Pastor preaches the word in motel parking lot and sparks controversy

Evangelical pastor preaches the word of God in the middle of a motel parking lot. He sends a message for ‘sinners’ while driv...

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  • Evangelical pastor preaches the word of God in the middle of a motel parking lot.
  • He sends a message for ‘sinners’ while driving his car.
  • However, he never imagined the response he would get.

An alleged evangelical pastor went outside of the church and began preaching the word of God in a motel parking lot, through a speaker while driving his car. He was asking the guests to repent because he declared that there would be no place for them in heaven, assuming they were sinners. The video has been circulating on social media and has sparked controversy among users, according to Los Mocanos.

The daring pastor crossed boundaries and went beyond the imagination of Internet users. Many don’t agree with what he did since they consider the motel to be a private space. Besides, not all the people who go there are unfaithful, since they also stated that couples often go there to spend some time alone in complete privacy.


Pastor preaches motel word
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The religious man has already received all kinds of negative comments. But the most surprising thing was who he was addressing his message to. Using a speaker system in his car, he made a holy request to those who were inside the rooms at that time.

In the images you can see how the religious man is driving a car while speaking into the microphone as he begins to talk about the word of God. Apparently there are other people in the car with him because voices, and even laughter, can be heard which added to the controversy.


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Upon entering the motel parking lot, the pastor, begins to rant against the people who are inside the rooms from inside of his car. However, no one came out or said anything to him. Regardless, he goes on without waiting for an answer, convinced that what he’s doing is right because he wants to prevent people from continuing to sin.

Apparently the events took place in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, however the date or the city in which it happened is unknown. People did not react well and even criticized his actions, which instead of helping sinners, violated people’s privacy. Filed Under: Pastor Preaches Motel Word

Pastor preaches the word in a motel parking lot: HOW DID HE GET THERE?

Sinners bible
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The message he had for the motel guests was the following: “The bible says that adulterers will not inherit the kingdom of heaven, send that woman to her house, that woman has a husband, that woman is married, you’re an adulterer, repent, that drug is going to take you to a place of torment, that is not the will of God, Christ is coming, adulterer, fornicator, Christ loves you, Christ calls you.”

The pastor said these words while driving his car and walking around the motel, where you can see some open doors, but no people looking out. It is also unknown how he managed to enter the place. No-one seems to interrupt him because he walks around as if he owns the place and leaves as if nothing had happened.

Pastor preaches the word in a motel parking lot: PEOPLE ARE ANGRY WITH THE PASTOR

Pastor preaches motel word
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Some wrote: “The first is him.” “Scare him with a couple of shots.” “But seeing the way he entered the place, it seems he knows the way.” “Hahaha in DR you see all kinds of things.” “He’s a saint, he doesn’t do it.” “He’s upset.”

Others said: “God forgive us for our lack of wisdom.” “Thar’s a pastor.” “God who is the creator gave free will to human beings, who is he to be saying this and that? Each one will be judged in due time.” “Christ is coming and where is Christ that I don’t see him? Every day Christians say that Christ is coming, but I don’t see him.”

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