Octavio Ocaña’s father announces revenge

Is he looking for the truth? Octavio Pérez announced that he will initiate legal defense actions against authorities. The family assured ...

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  • Is he looking for the truth?
  • Octavio Pérez announced that he will initiate legal defense actions against authorities.
  • The family assured that they do not believe the Prosecutor’s Office version of events.

Octavio Ocaña’s family stated that they will not rest until justice is served in the case of the actor’s death. They are objecting to the way the legal process has been carried out. The actor’s father, Octavio Pérez, announced that he is seeking the President of Mexico’s help in clarifying the circumstances of his son’s death.

On the day the actor’s death was announced, the media spoke with ‘Benito’s’ father. He reported that the only thing he was interested in (at that moment) was being able to take his son to Tabasco and then he would seek justice for his son’s ‘murder’. Now, he says that he wants to know what really happened to the young ‘Vecinos’ actor.


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The Pérez Ocaña family reaffirmed that they will seek to obtain justice in Octavio Ocaña’s death. They stated that they are eager for the opportunity to prove that their son was not using drugs or alcohol at the time of his death. Also, they claim that Octavio Ocaña did not carry a gun and therefore, his death was not an accident.

According to Azteca Noticias, Octavio Pérez, informed the media that he will initiate legal action to demand that the death of his son be investigated, since he doesn’t accept the statement offered by the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico. Pérez said that the version given by authorities was extremely offensive.

Octavio Ocaña’s father’s revenge: He wants his voice to be heard

Octavio Ocaña revenge dad: He wants his voice to be heard
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Azteca Noticias reported that Octavio Ocaña’s father told local media that he would be in touch with the press and on reaching out on social media after taking some time to process his grief. After that, he plans to initiate legal action necessary to obtain justice for the way the young actor lost his life.

He also reported that he wishes to remain in contact with the press so that his voice can be heard. So far, the actor’s family has been in touch with reporters who are closely following the actor’s death. The family is also inviting the press to be present at different special moments, such as the actor’s funeral. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Dad Revenge

Octavio Ocaña’s father revenge: He seeks to meet with the president

Octavio Ocaña dad revenge: He seeks to meet with the president
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According to Milenio Noticias, hours before Octavio was buried, his father spoke to the media and stated that he wants to meet with the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to help him with his son’s case. Octavio Pérez said that he wants the president’s help because he is also from Tabasco and could support the Ocaña family.

“My son was a public figure and he is from Tabasco, the President is from Tabasco, we hope he supports us, because I have never asked anyone anything, but in this I do ask you to please lend us your hand, because this is not going to stay like this, because what they did was unacceptable,” said the comedian’s father through press and Milenio Noticias. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Dad Revenge

Octavio Ocaña’s father’s revenge: “Let it not go unpunished”

Octavio Ocaña dad revenge: "Do not go unpunished"
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Faced with questions from the press regarding the family’s opinion of the statements offered by the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) maintaining that the actor’s death was an accident. His father says that they don’t believe this account. Don Octavio Pérez reported that he wants justice for his son.

“This is a cycle, this is over and then we start investigations; I first do my job as a father, I love my son, may he rest in peace, and from there I make sure that this does not go unpunished,” said the actor’s father the day before he was buried in Villahermosa, Tabasco. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Dad Revenge

Octavio Ocaña father revenge: What if it were your son?

Octavio Ocaña revenge father: What if it were his son?
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On the day of his son’s funeral, ‘Tavo”s father told the press in the State of Mexico, that he would get to the bottom of the injustice in ‘Benito”s death. He added that it was not only the actor’s case but there are also other deaths that have not been solved and that remain unpunished. He said that, now it is his son, but in the future it could be someone else’s ‘son.

