Part of the stage collapses at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium

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  • LAST MINUTE: The collapse at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami is confirmed.
  • A video captured the collapse.
  • Authorities have already reported on the accident.

Part of the stage collapses at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium. Authorities confirm the collapse of a part of a stage at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. Organizers immediately responded and confirmed the tense situation.

“In case you see it on the news, a screen fell on one of our stages,” they confirmed through Rolling Loud’s Twitter , an annual hip-hop festival to be held at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium, according to a report from the Miami Herald.

Were there any injuries in the collapse of Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium?

Were there any injuries in the collapse of Miami's Hard Rock Stadium?
PHOTO Twitter

According to the official account of the festival “no one was injured and it will be fixed before the doors open tomorrow”, apparently the activities of the event will continue normally despite the collapse that attracted the attention of the media.

“The show continues!”, Noted the official account of Rolling Loud. A video wall on one of the stages at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium collapsed was what collapsed Thursday afternoon. The incident occurred around 5 p.m. local time.

Video captured the disaster at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium

Video captured the disaster at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium
PHOTO Twitter

Aerial shots of the WSVN 7 News network captured the disaster that caused this collapse at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. The 2021 Rolling Loud Miami Music Festival will take place July 23-25, one day after the collapse, the Miami Herald notes.

“Part of the Rolling Loud stage at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens collapsed just a day before the festival started. So far, no injuries have been reported, ”WSVN 7 News wrote on his Twitter account where he attached the video.

Images of the collapse at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium

Images of the collapse at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium
PHOTO Twitter

The images taken by the local chain show the gigantic stage from the sky, making a series of close-ups at the site of the collapse. Travis Scott and Post Malone will be some of the main artists covering the event, according to the Miami Herald. To see the video give click here.

The news of the collapse gained rapid attention after the tragedy where a building in Miami collapsed, dozens of deaths and injuries. Now it has been revealed that victims and relatives who suffered losses during the collapse of the building Champlain Towers South in Surfside.

Disaster in Miami

AP Photo

The 12-story building was located on the oceanfront in Florida. The minimum amount of 150 million dollars, as initial compensation, was determined by a judge last Wednesday, according to the AP news agency and the portal The Herald of Mexico.

The sum includes about $ 50 million of insurance of the Champlain Towers South condo and at least $ 100 million from the proceeds from the sale of the Surfside property in which the building was located, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Michael Hanzman said at a hearing.


Photo Getty Images

“The court’s concern has always been the victims present here,” said the judge, adding that the group includes visitors and tenants, and not just landlords. “Your rights will be protected.”

The 150 million does not include any money that has been raised in the numerous lawsuits that have already been filed since the June 24 crash, in which at least 97 people died. These lawsuits are being consolidated into a single class action lawsuit that would cover all victims and family members if they so decide, the judge said. “I have no doubt that there will not be a stone left unturned,” Hanzman said of the lawsuits.


Champlain Towers South
Photo Getty Images

So far 96 victims have been identified, many of them through DNA analysis. Relatives and friends of three missing persons said they are waiting for news of their loved ones believed to be in the building, which means that the total number of deaths could rise to 98. Authorities have not yet announced the end of recovery efforts.

The remains of 24-year-old Anastasia Gromova were identified Wednesday, according to relatives and police. The young Canadian had just been accepted for an English teaching program in Japan and was visiting the condo for a farewell with her friend Michelle Pazos. Gromova’s body was recovered three days ago and he was one of the last to be identified. Filed Under: Building in Miami

Building in Miami: LABORES

Building in Miami
AP Photo

The authorities reported this Wednesday the identification of a new fatality of the collapse on June 24 of a residential building in Miami-Dade (Florida, USA), with which 96 of the 97 deceased have been identified.

According to the most recent update from the Miami-Dade authorities, there are already 96 bodies identified with the corresponding notification to families, including 95 bodies recovered from the rubble and a woman who died in hospital.


Champlain Towers South
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The last identified body corresponds to Anastasiya Gromova, 24, whose body was extracted from the rubble last Sunday. A total of 272 families are receiving services through the family assistance center.

Gromova, living in Montreal (Canada), had traveled to Miami to spend a few days vacation in Surfside (Miami-Dade) invited by her friend Michelle Pazos, a former fellow student at the University of Montreal. Both died in the collapse of the building.


Photo Getty Images

Among the fatalities of the collapse of the Champlain Towers South building in Miami, in addition to Americans, there are several Argentines, Cubans, Uruguayans, Colombians, Chileans, Venezuelans, Paraguayans and Israelis, among other nationalities.

County authorities acknowledge that, in this phase of body recovery, it has become increasingly difficult to identify the victims and that it relies heavily on the work of the coroner’s office and the scientific and technical analysis of the remains. . Filed Under: Building in Miami

Building in Miami: CLEAN ZONE

AP Photo

Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said in a statement today that the site of the building collapse “has been cleared for the most part” and debris moved to an area near the airport as evidence, while recovery teams “They continue to search with great care and diligence.”

But “in landslides like this it is very difficult to recover all the human remains,” added Levine Cava. The origin or causes of the collapse have not yet been identified, although there were several previous warnings of major structural damage to the 55-apartment residential tower.

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