Crime expert assures that Octavio Ocaña didn’t shoot himself (VIDEO)

Crime expert doubts that Octavio Ocaña fired the gun by himself. Lawyers of the ‘Neighbors’ actor’s family investigate ...

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  • Crime expert doubts that Octavio Ocaña fired the gun by himself.
  • Lawyers of the ‘Neighbors’ actor’s family investigate the file to get to the truth.
  • They assure that there are “discrepancies” between the facts and the official investigation.

So far, there is no evidence that demonstrates that actor Octavio Ocaña, who played ‘Benito Rivers’, in the series ‘Neighbors’, accidentally shot himself with the gun, as concluded by the investigation of the State of Mexico Prosecutor’s Office, said the expert in crime Mauricio Resendiz, during an interview in the De Primera Mano program. It is already circulating on social media because it contradicts the official version, published the news site El Heraldo de Mexico.

It was the first of November that the expert report of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico was given, in which they concluded that the bullet that killed actor Octavio Ocaña was fired by him from inside the vehicle he was driving when he was pursued by the police from the municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli on Friday afternoon, however, this version from the beginning has not convinced the family or the followers of the ‘Vecinos’ actor.


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The official version continued: “As a result of the crash of the truck, Octavio accidentally shot himself with the firearm that he had in his right hand. The bullet hit him in the head and due to this injury he lost his life.” The interpreter of ‘Benito Rivers’ in the program ‘Vecinos’, who died on the way to the hospital, was drunk according to the toxicology report, which also detected cannabis use.

According to the testimony of one of the two companions of Ocaña in the vehicle, when they were driving through Cuautitlán Izcalli, municipal police stopped them. The actor sped up to avoid being arrested, which caused a chase that extended to the Chamapa-Lechería Highway. During the escape, said the subject, Ocaña took out a gun from the glove compartment, which he held in his right hand while driving with his left.


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The analysis revealed that the lethal bullet corresponds to the .380 caliber weapon in his hands and that he had two useful cartridges. The experts opinion of the facts indicates that during the flight Ocaña would have lost control of the steering wheel, left the asphalt, hit the front and possibly the weapon would have been triggered by the dynamics of the crash.

According to the trajectory of the bullet, the actor shot himself inside the vehicle, producing an entrance hole located in the right parietal and an exit hole in the left parietal. One of the municipal policemen who participated in the chase stated that after hearing the shot he and his partner approached and saw the actor still alive with an injury as well as a weapon in his right hand.


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Because the family and lawyers already had access to the investigation folder of the case, they have found some “discrepancies” that lead them to believe that he did not shoot himself, but that someone else did it and the obvious conclusion is that it was the policemen who persecuted him, that’s why they work to find the truth. During the interview, they explained why they think the prosecution’s conclusion is not true.

The lawyers commented the following in the face of all the evidence to which they have had access these days: “There is a discrepancy. There are elements of a physical, chemical and biological nature that occur when a person is killed by a firearm. In this case, these elements don’t exist in their entirety to have the scientific certainty that he fired the shot”, reasons that lead them to think that someone shot him. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Pistol


Octavio Ocaña pistol
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In addition, both the lawyers and the crime expert assured that they already had access to the truck, but not to the clothes of the actor, and it is very important for that evidence to be added to the investigations and determine the real cause of death. Until now with the evidence they have, it could be attributed to another person. They also mentioned that the people who were with the artist were identified in the investigation folder as defendants and not as witnesses.

When they are accused, they are considered to be responsible for the commission of a crime, for which they were investigated as such, however, they indicated that they cannot say what they declared before the authority, since that information is confidential. They will continue to put together the ‘pieces of the puzzle’ to be able to get to the truth of what happened that day when the actor was chased through the streets of Cuautitlán Izcalli.


"It has been distinguished by corrupt and arrogant", they assure
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The crime expert spoke about whether the bullet found is from the gun authorities claim or from a different one. “What I can tell you is that there is no bullet as such, there are casings of different weapons that give us a parameter to be able to establish an approach to reality.” They continue with the investigations so that this case does not go unpunished, since they reiterate that he didn’t shoot himself but that it was someone else.

The Human Rights Commission of the State of Mexico (Codhem) initiated an ex officio complaint to investigate the disproportionate or improper use of the public force in the case of the actor. “Since various municipal police officers participated, Codhem, in accordance with its competence, initiated the ex officio complaint CODHEM / TLAL / 627/2021, for the violation of the human right to integrity and personal security and, where appropriate, the right not to be subjected to the disproportionate or improper use of the public force,” a statement read.

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