First possible case of Omicron variant in Mexico

The first possible case of the Omicron variant in Mexico is being investigated. The federal government said they will carry out sequencin...

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  • The first possible case of the Omicron variant in Mexico is being investigated.
  • The federal government said they will carry out sequencing to identify the variant.
  • “We can guarantee that omicron will end up being one of the predominant variants in the world,” said the Ministry of Health.

So far, the first positive case of the Omicron variant in Mexico has not been confirmed. The Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (InDRE) has been instructed to randomly analyze coronavirus samples to identify the new strain, federal sources indicated.

On social media, InDRE staff announced that the first suspected case with this variant is being studied. Federal sources said that it cannot be confirmed yet but emphasized that sequencing is being performed to identify not only this variant but others as well.

Will the Omicron variant hit Mexico?

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On November 26, before Omicron was widely recognized, the Ministry of Health reported that it updated the genomic surveillance protocols for the intentional search of the said variant. “If necessary, the sanitary measures taken will be guided by the available scientific evidence,” he added.

Undersecretary of Health Hugo López-Gatell pointed out on November 30 that the new variant would arrive in the country, like what happened with Delta, and said that it has not been proven that it has greater transmissibility, the agency reported, El Universal reported.

Are vaccines effective against this variant?

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“We can guarantee that Omicron will end up being one of the predominant variables in the world. Of course, it can include Mexico, let’s assume it will, just as it will reach other countries. It has not been shown to be more virulent or to cause more serious disease, so the effectiveness of vaccines is still valid,” the Undersecretary assured the public.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) suspended the orders to make transparent all information on the receipt of batches, application, and current status of anti-COVID-19 vaccines under the argument of risk to national security. The suspension was granted to the Executive, who challenged a resolution issued by the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data, and will remain in force until the case is resolved in court in 2022.

What about vaccines in Mexico?

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In its resolution, the SCJN must define whether or not the dissemination of information endangers the interests of the country. “Suspension of the appealed resolution is granted for the effect that as long as this high court does not resolve the merits of the matter, the resolution issued by the guarantor body in file RRA 11144/21 is not complied with or enforced, as to disclose the information whose publication, in the opinion of the appellant, endangers national security,” the Court’s agreement states.

The case started from the request of a citizen about the batches of vaccines received by each pharmacist in Mexico, asking “where they were applied, specifying the numbers, how many doses each batch has, where they were administered, if they were already administered, as well as in what warehouse and state are those that still have not been administered.” In this regard, the Legal Counsel of the Federal Executive presented an appeal for review in matters of national security.

Mexico will reverse course and give booster doses against COVID-19

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Mexican officials have reversed their previous position against administering booster vaccines against coronavirus. They said on Tuesday that they are studying a plan to administer third doses to people over 60, the Associated Press reported.

The announcement came as Mexico approaches 450,000 deaths from COVID-19. The country has fully vaccinated only about 50% of its 126 million people. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that the plans for the reinforcements are still being drawn up, but he emphasized: “It won’t be long, we have the vaccines.”

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