One-time $15,600 payment coming this month for excluded workers in New York

One-time $15,600 payments would be delivered this month in New York. The one-time $15,600 payments will be destined to workers who were e...

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  • One-time $15,600 payments would be delivered this month in New York.
  • The one-time $15,600 payments will be destined to workers who were excluded from other aids in New York.
  • Other states also provide one-time payments to help those most in need during the pandemic crisis.

More money could be on the way. One-time $15,600 payments for workers excluded from other economic benefits in New York would be delivered this month, several media reported this week.





During spring, the State of New York approved one-time stimulus payments of $ 15,600 for excluded workers who lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic, Finger Lakes 1 reported on Tuesday, September 7.

One-time payments of $ 15,600

one-time payments
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Those one-time payments are part of a $ 2.2 billion program for people who did not receive stimulus payments through the CARES Act or the American Rescue Plan because of their citizenship, the aforementioned outlet said.

Republicans criticized the bill at the time, but it passed and became a law that provides significant stimulus payments to hundreds of thousands of people in New York, Finger Lakes 1 explained.

Who qualifies for one-time payments in New York?

one-time payments
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It was included in the state budget, which was approved and adopted in April. Although it was criticized for being too expensive to implement, its inclusion in the budget meant that the bill was ready to happen regardless of individual problems with it, said the aforementioned portal.

Now many will be wondering: who qualified for the one-time stimulus payments for excluded workers? And one answer is: those who live in New York and do not have resident status, but made less than $ 26,208 in 2020, are eligible for the aid.

One-time payments would be delivered before the end of the month

one-time payments
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According to Finger Lakes 1, the state said in a recent update that $ 250 million in those benefits had already been released. He added that an additional $ 600 million is undergoing final verification for applicants and must be turned in before the end of the month.

The state also indicated that 90,000 New Yorkers had applied for the Excluded Worker Program. “The COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet, and as we continue our rebuilding and recovery work, we know that people are still in need,” Governor Kathy Hochul said in a statement at the time.

Governor defends one-time payments in New York

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The regional president added: “The Excluded Workers Fund is a critical lifeline for thousands of New Yorkers who were an integral part of keeping our state running during the worst moments of the pandemic, and that is why I have lobbied to make sure we remove money out the door as soon as possible. This is an important first step: payments are ahead of schedule to give these people the financial relief they need and deserve. ”

Finger Lakes 1 recalled that approved applicants receive one of two benefit amounts based on the level of work eligibility documentation they provide, in addition to verifying their identity and residency. Tier 1 qualifiers receive $ 15,600 and Tier 2 qualifiers receive $ 3,200. To date, funding has been approved for more than 10,000 applicants, with nearly 40,000 more in the final approval phase. Of them, 99 percent have qualified for Level 1 benefits, the portal also specified BGR. Approved applicants receive a one-time payment on a prepaid card mailed to the address provided on the application. The cards allow you to withdraw cash or make purchases in stores.

Additional stimulus checks will be awarded in 10 states

What are the next dates for delivery of Child Tax Credit checks
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As pressure continues on the US government to pass a fourth federal stimulus check, they report that ten US states will send additional stimulus checks to eligible residents.

Some states such as California, Colorado, Maryland, New Mexico, New York, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Tennessee and Texas have established an additional stimulus program to help residents who have been severely affected by the pandemic and who have not yet managed to balance his finances.

Some states will send additional stimulus checks

additional stimulus checks

Thanks to the American Rescue Plan, most states were free to decide how they could use some of the approved federal aid. Some states decided to use the money, which is around $ 200 billion, in additional stimulus checks for much of their money. residents.

States are leveraging their own budget or the extra federal money allocated to spend on the economic recovery after the Covid pandemic and have until the end of 2021 to use all of the funds, it reported. The Sun.

California, one of the lucky states

additional stimulus checks
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In the case of the state of California, residents who earn less than $ 75,000 can expect to receive a check for $ 600 in the coming weeks and an additional $ 500 if they have a dependent, The Sun reported.

Californians should expect to see money in their accounts in the next few days after 600,000 stimulus checks were issued last week, the California State Franchise Tax Board also said.

More than 50% of Californians will receive payments

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About two million people are expected to receive the round of additional payments, both in direct deposit and paper checks, by mid-September, according to authorities. To claim the check, residents must file a 2020 state tax return by Oct. 15, according to the California Franchise Tax Board.

About 66 percent of California’s population is expected to receive at least a check for $ 600 plus another payment of $ 500 for dependents who qualify for financial benefit due to the crisis unleashed by the pandemic.

Colorado and Florida will send payments

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According to the portal, Colorado residents who received at least one payment corresponding to unemployment assistance between March 15, 2020 and October 24, 2020, will receive a check for $ 375.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis approved $ 1,000 bonds for the state’s teachers and principals at its K-12 public schools and public charter schools. This means that about 170 thousand residents of the state will receive these checks for $ 1,000.

In Georgia they will give a check for $ 1,000

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Georgia Governor Brian Kemp authorized a $ 1,000 bonus check to be made as a one-time payment to full-time teachers and administrators in the state. In addition, part-time educators will receive a check for $ 500.

Additionally, the state of Maryland authorized additional stimulus checks earlier this year, however, the assistance is only available to those who claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit on their tax returns, a credit aimed at low-income individuals. and moderate. Eligible residents will receive $ 300, while couples filing jointly will receive $ 500. For more details visit this note.

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