On her knees she asks her boyfriend to return after meeting him with another (VIDEO)

A young woman asks her boyfriend on her knees to return after seeing him with another woman This happened in a market in Peru Supposedly ...

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  • A young woman asks her boyfriend on her knees to return after seeing him with another woman
  • This happened in a market in Peru
  • Supposedly she had been separated from her ex for a short time, and it did not seem to her that she was with another woman so soon

According to a report on the portal of SPDnewsThrough social networks, a video is circulating on Twitter that has already gone viral since you can see how a young woman asks her ex-boyfriend for her knees to return.

This event occurred in Peru, more specifically in a market in that country where several people saw the humiliating act of the young woman and it was even recorded.

In the video it can be seen that a young woman discovers her ex-partner who was walking with another woman, when suddenly the young woman goes against the other woman, throwing blows at her and the ex-boyfriend.

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“I thought you loved me, I thought you did,” says the upset young woman to the ex-boyfriend.

Supposedly the possible reason why the young woman was upset like that was because they had been separated for a short time and she did not like that her ex-boyfriend was with another woman so soon.

“That’s what you wanted, that’s why you asked me for time, you’re an idio …”, he yells at his ex.

Already upset, the young woman throws herself against the young man who was her ex-boyfriend to hit him, causing the woman who accompanied the man to get in to separate them.

The ex-boyfriend immediately lets go and tries to leave the scene with his other partner, but the ex-girlfriend clings to him, hugs him and then kneels down and begs him to come back.


Twitter kneeling boyfriend. The humiliating act of the young woman apparently would not end quickly since she went after the young man while he tried to run away from her, but she became more enraged when the other woman gets in and tells him that she has already put an end to the relationship they had Young.

Causing the altered woman to follow them for several meters without caring that several people were observing that humiliation and even recording.

There is even a scene where the young woman hugs the ex-boyfriend and kisses him on the mouth, but she was wearing a mask and immediately the other woman appeared to try to remove the already desperate young woman.

It is unknown how this act ended since in the published video the transmission is cut when the young woman was after her ex-boyfriend.

The video has gone viral on social networks since these situations are rarely seen in the world and the few cases that have been appreciated have been of men begging and not vice versa.

This humiliating and funny scene can also be seen through the Twitter account of @new who was the one who posted the video.

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Twitter kneeling boyfriend. Today social networks are fundamental in the daily life of a person, this time we present the B side of social networks, specifically Twitter, where you will have the option to create networks with other accounts to grow your business or relate with other professionals in your area.

There is certain information that you should know before opening an account on this platform, and that is that creating a professional image is a very delicate subject, of which you do not want to miss a single detail; These are the tips to use Twitter professionally and achieve success in 140 characters.

Don’t talk about your personal life

One of the main guidelines for creating a serious profile is to separate your personal life from your professional one, regardless of the field in which you work. Unless you are a celebrity, twitter should only be used for connection and information generation purposes, as well as to share the most relevant news of the professional area in which you work. Remember not to talk about our personal life in a professional account as it distorts the image we want to give.

No matter what you do, the most important thing is to create cordial ties with the virtual friends you have in this application. Generally, twitter is used as a space to share all kinds of information, and it is not uncommon to find polarized opinions about a particular topic, but it is also true that there are many people behind the computer who are dedicated to provoking controversies and fueling conversations that they don’t lead to anything productive. Staying out of these provocations will give your account more seriousness and, therefore, generate more trust in your followers.

Interact often

Twitter is a platform that demands a serious but constant presence. Don’t let more than a day go by to publish, as this will keep you on the radar of users and it will be easier for them to gradually identify you.

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Choose a professional photo

Twitter kneeling boyfriend. The photo you choose will tell a lot about your account; Make sure it is a serious and professional photograph: do not have as a profile photo one that is already many years old or that shows you in uncomfortable situations, such as having a drink in hand, or smoking. It is true that everyone is free to express their personality and tastes, but for business connection purposes, perhaps this would not be the best idea.

Take care of the spelling and writing

The way you write says a lot about you as a professional. Make sure that your writing is correct, without spelling mistakes and with the appropriate punctuation marks to convey in the best way all the ideas you want to communicate; do not allow writing to be a distraction or a source of criticism towards your profile, but rather to be your main communication tool.

Avoid controversy

Do not get into controversy and avoid political issues that could offend more than one of your followers, since that is what personal accounts exist for. Do not get hooked on discussions that will not make you grow as a human and professional being, and do not forget that behind the screen we are all human beings who can have different opinions about the same topic.


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