Octavio Ocaña is said to have picked someone up before he died (VIDEO)

Octavio Ocaña is said to have picked someone up before he died. The case of Octavio Ocaña reignites with a new video. The tragedy has gon...

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  • Octavio Ocaña is said to have picked someone up before he died.
  • The case of Octavio Ocaña reignites with a new video.
  • The tragedy has gone on for more than a week without a clear answer as to what happened to him.

A new video shows that Octavio Ocaña may have picked someone up before his death. Actor Octavio Ocaña himself fired the bullet that killed him inside the vehicle he was driving when he was chased by police from the Cuautitlán Izcalli municipality on Friday afternoon, according to the official report.

The report from the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico experts, has been highly debated in recent days for its inconsistencies and because of Octavio Ocaña’s father’s claims. He says there is a lot of corruption among the Cuautitlán Izcalli authorities involved in his son’s arrest and subsequent death.

Official version of Octavio Ocaña’s death is called into question by videos

Official version of the death of Octavio Ocaña is fought by videos

“As a result of the car crashing, Octavio Ocaña accidentally shot himself with the firearm that he had in his right hand, the bullet hit him in the head and due to this injury he lost his life,” reported the FGJ, according to Reforma Agency. However, multiple videos released after the incident have cast doubt on the official version.

Benito’s portrayer on the Vecinos (Neighbors) tv show, who died on the way to the hospital, was drunk according to the toxicology report, which also detected cannabis use. According to the testimony of one of Ocaña’s two companions in the vehicle, they were driving through Cuautitlán Izcalli, when municipal police stopped them.

Octavio Ocaña: Did he pick someone up before his death? New video comes to light

Octavio Ocaña Did you pick up someone before his death? New video comes to light

The actor sped up to avoid being detained, which led to a chase that ended at the Chamapa-Lechería Highway, reports Agencia Reforma. During the flight, the subject said, Ocaña took a gun from the glove compartment, which he held in his right hand, while driving with his left.

However, moments before the tragedy in which Octavio Ocaña died, a new video shows that he picked up a person. The deadly pursuit was recorded by several government security cameras. The video shows the actor’s luxury vehicle moments before his death.

Does a new video reveal where Octavio Ocaña came from?

Do they reveal where Octavio Ocaña came from in a new video?
PHOTO Twitter

Journalist Carlos Jiménez shared the short video, without audio, of Octavio Ocaña before his death. The brief recording shows the actor parking on a street in Cuautitlán Izcalli where someone seems to get in and close the back door of the vehicle.

Moments later, it is seen that he tries to get out of the parking spot and even how he cuts off a white car in order to keep going. In the images you can also see the famous neon jacket the beloved “Neighbors” actor was wearing when he died.

This is how “Benito” died, according to the prosecution

So he died "Benedict", according to the prosecution
PHOTO Twitter

Analysis revealed that the lethal bullet corresponded to the .380 caliber weapon in his hand and that he had two cartridges. The expert’s opinion of the facts indicates that during the flight Ocaña could have lost control of the steering wheel, run off the road, hit the front end and the weapon could have possibly been triggered by the impact of the crash.

According to the trajectory of the bullet, the actor shot himself inside the vehicle, making an entrance wound located in the right parietal and an exit wound in the left parietal, according to the prosecution report obtained by Agencia Reforma. One of the municipal policemen who participated in the chase stated that after hearing the shot he and his partner approached and saw the injured actor was still alive with the weapon in his right hand.

Octavio Ocaña caught picking someone up in new video

Octavio Ocaña caught picking up someone in new video
PHOTO Twitter

“That’s how Octavio Ocaña arrived in his car. He was going to pick up his friend, a tailor who at that moment went out, closed the door and went with him. He is one of those who accompanied him at the time of his death,” said the journalist who shared the actor’s video. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE.

The Human Rights Commission of the State of Mexico (Codhem) initiated an ex officio complaint to investigate the disproportionate or improper use of  force in the actor’s case.

Human Rights Commission investigates Benito’s death and his father celebrates; “These lazy people are finally starting to do their job”

Human Rights investigates the death of "Benedict" and his father celebrates; "these lazy ones are already starting to do their job"
PHOTO Reform Agency

“Since several municipal police officers participated, Codhem, in accordance with its competence, initiated the ex officio complaint CODHEM / TLAL / 627/2021, for the violation of the human right to integrity and personal security and, where appropriate, the right not to be subjected to the disproportionate or improper use of force,” a statement read.

“These lazy people are finally starting to do their job, they wanted me to do it for them. Everything is now clearer than water, they were the ones who killed him, we are just going to see how they work, what investigation they have to do and we are going to let them work, we are going to see how far they can go,” said Octavio Ocaña’s father, according to El Diario de Naucalpan.

Proof that Benito was killed? Compromising video of police officers emerges

The proof that they killed "Benedict"? Compromising video of police officers emerges
PHOTO Twitter

Proof that Octavio Ocaña was killed? Compromising video of police officers in Cuautitlán Izcalli emerges. Two new videos featuring Ocaña recently emerged on social media: one that shows him firing a gun and another taken moments after his accident.

Now, a new video has spread on social media and users’ outrage has exploded. After a first clip was leaked showing the star of Neighbors allegedly inhaling a white powder, more has emerged, posted anonymously, according to Agencia Reforma.

Videos of Octavio Ocaña that caused a stir

Videos of "Benedict" that caused a stir
Photo Reform Agency

The origin is unknown, although some suggest that the videos were stolen from the deceased actor’s cell phone. In one of the 23-second videos, Ocaña is seen wielding a weapon, someone yells “Hey, damn Benito!” referring to his character Benito Rivers.

Immediately two shots are heard. Later, two young men who were with him take the gun from him and show the camera the bottles of beer that they had been drinking. The second clip was recorded on Friday 29, after the accident. Ocaña’s body is transferred on a stretcher pushed by two paramedics, says Agencia Reforma.

Video ‘proof’ of Octavio Ocaña’s death

Video 'proof' of the death of "Benedict"

The actor’s case caused controversy as the result of an initial video where police intervened at the scene of the accident. They subdued the young man’s companions and Ocaña is seen, still alive at the wheel of the wrecked vehicle. Now, a video recorded by a motorist causes more outrage.

The short recording posted on Twitter shows a police officer from Cuautitlán Izcalli, the city where Octavio Ocaña died, beating and pulling a man carrying a cane out of a small gray car. The officer uses force to remove him from the vehicle and throws him to the ground.

The video that ‘proves’ what happened in Octavio Ocaña’s death?

They broadcast video 'proof' of the death of "Benedict"
PHOTO Twitter

The disabled man falls to his knees on the ground and tries to get up with his cane. Another officer walks over to him but does not help him up after the brutal attack. Immediately more members of the Cuautitlán Izcalli police appear and the attacked man tries to approach his car again.

The motorist who witnessed the scene records at close range, but an officer begins to yell at him to move forward, preventing the person from continuing to document the assault. A blow is heard that the police allegedly administer to the vehicle of the motorist who recorded this outrageous abuse of authority. TO WATCH THE VIDEO OF THE ALLEGED PROOF OF OCTAVIO OCAÑA’S DEATH CLICK HERE.

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