“Because it’s not only my son, he was shot, they kill children, rape women, and we can no longer live in this country like this. Today it was my son, tomorrow it could be yours, that is really painful, reported the FGJEM. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Dad Revenge

Octavio Ocaña father’s revenge: He will not rest until he knows what happened

Octavio Ocaña revenge father: They will not rest until they know what happened
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The comedian’s father insisted that he will not rest until his son’s death is resolved. Don Octavio Pérez stated that he does not believe the report presented to him by authorities but that “unfortunately this was how things were in Mexico.” He also said that he did not believe their evidence that the young man carried weapons, had been drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana.

“I am not going to stay still, just so that those people know, I am not going to stay still, this does not end here, it starts here,” the man told the media who attended the funeral of Octavio Ocaña. The actor’s father reported that he will start a process ‘against’ Mexican justice. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Dad Revenge

Benito “accidentally shot himself”

Benedict "accidentally shot"
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While the Human Rights Commission of the State of Mexico (Codhem) initiated a complaint about the actions of municipal police officers involved in actor Octavio Ocaña’s death, expert reports from the Mexican prosecutor’s office determined that the 22-year-old man died when his gun was accidentally fired after he crashed his vehicle while drunk. They also said they found signs of marijuana use.

The state prosecutor’s office concluded that “as a result of the crash, Octavio (who played Benito in the series Vecinos) accidentally shot himself with the firearm that he had in his right hand; the bullet hit him in the head and due to this injury he lost his life after he was transferred to the hospital.”

Police took a weapon from Octavio Ocaña, was it the one that ended his life?

Police took the weapon from Octavio Ocaña, was it the one that took his life?
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In his statement before the Public Ministry, one of the policemen who was traveling in the unit that chased Octavio Ocaña’s van, stated that after the crash, “he and his partner approached the unit and found a person with an injury to the right side of the head in the driver’s seat, who was still alive and held a firearm in his right hand; as is the protocol the weapon was withdrawn.”

“The toxicology report on the deceased person came back positive for alcohol, with the presence of ethanol above the cut-off point; likewise, it showed the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol above the cut-off point. Furthermore, “the ballistic evidence found and analyzed has made it possible to establish that the bullet that took Octavio’s life was fired from a .380 caliber firearm, at close range.”

Actor Octavio Ocaña lost control of his car

Actor Octavio Ocaña lost control of his truck
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The report by the prosecutor’s office, indicated that “during his flight, the driver lost control and hit his right front end; at this moment and as a result of the dynamics of this accident, the driver presumably fired the weapon.”

Due to the death of Octavio Ocaña (Benito in the Vecinos series), Codhem initiated the ex officio complaint CODHEM / TLAL / 62-7 / 2021, “for the violation of the human right to personal integrity and security and, where appropriate, the right not to be subjected to the disproportionate or improper use of the public force,” reported spokesmen from this organization.

Did Octavio Ocaña actually fire a gun?

Did Octavio Ocaña actually fire a gun?
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For the arrest and death of the young actor, Codhem “will carry out the corresponding investigations and will follow up on those carried out by authorities.” Sources from the prosecutor’s office stated that among the forensic reports there are two ways to help determine whether a person fired a gun —  sodium radizonate or atomic absorption.

These were performed on both Octavio Ocaña and on the two municipal policemen who participated in the investigation.The actor’s companions were also tested.Preliminary reports, say they turned out negative, with the exception of the officer who fired his rifle at the tires of the truck they were chasing.

“They took him from me, I just hope justice is done!” Says Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend

"They took it from me, I just hope and justice is done!"says Octavio Ocaña's girlfriend
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“Fly high, Octavio!” said Ana and Bertha, Octavio Ocaña’s sisters to the actor who played Benito Ríos in the television series Vecinos. They stood over his body in a silver coffin at the funeral home where he was viewed before being flown to Villahermosa, Tabasco, his home state.

“If Octavio’s death was an injustice, we are going to go to the last consequences and we are going to ask for justice,” the young women declared. “We are still in shock,” they said about Octavio, who died violently after a police chase. “But we know that he became immortal. Thanks to all of Mexico for all the affection,” they reiterated. “They took him from me, I just hope that justice is done!” Said Nerea Godínez as she bid her partner farewell, who had asked her to marry him (With information from Agencia El Universal).


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