Ocasio Cortez raises money and delivers $ 4 million to storm victims in Texas

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  • Ocasio Cortez raises money for the victims in Texas and made a call for solidarity after delivering 4 million dollars
  • “A disaster like this should be taken as a matter of national emergency, considering that not everyone is equally impacted,” he said.
  • The action of the Democrats occurs as Republican Senator Ted Cruz tries to wash his image after his criticized trip to Cancun

Ocasio Cortez raises money. The Democratic congresswoman for the state of New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made this Saturday a call for national solidarity from Houston (Texas) where she arrived to deliver 4 million dollars raised by her legislative team for the victims of the winter storm.

“We just reached 4 million!” He said on the social network Twitter.

Ocasio Cortez raises money

Twitter AOC

“A disaster like this should be taken as a matter of national emergency, considering that not everyone is affected equally,” Ocasio Cortez said at a press conference from the headquarters of the Houston Food Bank, Efe reported.

Ocasio Cortez arrived as the guest of Senator Sylvia García, also a Democrat, to participate in various food distribution events for the victims of the winter storm that left several million without electricity and drinking water.

“The tragedy that affects the inhabitants of Texas is not temporary, it is not a few days. In many cases it means an economic, social and mental delay that will last for several years ”, he pointed out.

The move by the Democrats comes after the Republican senator from Texas Ted Cruz suffered a wave of criticism this week for going on a trip to Cancun (Mexico) amid the chaotic situation in his state, where millions of people spent days without electricity and without the possibility of heating their homes, and many still do not have a potable water supply.

In an attempt to clean up his image, the Hispanic legislator posted photos on his Twitter account this Saturday where he is seen carrying packages of bottled water. The publication is accompanied by the hashtag #TexasStrong, although the senator did not give details in his message of where he was.

Ocasio Cortez raises money

Twitter Ted Cruz

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden declared a “major disaster” in Texas, one of the states hardest hit by the storm that has caused at least 59 deaths, and ordered federal assistance to support state and local efforts to recover the affected areas.

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