Octavio Ocaña’s accuses police of the ‘unthinkable’ and claims the gun was registered (PHOTO)

Octavio Ocaña’s father states that his son did know how to use a weapon. He does not believe anything in the version of events rele...

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  • Octavio Ocaña’s father states that his son did know how to use a weapon.
  • He does not believe anything in the version of events released by the Attorney General of the State of Mexico.
  • He states that the police “got into a very serious situation” and that no one is going to shut him up.

It is claimed that he did know how to use the gun. Late actor Octavio Ocaña’s father told the media that his son did know how to use the weapon, and that he was the one who taught him to protect himself. Octavio Pérez insists that the version of events released by the Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Mexico is wrong and that they were only “doing pendej%$#.”

The tragic death of 22-year-old actor, Octavio Ocaña, who was known for his role as ‘Benito Rivers’ in the Mexican comedy series “Vecinos”, was announced at the end of October. His death resulted from a car accident that resulted in Ocaña being shot in the head.

Octavio Ocaña’s father insists that the actor did know how to use a weapon

Octavio Ocaña's father assures that the actor did know how to use a weapon
PHOTO: Instagram

According to the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico’s report, the actor shot himself with his own firearm at the time of impact. They believe the crash caused the weapon he was holding to discharge, hitting him in the head.

His relatives refuse to believe this version of events. Especially his father, Mr. Octavio Pérez, who insists that this theory is a complete lie. According to Pérez, it was he himself who taught the actor to use a weapon. He says of the report, “it is not true and they are just doing pendej#$%.”

“He didn’t shoot himself, they shot him,” says Octavio Ocaña’s father

"He didn't shoot, they shot him", states that Octavio Ocaña's father that the actor did know how to use weapons
PHOTO: Instagram

The newspaper El Universal released an interview that Octavio Ocaña’s father gave to journalist Ciro Gómez Leyva. He reiterated that the version released by the State of Mexico Prosecutor’s Office was not true, insisting that the 22-year-old actor, known for his role as ‘Benito Rivers’, had been murdered by the Cuautitlán Izcalli police. “They’re saying bull#@$%, he didn’t shoot himself, they killed him.”

After these harsh statements, the businessman stated that his son knew how to use a weapon, and that it was impossible for him to have fired the gun and ended his life. He again stated that the weapon Ocaña was carrying was his and that, unlike what the prosecution says, it was legally registered. “My son knows how to use weapons, I taught him, it’s that simple,” he said.

Octavio Ocaña’s father attests that the bullet that killed his son did not come from his weapon. Where did it come from?

Octavio Ocaña's father claims that the bullet that killed his son did not come from his weapon
PHOTO: Instagram

In another interview, businessman Octavio Pérez stated that his son carried this weapon for protection, because of upheaval in his country. However, he said he never brought a live cartridge, commenting that the bullet that killed the actor was .380mm, which he claims was fired from outside the vehicle.

After arguing that the bullet that killed his son did not match the weapon actor Octavio Ocaña carried, the businessman claimed that his son was still alive after the accident and that police had left him to die. He added that, “now it will be his turn to laugh at them.” Do you want to know what else he said? Continue reading.

“They let him die,” Octavio Ocaña’s father states that his son did know how to use the weapon he was carrying and that it was even registered

"They let him die"Octavio Ocaña's father affirms that his son did know how to use the weapon he was carrying and that it was even registered
PHOTO: Instagram

While confirming that the weapon belonged to Octavio Ocaña and that it was registered, the actor’s father also said that the police let his son die. He also said, now it is his turn to be on the other side. “My son was alive, they let him die, they just stared at him blindly, but now I’m going to laugh at them now, now it’s my turn” he said.

According to information released by El Universal, it was reported that the ambulance took several minutes to arrive at the scene of the accident. That includes 13 minutes to arrive at the site and another 15 more taking the actor to the hospital. Many claim avoiding this delay could have prevented the 22-year-old actor’s death.

