California, on July 26.

The suspect did not know his victims

Tiktoker dies

The bodies of the young men were found by a cinema employee after the last performance of the night. Goodrich died at the scene. Barajas was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was placed on life support, but died last week.

Barajas, known online as itsanthonymichael, had nearly a million followers on TikTok and many more on other platforms with Instagram. However, police have said that the suspect acted alone and there is no indication that he knew the victims or that Barajas’ role as a TikTok influencer influenced the crime.

Hispanic had been medicated

tiktoker dies

Jiménez said the voices had haunted him for eight months, sometimes threatening to steal his car and television. Jiménez said he was diagnosed with schizophrenia about eight months ago, but had recently stopped taking his prescription medication. “I ran out of it and I didn’t fill it up again,” Jiménez said.

Jiménez had gone to the movies with three friends, who told investigators they were alarmed and sneaked out of the theater because they believed he had brought a gun to the site and was acting strange, the Orange County Register reported in an article on Thursday. Monday. But they didn’t warn anyone. For more details of the case visit this note.

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