Out of work and now cleaning houses? Veneno Sandoval does whatever it takes to get attention (VIDEO)

Exaggerated and jobless? Carolina ‘La Veneno’ Sandoval appears doing the unthinkable Not sure what to do to get noticed anymo...

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  • Exaggerated and jobless? Carolina ‘La Veneno’ Sandoval appears doing the unthinkable
  • Not sure what to do to get noticed anymore? The former host of Suelta la Sopa is harshly criticized
  • When you can’t find a job, are you now cleaning houses?

Several weeks have passed since the abrupt departure of Carolina ‘La Veneno’ Sandoval from Suelta la Sopa and although the presenter said she no longer needed Telemundo or to the program, things seem to be different now.

To date, the former host has not found work in any other television station in the US or any other country, apparently living on her income from social networks or other businesses.

However, now on the page Instagram from Gossip No Like, a video was taken back where you can see Carolina Sandoval cleaning her house in an exaggerated way.

Everything is about a TikTok recording, however, it is speculated that La Veneno Sandoval no longer finds how to get attention so that they can send him to speak to a television station and hire her.

In the video you can see Carolina Sandoval in her living room with a muddy bodysuit, with transparencies on her breasts and legs, also with black heels.

Everything happens while La Veneno Sandoval dances wildly and cleans at the same time with green plastic gloves and some towels to disinfect the table.

“The driver Carolina Sandoval, better known as ‘poisonous’, continues to clean every corner of her house and she does not take it off even as a joke, she also holds a book with a subliminal message. Will it be directed to the company where you worked or to your former compadre? WHAT DO YOU THINK? ”, You can read in the description of the video.

The comments appeared for the controversial woman: “She blocked me just because I told her that if that was cleaning for her, poor lady”, “She needs an urgent psychiatrist”, “The ridiculousness in person”, “What some women do to attracting attention is demeaning “,” Poor thing what you have to do to earn money. Denigrating and acting like a clown. I should better look for work because people get fed up with so much nonsense ”.


Carolina La Veneno Sandoval cleaning house (Instagram)

Carolina La Veneno Sandoval cleaning house (Instagram)

Carolina ‘Veneno’ Sandoval does not stop with her occurrences on social networks since she was fired from the Suelta la Sopa program, and now they even call her ridiculous and vulgar to appear in a thong … they tell her that if her husband does not scold her for showing her butt.

This happened through his Instagram account @venenosandoval, which received a lot of attention from his followers.

Until the morning of this September 21, the photo had more than 31,700 reactions of likes and almost 450 comments, some were strong criticisms.

Image taken from Instagram @venenosandoval

In the image, the ex-host of Suelta la Sopa was harshly criticized for showing her enormous rear, clad in a black thong, while swimming in the pool.

In the publication, the Venezuelan presenter posted the following message: “And when the last Sunday of this particular summer is almost over… I remember that I had not shared one of my best days of # summer2020 with them. BY the way Do you like the hat? ”.

As you will remember, a few weeks ago Carolina ‘Veneno’ Sandoval was fired from the program and she did not take it very well.

She is a very controversial presenter, hence her posts on Instagram are highly questioned, some people celebrate her good attitude and others criticize her for teaching too much.

And it is that the Venezuelan has no shame in showing her attributes in a thong, bathing suit or bikini, which many people do not think is good.

On the next page, we will leave you with the controversial photograph that has caused a stir among the followers and haters of Carolina ‘Veneno’ Sandoval for showing her butt in a thong.

After showing her butt with a shocking thong, Carolina ‘Veneno’ Sandoval received comments of all kinds, from praise to criticism and that we will leave you next.

“My mother”, “tough”, “you are perfect without 90-60-90”, “Expensive, very nice photo. Blessed God that you enjoy with your family, God bless you always Carolina, you are unique, and God will reward your effort, because everything you do requires hard work, it is not easy, but continue, continue in the end the victory is yours ”.

‘Spank me God ”,“ great body! the one that can, can… and the one that is not limited to criticizing ”,“ hello pretty lady puts on her best face ”,“ pretty, greetings from Venezuela for all your family, I follow you and I love you. God bless you ”,“ regal, wonderful ”, some people wrote to him.

But not everything was rosy for her, since on the next page we will leave you some of the strongest criticisms she received for showing her rear guard from the pool without any shame, so get ready to read everything they said.

Image taken from Instagram @venenosandoval

After showing her butt without shame, the ex-host of Suelta la Sopa, Carolina ‘Veneno’ Sandoval received several negative comments about her figure.

Immediately the questions about this type of exhibition began and someone asked him: “How is it possible that you take that type of photos when you have girls in the family?

“She loves to show her buttocks … and she teaches them more than her face, she has no respect at all”, “poor thing”, “well, dear, he forgot about journalism”, “it is a great pity for self-conscious women and without self-esteem, that’s why they live criticizing, ”more haters told him.

Other followers commented: “How horrible”, “that’s what you have to offer … to be called filthy … and your husband does not care and your daughters. What a shame… And your poor mother ”,“ go to the gym to tighten up your ass… ”,“ the floating toad ”,“ Is a bikini exhibitionism? With good reason or public photos of you, the complexes have you sick.

“Disgust the caraocas come out there”, “As if he had such a nice butt…. What she has to do to attract attention, she better get to work and stop so much clowning and stop showing her meats, and she only needs to sell food, “more Internet users told her.

But one of them asked: “Hey Carolina and your husband, what do you think that you go out showing your butt to all your Instagram followers and your teenage daughter doesn’t feel sorry for her friends to see her mommy’s butt on Instagram?

Image taken from Mezcalent


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