Numerologist claims that Silvia Pinal’s late daughter ‘lives inside’ Frida Sofía

Numerologist claims that Silvia Pinal’s late daughter ‘lives inside’ Frida Sofía He claims that Frida Sofía will break ...

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  • Numerologist claims that Silvia Pinal’s late daughter ‘lives inside’ Frida Sofía
  • He claims that Frida Sofía will break a chain of secrets and vices
  • The numerologist announced the lawsuit between Frida Sofía and her grandfather last year

Frida Sofía numerologist. The conflict between Frida Sofía and her grandfather Enrique Guzmán continues to keep everyone busy, now a numerologist has claimed that Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter shares the same numbers as her late aunt, also actress Viridiana Alatriste.

According to the interview that the numerologist Alejandro Fernando gave to the El Gordo y la Flaca show, the coincidences in the numbers of Silvia Pinal’s daughter and Frida Sofía are many, which means that she is trying to finish something that the young actress left unsolved.

Frida Sofía numerologist: Warned of the lawsuit since last year

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Since last year, the numerologist had announced what is happening with Frida Sofía and with many details, which has attracted a lot of attention, as reported in the show program, he says that we are born marked with our date of birth and that undoubtedly those numbers mark the course of our life.

He is an engineer by profession, but Alejandro Fernando has dedicated himself to analyzing life through numbers, and now he has put all his knowledge into the problem faced by Frida Sofía and Enrique Guzmán, and in the Univision program El Gordo y La Flaca made shocking statements.

Frida Sofía numerologist: ‘Viridiana comes to make a claim’

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The numerologist Alejandro Fernando expressed that the coincidences between the numbers of Viridiana and her niece Frida Sofía are many, which reflects that Alejandra’s daughter lives a lot from the actress who died in a tragic car accident on October 25, 1982.

“I am not a dead contact or medium, this is mathematics and physics. The same numbers of her aunt Viridiana appear, her date of departure and date of birth end and coincide a lot with Frida’s analysis, so a lot of this aunt lives in her, it is as if she had returned to fulfill a mission, and also to make a claim ”.

Frisa Sofía numerologist: Ensures that Guzmán’s daughter is a victim

Frida Sofía numerologist, Enrique Guzmán, Silvia Pinal
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The numerologist did not reveal what were the possible claims that Viridiana, Silvia Pinal’s daughter, wanted to make through Frida Sofía, but what he did highlight was the type of character that she has: “The F and the S joined to the number 1 that she is, she is a completely dominant and masculine character, that is why she at some point dares to break this whole chain of secrets, of vices ”.

According to this study, Frida is a victim: “it is as if all the evils had been blamed on her because her numbers say so, a very great sadness, as if she were to blame for everything that happened in that family, so it was seen as the black sheep without being it ”.

Frida Sofía numerologist: ‘They made her the black sheep’

Frida Sofía numerologist, Enrique Guzmán, Silvia Pinal
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“They turned the black sheep because everything bad, guilt, guilt, guilt, because they are sad numbers, because some do not remember because of vices, others do not remember because of age,” said the expert in numbers, who stressed that what declared by Frida Sofía was real.

The character of Silvia Pinal’s granddaughter has made her the focus of attention due to her controversial statements about her entire family, and apparently that could be due to the numbers that marked her from birth, as the expert assured that they are numbers sad.

Frida Sofía numerologist: Enrique Guzmán, ‘with a double personality’

Frida Sofía numerologist, Enrique Guzmán, Silvia Pinal
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The numbers surrounding Enrique Guzmán, according to the expert, describe it as: “his numbers also speak of a double personality, a bipolar character, here, in his numbers if a difficult, severe, violent character appears, like a bipolar in some situation, very marked.”

Regarding what fate holds for Frida Sofía, her grandfather, Enrique Guzmán and the entire Silvia Pinal dynasty, the numbers expert assured that more revelations are coming, since Frida will reach the last consequences: “Frida is going to try to get there until the last, because she is unstoppable eh, after this nothing stops her, “he said.

Missing ‘more shocking’ revelations by Frida Sofía

Frida Sofía numerologist, Enrique Guzmán, Silvia Pinal
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The numerologist also assured that more shocking revelations are still expected that Frida Sofía will make, “there are more statements where she will make her own judge and then she will also reveal things that she committed at some point she will see an interview or something like that where he is going to judge himself ”.

In addition, he said that the only ones who can stop all this situation between Frida Sofía, her grandfather Enrique Guzmán and her mother Alejandra Guzmán, are Silvia Pinal and Silvia Pasquel, since they are the only ones who have the strength and wisdom to at some point end all this that is happening in the family.

Send a strong message to those who criticize it

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There are many occasions when Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter has been involved in bickering with her family and even social media users, but one that drew attention was the occasion when Frida Sofía spoke with the program ‘Noche de luz ‘, before the scandal against Enrique Guzmán and touched on the criticism of people who call her’ crazy ‘.

Frida Sofía, Silvia Pinal’s granddaughter, responded to those who say that money and fame motivate her for all the statements she gives when taking out the dirty laundry from her family: “It motivates me to feel because it is all so false behind the scenes, because here in front of the camera few dare ”, he commented.

Do you want to see her dead? Frida Sofía responds

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The host of ‘Noche de luz’ asked Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter if she has ever thought of taking her own life: “Thank God I have never … I’ve been depressed but if they don’t knock me down right now, they won’t knock me down and I won’t go away to take the life that God gave me and more if they are going to offer me money to kill me ‘fu… you… fu… you’ “, he assured.

And he ranted again with hints for his family, including his uncle Luis Enrique: “Oh sorry, dirty clothes are washed at home, parents honor and respect each other, yes, but vice versa, right? pin… flip-flops because there is the uncle fingering your daughter and you take the dirty clothes off the pin… that pig ”, he commented.

“I’m fed up,” says Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter

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The 29-year-old said she was tired of not being able to see injustices: “I’m sick of them not being able to see that part that ‘ps is your mother but if you mother …, you honor her’ … how will you fit in the head that someone who loves his daughter so much and who was expecting her daughter, can do something like that to her… that girl is ‘crazy’… pass her the timeline, ”he attacked Alejandra Guzmán.

“(The exhibition) double-edged sword, they have stabbed me from behind, from the front and I have also grabbed it and now not, and Good Luck, what’s more, I don’t need the knife, I have my listening, which is here, my soul , my being, my intuition, that higher power that has kept me alive even if they tell me to kill me… chin… your mother ”, added Frida Sofía.

Are you willing to turn the page?

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When asked if she will soon turn the page and stop attacking Alejandra Guzmán, Silvia Pinal’s granddaughter said: “It’s like the pandemic, who knows when it will end, they are her pin… managers, or whoever surrounds her, she knows where I live She knows that never in my life will I close the door, so the one who does not understand here is me, “he said.

But to the surprise of many, he said again that he loves his mother with all his heart: “I love her with all his heart, and that’s why it hurts me, it hurts because I was always there, I didn’t fail her once, and I haven’t failed even once in my life, she says yes, I was not during her surgeries and she repeats it to me and she repeats it to me… ”, but she explained what happened at that time.

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