Ohio home fire: Five dead, including three children, and four injured

A family tragedy has occurred after a house fire in Ohio. At least five people, including three children, died in a house fire in Ohio. A...

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  • A family tragedy has occurred after a house fire in Ohio.
  • At least five people, including three children, died in a house fire in Ohio.
  • Authorities confirmed that four other people were injured and taken to a hospital.

A fire that broke out in the early hours of Monday, September 13, in a house in Ohio, killed five people, including three children, and injured four others who are already receiving medical treatment.





Firefighters arrived at the scene of the tragedy on 100 Linden Avenue, North Hill neighborhood, in Akron, Ohio, just before 1:00 a.m. on Monday and found relatives and neighbors trying to remove members of the house where the fire occurred, the newspaper The Sun reported.

Tragic house fire in Ohio

house fire

The Akron Fire Department confirmed that five people died and four others were taken to hospitals. Quoting forensic doctors, the daily Fox 8 He explained that of the five who died, three were children and two were adults, but their identities have not yet been published.

According to The Sun report, the children are believed to be of elementary, middle and high school ages. In turn, he said that the health status of the people who were hospitalized has not yet been confirmed.

Three children and two adults have died in the fire at home in Ohio

house fire

In statements to News5, Fire Lt. Sierjie Lash indicated that the residence was “completely” engulfed in flames, there was some damage to nearby houses and although the fire was controlled promptly, “unfortunately” there were “tragedies.”

A neighbor identified as Jean Hudson told News5 that she could hear the screams from her home and immediately called 911: “My bedroom window was open and I heard screaming, I looked out the window and saw the flames, I ran into the living room to be there and I called 911… I yelled at my children to get out of the house ”.

They share a photo of four of the five killed in a home fire in Ohio

house fire
Four of those killed in the fire. Photo courtesy of a family member for News5 Cleveland

News5 reported that one of its reporters managed to speak with a family member of the victims who drove from Columbus after hearing the tragic news. Although the newspaper did not specify the name, the relative identified himself as the son of one of the deceased adults.

The relative told News 5 that his father, stepmother and two sisters were among those killed in the fire at the Ohio home. In turn, he showed on his cell phone the photograph of the members of his family who died at dawn this Monday.

Cause of the fire is still being investigated

house fire

Later, Mark Williamson, a spokesman for Akron Public Schools, mentioned that the children who died in the house fire in Ohio were students at Legget Elementary, Jennings Middle School and North High School.

The Fox 8 newspaper did specify in its report that the deceased minors were 5, 11 and 16 years old. He also noted that the neighbors affirmed that all those who lived in that house were related. So far, investigators are trying to determine how the tragic fire broke out at that home in Ohio.

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