Oklahoma: 262 suspects arrested and 5 children rescued during raid

The United States Marshals Service conducted a raid in Oklahoma where they arrested 262 suspects Among those arrested is a Hispanic leade...

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  • The United States Marshals Service conducted a raid in Oklahoma where they arrested 262 suspects
  • Among those arrested is a Hispanic leader of the Sureños gang
  • During the operation they rescued 5 children who were missing

The United States Marshals Service carried out a mass arrest of more than 260 suspects, including 141 gang members, and the rescue of five missing children in Oklahoma, according to authorities.

The so-called “Operation Triple Beam” achieved the arrest of 262 people in a span of two months.

Among those detained are six murder suspects and others wanted for assault, robbery, weapons crimes and drug crimes, KFOR reported.

Oklahoma raid: sheriffs arrest 262 suspects

Photo: Twitter.

He Marshals Service It also reported through a press release that during the operation they rescued five children who had been reported missing. The New York Post.

Likewise, 72 firearms, more than 9 kilos of drugs and almost 17 thousand dollars in cash were recovered.

The operation, which culminated on September 6, was part of a crackdown on violent crime in and around Oklahoma City, according to KFOR.

Among those arrested is Hispanic Pablo Robledo, a known member of the Sureñosl Robledo gang was arrested on July 31 after fleeing the Oklahoma County Detention Center while awaiting trial on murder charges.

Dkwon Littlejohn, a member of the Rollin ’60s Crip gang, was arrested July 27 on charges of stealing a car belonging to a special agent with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and stealing the agent’s service weapon.

Chasady and Charles Hall, both members of the Dungee Crip gang, are charged with kidnapping their children, who were in the custody of the state Department of Human Services. The couple were arrested on August 12 in Midwest City.

“Our primary objective with operations like ‘Operation Triple Beam’ is to make communities increasingly safe,” the Marshals said in a statement.

“When we arrest these violent fugitives, we are also taking guns and narcotics off our streets. We believe these efforts have an immediate positive impact on the communities we serve. “

Oklahoma raid: sheriffs arrest 262 suspects

Photo: Twitter.

ICE confirms raid where 77 immigrants fell in Georgia and the Carolinas

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE) confirmed last Friday, September 4, the arrest of 77 undocumented immigrants in a raid in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, as part of a national operation that took place between July and August, the Efe news agency reported.

According to ICE, cited by Efe, 98 percent of the detainees have a criminal record or face charges for crimes such as assault, sexual exploitation of a minor, domestic violence, extortion or kidnapping, among others.

“This operation focused on identifying and deporting aliens who have committed crimes against people and who pose a serious threat to our community,” said Thomas Giles, director of the ICE regional office in Atlanta, whose jurisdiction also includes South Carolina. and North Carolina, Efe pointed out.

Among those arrested is the Guatemalan Juan Cabrera Vail, 39, who was arrested in May last year by police officers from the city of Chamblee, Georgia, after illegally entering the home of his ex-partner and attacking her. and his niece with a machete.

Efe detailed that Cabrera faces charges of aggravated assault, home invasion and for making terrorist threats, according to ICE.

Richardson Mercivalle, a 27-year-old Haitian who had been found guilty of sexual assault in Wayne County, North Carolina, was also arrested in the operation for attempting to strangle a nurse’s aide at a local hospital in May. 2018, authorities said.

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Giles said a third of the 77 arrests were made in Georgia, and that the raid took place between July 13 and August 20.

Immigration authorities reported that more than 2,000 undocumented immigrants, the majority with criminal records, were arrested during the operation carried out in several cities in the country, including Los Angeles, where more than 300 were captured.

The ICE raid was also carried out in Texas, where 125 immigrants fell.

ICE arrested 125 people in Central and South Texas during the latest operations targeting immigrants with criminal records.

Targets included those with arrests or convictions for assault, domestic violence, and other crimes involving victims.

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