Pastor Pedro Rivera Jr sends a message to his brothers?

Apparently social media is the means of communication for the Rivera family. Now Pastor Pedro Rivera Jr. is the one who sends a message, ...

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  • Apparently social media is the means of communication for the Rivera family.
  • Now Pastor Pedro Rivera Jr. is the one who sends a message, could it be for his brothers?
  • Pastor Pedro Rivera Jr. says that his happiness is with his wife and children.

Pedro Rivera Jr. message: Social networks have apparently become the best means of communication for the Rivera family, since it’s through them that members of this controversial dynasty have sent several messages to each other, the most recent being the one that Pastor Juan Rivera Jr. wrote.

As you might remember, the inheritance of the late Jenni Rivera has caused her children to be estranged from their uncle and aunt Rosy and Juan, and it has been in networks where nephews and uncles have been sending indirects to each other, which shows that they haven’t spoken in person and apparently they don’t plan to do so.

Pedro Rivera Jr. message: He does not remain “without writing”

Pastor Pedro Rivera Jr sends a message to his brothers?
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And following the family “tradition”, the one who also used his social networks to send, apparently a message to his brothers was Pastor Juan Rivera Jr. who on his official Instagram account wrote a message that could be thought to be dedicated to his consanguineous.

In the message Pedro Rivera Jr. makes reference that the most important thing for him is his family, and pointed out that not all the money in the world can be compared with the wealth of the family, could it be a message for Rosie and Juan that apparently are in conflict with Jenni’s children over the inheritance Of the singer?

Pedro Rivera Jr. message: “Without them I am nothing”

Pastor Pedro Rivera Jr sends a message to his brothers?
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In the message from Jenni Rivera’s brother, which he accompanied with five photographs including one of his pet, he wrote the following: “This is my happiness: all this God gave me, and this is my happiness. If I lose this, and even if I have all the money in the world, I am destroyed.

“Without them I am nothing. If I have God and I have them even though I don’t have money, I have everything. God bless you. Seek God and seek to have a healthy and blessed family and you will have everything ”, was the message that can be read in the publication of Pastor Pedro Rivera Jr.

Pedro Rivera Jr. message: They implicate him in inheritance lawsuit

Pastor Pedro Rivera Jr sends a message to his brothers?
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The controversy in the Rivera family continues, although previously the problems were derived from the inheritance of the late singer Jenni Rivera, this time the money also has to do with it and the implicated is her brother, pastor Pedro Rivera Jr., who is accused of spending money his sister gave him.

Through the Escándalo_o Instagram account, the rumor was shared that the singer’s brother, Pedro Rivera Jr., better known as Pastor Rivera, received an incredible amount of money from the “Diva de la Banda”, to build a church big enough to help people.

Pedro Rivera Jr. message: Was Jenni’s money spent?

Pastor Pedro Rivera Jr sends a message to his brothers?
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Much has been said in recent days about the inheritance that Jenni had left to her siblings and relatives, and about who she left a significant sum of dollars; on this occasion, it was learned that, supposedly, it was his brother the pastor, to whom he had given a large amount of money just before he died.

It turns out that this money would be used to build a religious building, in order to help people in need, but different media assure that Jenni Rivera’s brother did not use it to build the church, but that he spent it for his own purposes and his family.

Pedro Rivera Jr. message: They claim that the money was spent to build a church

Pastor Pedro Rivera Jr sends a message to his brothers?
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In the Escandalo_o social network account, an image was shared where the Rivera brothers, Jenni and Pedro appear, and with a message where they assure that the pastor did not use the fortune that was given to him before the singer lost her life in the plane crash.

“Here is what they told me !! Well, according to what they tell me #jenni before he died, he apparently gave a lot of money to his brother #Pedro the pastor because according to what they were going to build a big church to help people !! And it turns out that when Jenni died, the pastor spent the money not just building the church but himself and his family !!! I don’t use the money for what Jenni actually gave it to him !! ”.

Come to his defense

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Several netizens were upset and deny the information: “But how credible is the person who told you? For throwing an accusation so serious that, as the rivers are, for years there would have been some rumors or something but nothing ever came out and now you say they told you but without proof, I am disrespectful, “said a user.

“Well if you look for the videos of him a few days after Jenni died. He speaks and says that they were in talks for it but it was never done and that his son (Pedro’s) had told him that Jenni had more than 1 million followers on Twitter and that if only each one gave a dollar with that, they would he would build the church they wanted. So your Source is wrong again, ”the messages continued.

Other netizens attacked him

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But there were also those who attacked Pedro Rivera Jr. for supposedly having spent that money: “Of the shepherds are the most alive, first money if not you are not worth hahaha”, “He will have to give an account on the final day! Nobody escapes from that! ”,“ Those shepherds robbers ”,“ All shepherds are equal ”

“Well, they all also gave money to a niece for a taco truck and nothing and they with their conscience also that Vanessa gave them all have taken advantage of Jenni children, brothers, friends, parents and continue to make money from her legacy It is a train without stopping ”, were some of the comments.

The pastor talks about his health

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Previously, the journalist Nelssie Carrillo, shared through her social networks, the interview she did with the Pastor, who at all times was kind and willing to talk about any topic, so many Internet users were delighted.

“I have not been vaccinated and it is good that I have not been vaccinated because the other day I looked, and it happened to one of my nieces, my children put a magnet on her arm, I don’t know what that has to do with it, but what good that I have not made that decision to get vaccinated “(TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

“Why did you put me in such a scandalous family?”

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Before ending the interview, he took the opportunity to ask Pedro Rivera Jr. his opinion about what has happened lately with different members of his family, from the lawsuit between his brothers Juan and Lupillo to the Chiquis scandals.

“I ask myself: ‘Lord, why did you put me in such a scandalous family?’ When it seems that everything is going to be fixed, then a bomb comes and explodes, and the word of God speaks, it says that when one speaks of peace and security, sudden destruction comes ”.

“The Rivera dynasty I like very fat”

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The Pastor asked himself the question that if his brothers could not reach an arrangement to work together: “If we saw that one of them was jumped by someone else, I know that Lupillo, I know that Juan, all of them would go to defend because that blood love, that family love, is there ”.

Pedro Rivera Jr confessed that there are disagreements in the Rivera family regarding business and work, and above all, regarding the Rivera dynasty: “If I can say something to you here, I like the Rivera dynasty very fat, because Lupillo the great, the beloved Gustavo, Jenni the chacalosa, are names of the Rivera dynasty ”.

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