Pablo Moctezuma, Frida Sofía’s father, reveals that Alejandra Guzmán was also sexually abused (VIDEO)



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  • Alejandra Guzmán spoke about the Frida Sofía scandal and it turned out worse
  • The Mexican singer claimed that both her daughter and Frida Sofía’s father physically assaulted her
  • Pablo Moctezuma, Frida Sofía’s father mercilessly exhibited a very strong secret of the singer

This Monday, Alejandra Guzmán offered an interview to the journalist Adela Micha where she spoke freely about why her daughter is making such strong accusations against her family and devastated and outraged, the Mexican singer said that the young woman is sick with the Border syndrome, that she was violent and that even Pablo Moctezuma, Frida Sofía’s father, had beaten her, that’s why they divorced.

All the statements made in Adela Micha’s show turned out counterproductive for the Mexican singer who said that it would be the last time she would talk about the subject, given the emotional wear and tear and the legal war that will  start given Frida Sofía’s statements to undertake legal action.

Alejandra Guzmán gave a strong interview to Adela Micha

Alejandra Guzmán gave an interview (IG)
Alejandra Guzmán gave an interview (IG)

Frida Sofía will give together with her team of lawyers and even her father Pablo Moctezuma, a press conference in which she will talk about who will be sued, although everything seems to indicate that it will be Enrique Guzmán who she accused of improper touching, and even Alejandra Guzmán for ‘put your hands in the fire’ for him.

However, the reactions to the interview of the Mexican rocker did not wait and now, Frida Sofía’s father, Pablo Moctezuma did not keep anything and very angry at what was declared by his ex, who accused him of hitting her, he took out his rags in the sun and exhibited the singer’s strongest secret.

Pablo Moctezuma, Frida Sofía’s father denied what Alejandra Guzmán said

Pablo Moctezuma, Frida Sofía's father (YouTube)
Pablo Moctezuma, Frida Sofía’s father (YouTube)

In an interview conducted by Gustavo Adolfo Infante’s program, with whom Frida Sofía uncovered the accusations against her grandfather Enrique Guzmán, the young woman’s father, spoke very loudly: “We know Alejandra who is a public figure who has not stopped having problems all her life with everyone and she has had 500 boyfriends ”, she began by saying.

But things got out of control, when Pablo Moctezuma gave an example of his marriage: “I have been married for 25 years to a great woman who all she has done is support Frida with her mother, the beatings are such a lie, because I have defended myself against her, because Alejandra is a person who takes a rompope and becomes the Cibernético (fighter), then she beats flight attendants, they have even taken her off planes, or trains, they have run her out of hotels, I think she just stabbed a person in Miami, stabbed a friend of mine who was her boyfriend … “, he ranted.

Alejandra Guzmán was accused of the worst by Pablo Moctezuma

Alejandra Guzmán assures that Frida Sofía's father beat her (IG)
Alejandra Guzmán assures that Frida Sofía’s father beat her (IG)

But Frida Sofía’s father was just beginning to uncover her clothes for Alejandra Guzmán: “I hoped that with this interview she would realize that her daughter needs her to apologize for what she has done, she believes that because he gave her a stroller, a department, he already helped her in life … this woman is wrong, she is out of reality, “he added.

Pablo Moctezuma denied that he had not seen Alejandra Guzmán in 29 years, because he went to see her in the hospital during one of his convalescence, he also revealed that he has visited him in New York, that he stayed at his home in Acapulco, in addition to He questioned whether it was a good measure to try to help Frida Sofía by putting her in a clinic to ‘cure’ her mentally.

Frida Sofía’s father did not keep anything

Frida Sofía with her father Pablo Moctezuma (IG)
Frida Sofía with her father Pablo Moctezuma (IG)

But the bomb exploded when exhibited that Alejandra Guzmán was sexually abused by someone in her family: “Until today I had a certain affection and respect for her, I did not want this to transcend, Alejandra is very poorly advised, we have 50 friends in common that she has hit, hit He has abused, but I am going to tell you the strongest thing, Alejandra told me something very strong and that is what gives me the most sadness of all… ”, he threatened.

And without further ado, Frida Sofía’s father released him: “She told me that she was abused, she was abused by someone close to her family, so that is not gossip, that Alejandra has not had the empathy that her daughter has declared something like that of her father and that he did not run to see her… ”, asserted Pablo Moctezuma but also said he did not know who was responsible for abusing her.

