CURIOUS: Pastor gives gum to parishioners and tells them that it will heal their illnesses (VIDEO)

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CURIOUS: Pastor gives gum to parishioners and tells them that it will heal their illnesses (VIDEO)
  • Pastor gives away gum in church to heal the sick.
  • They have called it the ‘miracle gum’.
  • But not everyone believes it to be true.

Pastor gives gum away in church to heal the sick and goes viral, he delivers packages to his congregation and makes them believe that they will be fine, according to a Facebook post, and now it is known as the ‘miracle gum’.


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The video was posted by the Catholic Videos site, in it you can see a congregation of people in a Hispanic church and it has already gone viral, due to the ‘special’ way in which he convinces believers.


Shepherd gives gum
Facebook photo

The shepherd, whose identity is unknown, is very convinced that his ‘miraculous gum’ will be able to heal his ‘sheep’ of any disease, so he gets a great response from them to go and request them at the altar.

This action, far from being recognized by the people, was criticized, since they do not believe that only a chewing gum can end all discomfort of the people, although the pastor tried to persuade adults, and prohibited this to minors.

Pastor gives gum: ADULTS ONLY

Facebook photo

The pastor begins by calling all the parishioners and tells them that they are waiting to see what God will do for them and all action is done in the name of Jesus Christ, for which he convinces dozens of people who were sitting and got up to attend his called.

The man relies on another person who provides him with the gum, but the religious was very emphatic that he would only receive adults and that some minors came to try to obtain one of the sweets.

Shepherd gives gum: WARN OF DANGER

Photo Faceobook

Thus, one by one, he distributes a piece of gum to each of the attendees who are interested in being healed, however, the pastor warns of the ‘danger’ that could represent that someone healthy wants the sweet, since it will hurt him if he is not ill.

So when they heard this, some people decided to withdraw, but most kept insisting that I give them some chewing gum, so that they could be healed by God, as promised by the pastor of the Hispanic church. To see the video click here.


Shepherd gives gum
Facebook photo

Then when he finishes distributing everything he has, without hesitation he asks one of those present to come closer and immediately the man goes to the call of the religious, so he powerfully draws the attention of the others.

Then he asks for a glass of water and asks for him and pours the glass of water over his head, after a few words, the man faints when touched by the leader of the church, so he is helped by two more people. Filed Under: Pastor Gums


Facebook photo

In the end it is not known if the pastor really manages to heal the parishioners, but what he did achieve was a ‘rain’ of criticism from the people who saw the video who remained skeptical of such a ‘miracle’ that the believers were going to witness.

Many agents warned that these types of actions are only generated by people who take advantage of people’s faith, but for you to make your own judgment, we will leave you the video and the comments of the Internet users. Filed Under: Pastor Gums

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