Unexpected conversation! ‘Help’ messages from Octavio Ocaña’s companion before the actor’s death (VIDEO)

More ‘clues’ continue to emerge in the case of Octavio Ocaña’s death. The Vecinos actor was fleeing from the police bec...

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  • More ‘clues’ continue to emerge in the case of Octavio Ocaña’s death.
  • The Vecinos actor was fleeing from the police because they were shooting at him.
  • Some text messages from one of his companions were leaked and tell ‘the truth’.

A week after the tragic death of actor Octavio Ocaña, some text messages that a friend of ‘Benito’ from Vecinos and one of his companions at the time of the pursuit, sent to another person while they were fleeing from the police, were leaked. The program ‘Gossip no like‘ that released the information.

In a chat between Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain with Fernando Carmona, called ‘the Defender of Truth’, it is revealed what one of Octavio Ocaña’s companions wrote to another friend at the time the policemen were apparently chasing them and shooting at them.

Has the truth about what the police did to Octavio Ocaña and his companions been uncovered?

Gossip does not like shows text messages Octavio Ocaña
Instagram: Gossip no Like

“My son, I have information about Octavio Ocaña and the truth… I have videos, audios and more, I am a friend of the two companions, I received messages… see those are the messages that one of the companions sent me…”, you can see in a conversation sent to the ‘Defender of the Truth’.

According to Javier Ceriani, Octavio Ocaña’s cell phone is still in the hands of the police and as a result of the scandal that has been unfolding with the actor’s death, it’s the police who are leaking videos of him doing drugs and shooting guns.

The conversations while the actor and his companions fled from the police

Messages that reached Gossip no Like

“What we are going to present exclusively is: a text conversation that took place while they were being chased by the police, one of Octavio’s friends. He was with Johnny, who we no know is the name of the other person, and Octavio. There were three, one of them started texting a friend to tell them what was really happening…” says Javier Ceriani.

According to the anonymous ‘friend’ who sent the messages, the version that they wanted to steal the van from the 22-year-old actor was false, since he sent a screenshot of a video where he writes: “See, those are the messages that one of the companions sent… I am a friend and Octavio was with my other friends,” you can read.

They were asking one of their friends for help while the police shot at them

Octavio Ocaña images

“I’m with Johnny and Octavio, we didn’t do anything, we’ve only been drinking chela, what do we do, they are shooting at us.” This s what one of the actor’s companions writes at the time of the police pursuit and makes it clear that authorities were intimidating them… hence the bullet holes that wound up riddling the car.

Meanwhile, the other friend who was receiving the texts, shocked writes: “Sh… call me, what did you do…? Are you okay? Tell Octavio to stop the car and get off and go somewhere and don’t go out… Take video, photos, everything you can…”

The dramatic way the distress message ends

Text messages

After the friend received the messages, one of Octavio Ocaña’s companions writes: “It’s over… it’s over… Come, dude.” This was apparently when he saw that the actor was injured and they were going to arrest them. This caused the person who leaked the conversation to become hysterical, as he wrote:

“Answer, what happened? What do you have on you? You don’t have anything, you were just drinking, man, answer me,” and that’s where everything ends. The messages were sent after 4:30 pm on Friday, October 29, when the whole tragedy happened, and confirm that the police was shooting at Octavio Ocaña’s vehicle.

Not only did they leak video of the messages of one of the actor’s companions, but also the controversial video of him taking drugs?

Octavio Ocaña texting

The case of Octavio Ocaña is far from over, now that the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador will intervene in response to the request for justice from the actor’s father. This comes after the official opinion of the Prosecutor’s Office, in which it was claimed that he was accidentally shot while fleeing from the police because he was driving in an impaired state. Now a video would complicate the ‘justice’ that his loved ones demand so much… Octavio Ocaña on drugs?

Benito Rivers touched thousands of hearts on ‘Neighbors’ so the tragedy of his death was immense. Days after everyone asked for justice to clarify the case, which was apparently ‘manipulated’ by the police of the State of Mexico, a video ‘would make actor Octavio Ocaña look bad.’ HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF THE TEXT MESSAGES OF OCTAVIO OCAÑA’S COMPANION

Did he use drugs? Octavio Ocaña is exposed in an unexpected video

Octavio Ocaña drugs
Instagram: Shanik Berman

Entertainment journalist Shanik Berman, as well as various media outlets such as SDP Noticias and El Imparcial, released the video in which Octavio Ocaña consumes drugs, specifically cocaine, while a friend records it and he turns around in surprise upon realizing he is being videoed.

Does his girlfriend also appear in the video? Apparently, at the time of that recording, the 22-year-old actor was accompanied by friends and a girl can be seen in the front seat of the car who could well be his girlfriend. However, everything changes when Octavio Ocaña reacts when he sees that his friend is recording him getting high.

Friend records Octavio Ocaña with drugs

Drugs Octavio Ocaña

Just when Mhoni Vidente asserted that in the coming days a friend would be found responsible for the death of Octavio Ocaña, the unexpected video of the young man consuming drugs on top of a car surrounded by people,where he appears inhaling a line of cocaine from the screen of a phone, is leaked.

“This video of Octavio Ocaña that circulates on media, complicates everything…”, journalist Shanik Berman is heard saying when she presents the images of the actor using cocaine and saying ‘Sh… ah son of a b… ” When he realizes that he is being recorded using drugs.

“Is it good?” His friend asks Octavio Ocaña when he catches him using cocaine

The actor was recorded by a friend

Apparently the video of Octavio Ocaña with drugs is recent, because you can clearly see how he turns to the camera and looks similar to how he did recently during promotion for the current season of Neighbors that premiered in early 2021. This, without doubt, would complicate the investigations?

“Is it good?” the ‘friend’ of the 22-year-old actor who is recording, is heard saying. Octavio Ocaña laughs in surprise but makes him turn the cell phone so that he does not continue recording… Could this video change things? What it’s done so far is spark debate among people…

The controversial images unleash a debate about what the actor appears to be doing

Octavio Ocaña used drugs

In journalist Shanik Berman’s video, people express their opinions and continue to defend actor Octavio Ocaña: “Why are you going to complicate it? No one who uses substances has the right to take anyone’s life,” “I think exposing a deceased person is not cool, regardless of what he got into, he did not deserve such a death.” “And how is this going to complicate the fact that they killed him?”

“Now if the young man liked to try these kinds of substances or not, what then? It is being judged THAT THEY KILLED HIM (There are artists who consume them and drink alcohol)”, “Number one: that is what any of those who are astonished also do on the weekend. Number two: whether or not he consumes what has that to do with his murder?”, “It has nothing to do with this! That does not justify that they killed him!! So why do you spread it, if you think it will harm him?” People commented furiously. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO ON SHANIK BERMAN’S INSTAGRAM / HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO ON TWITTER

Was Octavio Ocaña on drugs? A video ‘makes him look bad’

Neighbors actor's girlfriend

After a tragic and unexpected death, the results of the toxicology test performed on the body of Mexican actor Octavio Ocaña, who played ‘Benito’ in the television series ‘Vecinos’, are revealed and the many people’s suspicions are confirmed.

Octavio Ocaña, 22, died of a gunshot to the head after a manhunt by the Municipal Police of Cuautitlán Izcalli, in the state of Mexico. Various versions of how the events occurred are still circulating, but journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante recently revealed one more piece of the puzzle.

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