Alejandra Guzmán was more exhibited as a result of the interview with Adela Micha

Alejandra Guzmán in the eye of the hurricane (IG)
Alejandra Guzmán in the eye of the hurricane (IG)

But when asked if he really hit Alejandra Guzmán, Frida Sofía’s father said that he ‘responded’ to the singer’s physical attacks: “I defended myself against her, this woman has two beers and hits anyone, I am not a saint but I am not a batterer of women, my wife does not take any abuse, she is faultless… ”, he assured.

But he said that on the day of the lawsuit he had with Enrique Guzmán, Frida Sofía’s father was upset because Alejandra Guzmán was giving ribotril to the three-month-old little girl, while she was drunk and snatched it from her, so the singer He gave Pablo Moctezuma a ‘belt’ in the face and began the brawl, adding that his daughter has also never seen him badly or being unfaithful.

Frida Sofía’s father says he is sad about the things said by Alejandra Guzmán

Pablo Moctezuma exhibited more things about the Mexican singer (YouTube)
Pablo Moctezuma exhibited more things about the Mexican singer (YouTube)

For Pablo Moctezuma the statements of Alejandra Guzmán are unfortunate and it makes her sad because she says that people are going to destroy the singer because of the murky violent past she has with various men and threatened that there are many witnesses to the outbursts that the rocker has.

The businessman did not want to express to whom or to whom the lawsuit or demands that Frida Sofía will file are addressed, however he also commented that Alejandra Guzmán is jealous of him and his wife because she has never been able to have a stable family of her own.

People went to the jugular to the Mexican rocker

Sexually abused? (IG)
Sexually abused? (IG)

The comments in the video of the ‘De Primera Mano’ program were swift and destroyed the singer: “Alejandra despairs does not worry about abuse and rapes of her daughter, she worries and cries for her father”, “A suffering mother who He never spoke or asked for forgiveness for all the shit that he lived by his side, it must be hell to live with a drug addict and above all for him to put men in front of his daughter ”.

“That’s how Alejandra is, she’s already totally unbalanced by so much drugs”, “Jorge Reynoso said that Alejandra attacked him, hit him, scratched, bit, and showed his scars from how he left his arms (scars from years ago). It hits Alejandra! ”,“ I think Alejandra always says that she gave him an apartment, education and a car, but the best we can give our children is time, love, principles and values ​​”. HERE YOU CAN HEAR THE WORDS OF PABLO MOCTEZUMA

“She’s a beast,” Pablo Moctezuma described Alejandra Guzmán

Frida Sofía (IG)
Frida Sofía (IG)

“Don’t tell me that I hit her, because the day I met her she took her front teeth out, because she told me ‘my dad threw them at me’, he put a chin…. my dad ”, assured Frida Sofía’s father with outrage at the top, assuring that Alejandra Guzmán is ‘a beast’.

And Pablo Moctezuma said that Frida told him that Alejandra betrayed her with the ex-boyfriend and from there mother and daughter separated, he also assured that the singer was unfaithful many times and even with someone from her own family. The scandal escalated to new levels.

The singer cried with Adela Micha

Interview with the Mexican singer (IG)
Interview with the Mexican singer (IG)

“She has just turned 29 years old, and for two years, she has said things about me that are not true, that it has not been possible to verify, because how can you verify something that is not true,” said Alejandra Guzmán referring to the accusations of her daughter who had relations are her then boyfriend, Christian Estrada.

“But I cannot allow her to reach this level and that now she is against my father who supported her so much. My father has other granddaughters and other grandchildren and he has always loved us. Sometimes if he gave me a spanking because surely I did a lot, but the past is the past, “he said.

War between all members of Frida Sofía’s family is declared

Father Frida Sofía (IG)
Father Frida Sofía (IG)

The singer confessed that she called Frida Sofía on her birthday to tell her that she had not done anything and to give her an opportunity to speak: “I called him, I left him a very beautiful message, I told him to please come closer, my Mom has also asked her to come closer and she didn’t want to come closer ”.

Also, the singer recalled the occasion in which she was called from the Despierta América program, with Frida Sofía in the forum, insisting that she wants to deal with this problem without having cameras involved: “You have to do things where you should , that’s what the family is for. It is not fair that we are crucified. I forgive her because she is sick. It is not fair that so much weight is given to a person who is just beginning ”. Some images in this note come from this Y this videos

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