Olga Calderón was stabbed to death at her job in Chicago

Murdered Hispanic mother: Olga Calderón, a mother of two, was stabbed to death when a man tried to rob the Walgreens pharmacy where she w...

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Foto: Cortesía de la Familia Calderón.
  • Murdered Hispanic mother: Olga Calderón, a mother of two, was stabbed to death when a man tried to rob the Walgreens pharmacy where she worked in Chicago.
  • Sincere Williams, 18, is the girl’s alleged murderer and is already in custody.
  • “This is extremely tragic, she was just a young woman doing her best to raise her children,” said Detective Brendan Deenihan of the Chicago Police Department.

Olga Calderón, a mother of a family, was stabbed to death in the middle of a robbery at a pharmacy in Chicago, Illinois.

Calderón, 32, was attacked while covering her shift at a pharmacy Walgreens from the Wicker Park neighborhood in the eastern Chicago metropolitan area.

He Chicago Police Department (CPD) arrested the young Sincere Williams, 18, for being the alleged perpetrator of the attack on hispanic mother of two children.

Williams faces the charge of first degree murder in a crime that has rocked the Hispanic community in Chicago for the viciousness with which, according to the authorities, it was committed.

The brutality of the attack against Calderón was such that even Commander Eric Winstrom, from District 5 of the CPD, held a press conference on Tuesday, September 8 to give details of the event.

According to Winstrom, Calderón covered his shift at the Walgreens pharmacy located at 1372 North Milwaukee Avenue routinely stocking merchandise on the shelves.

At 9:36 in the morning, a young man armed with a knife suddenly entered the store and, without saying a word, ran over to Calderón who could not even defend himself as the attack took her by surprise.

According to the authorities, the man who attacked Calderón had the intention of robbing the store, and he shouted for money, but for some reason he did not steal anything and only stabbed the woman several times.

After his attack, the man ran out of the store while Calderón cried out for help in a corridor. Everything happened in less than a minute, according to CPD authorities.

Olga María Calderón, 32, was the mother of an 11-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy, and according to her family she was a woman devoted to her loved ones. (Photo: Courtesy of the Calderón Family)

Despite being in a state of shock, Calderón’s colleagues at the Walgreens called the CPD emergency number to report the crime and request an ambulance for the girl.

However, when the first patrols arrived at the scene of the incident, they could no longer do anything for the girl and she was pronounced dead at the scene due to her stab wounds.

Indignation and pain seized the Hispanic community in Chicago, which demanded that the authorities solve the crime and capture the alleged perpetrator.

Commander Winstrom acknowledged to the media at his press conference that the Walgreens store in which the girl died had been the target of several violent robberies previously.

Sincere Williams, 18, is accused of stabbing Calderón to death. (Photo: Chicago Police Department)

The security cameras of the Walgreens pharmacy were the tool that allowed the authorities to find the alleged perpetrator of the murder.

According to detective Brendan Deenihan, from the CPD Homicide Division, in addition to the images of the alleged attacker, a trace of the victim’s blood that remained on the alleged murderer’s clothes allowed them to track him down.

Sincere Williams was arrested on Monday, September 7, 2020 and charged with first degree murder against Olga Calderón.

Detective Deenihan explained that the CPD patrols in the Wickper Park area were already looking for Williams for being the alleged person responsible for other violent robberies of various businesses.

“This is extremely tragic, she was just a young woman doing her best to raise her children and now she will never be able to go home with them,” Detective Deenihan said about the feeling that the case produced.

According to Deenihan, when Olga Calderón was working, Williams took it hard and she, puzzled, pushed him trying to get away.

Then the attacker shouted at her for the money while stabbing her several times. The attack was so brutal that Williams himself injured himself in the hand while holding the victim.

After the attack, Williams dumped his bloody shirt in a nearby lot next to the knife from the attack and went to the Northwestern Hospital to take care of the injury that he had just produced.

Upon arrival at the Williams hospital, he was unable to clearly explain to doctors how he had been injured and hospital staff called authorities to report him.

Then, based on the evidence from the pharmacy’s security cameras, the agents were able to link him to the death of Olga Calderón.

According to Andrea Calderón, her sister was a “special girl … the best mother, a devoted companion, a dedicated daughter and a great sister” as the girl wrote in the account. Paying Tribute to Olga María Calderón (Giving Tribute to Olga María Calderon) from Go Fund Me to help pay for funeral expenses.

“Her existence was dedicated to her family… if they had known her they would have had the privilege of listening to her talk about her 11-year-old daughter and her 3-year-old son… even since she was a child she took care of us all, she always put her loved ones before that everything, before herself ”, Andrea recalls about her sister.

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