“They’re in big trouble”, threatens Octavio’s father

"They got into big trouble"Octavio Ocaña's father affirms that he will not rest until he finds the truth
PHOTO: Instagram

In addition to insisting that his son did know how to use a weapon and that the State of Mexico’s Prosecutor’s Office was wrong, Octavio Ocaña’s father went on to say that the friends who were in the car with his son were tortured while in police custody. He also said they were forced to sign various documents confirming the police’s version of events.

Peréz says he is not willing to keep quiet. The man forcefully insists that, “they will have to kill him,” to stop him from finding out what really happened to his son. “They are stupid %&, it will not be like that. It will never be like that, they’ll have to kill me first. I am not just any ass$%#, nor any idiot, they got into a big pile of $%#@, so I tell you, and I’ll hunt you down with everything I’ve got,” said Octavio Ocaña’s father, who is determined not to back down.

There are bullet holes! New video raises suspicions about police involvement in Octavio Ocaña’s death (VIDEO)

PHOTO: Mezcalent

Before his father came out to confirm that actor Octavio Ocaña did know how to use a firearm, on November 3 it was announced that Octavio Ocaña’s truck had at least 4 bullet holes. Does this confirm that the police were to blame for the actor’s death? Some images that the show ‘Gossip live‘ released would suggest that the officers “terrorized” the fleeing actor.

Only a few days after he was buried even more theories about his death continue to emerge. Octavio Ocaña’s name remains on everyone’s lips because of his tragic death at just 22 years of age and at the peak of his career as ‘Benito’ in the Mexican series Vecinos. However, although the Prosecutor’s Office gave the official and final report on his death, videos and images continue to come out that raise more questions than answers.

Octavio’s vehicle was hit with at least 4 bullets while he was inside

VIDEO: YouTube

Through a series of videos, Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani revealed to the ‘Chisme en Vivo’ audience, that the policemen who were chasing Octavio Ocaña’s car did fire at him several times. Does that prove that the agents are to blame for the actor’s death?

According to an official report from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the actor was fleeing from the police because he apparently had alcoholic beverages in the vehicle. He was also reported to be impaired, but does that justify him being shot several times? The images are shocking.

The vehicle was left with bullet holes on both sides of the rear end

VIDEO: YouTube

They are not supposed to shoot a person before arresting them, unless that person is armed, as Octavio Ocaña was presumed to be. However, the police officers could be in serious trouble based on these new images and videos confirming that they shot at the actor’s car several times.

First you can see a policeman was sitting outside the window of the patrol car with his hand outstretched. Apparently he was the one who fired at Octavio Ocaña’s vehicle. Later, when the crane takes the vehicle three bullet holes can be seen on the left lower part and one on the right side. Were they trying to shoot at the tires to make the car stop?

Did plainclothes police officers return to crime scene?

PHOTO: Instagram

Two days after the actor’s death, a video turned up showing alleged ‘policemen dressed as civilians’ in the spot where Octavio Ocaña’s car ended up crashing. People commented on the video asking if they returned to the scene of the actor’s death. And if so, why?

“It means that although the police have already closed the case by completing their report, someone is investigating… is it the police by orders of the Governor? Or could it be just civilians, which I don’t believe because the time is very short, maybe it is Mr. Octavio Pérez, Octavo’s father,” says Elisa Beristain about the pictures.

Octavio Ocaña’s vehicle, who has it?

VIDEO: YouTube

Octavio Ocaña’s car is another mysterious piece of the puzzle, since it is not known if authorities are holding it for further investigation or if it has been returned to the actor’s family. Ocaña has already been buried and even the President of México himself got involved in determining the details of his death. He sent an order to the Secretary of the Interior for further inquiries.

However, these clues add to the theory that Mhoni Vidente had that she spoke of recently. She believes that someone close to Octavio Ocaña betrayed him and apparently ‘put’ him in a situation that would cause his death inside his van… could that turn out to be true?


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