Not only Chiquis Rivera has posed without clothes from the shower (PHOTOS)

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Video: Mundo Hispánico / Foto: Mezcalent
  • Chiquis Rivera is not the only artist who has posed without clothes from the bathtub
  • On other occasions Celia Lorea and Noelia have been uncovered
  • Celebrities find a way to gain more followers with hot posts

Recently a video of Chiquis Rivera without clothes from the shower caused the euphoria of his followers and brought to mind the occasions when other celebrities have posed in the same way, such is the case of Celia Lora and Noelia, just to mention a few.

Chiquis Rivera, the daughter Jenni Rivera once again monopolized the attention of people with a video of her naked from the shower in the middle of scandal of her ex Lorenzo Méndez for having fun and showing off her single status.

Chiquis Rivera used her Instagram account to post a message ‘encouraging’ women to accept their bodies regardless of size, color or race: “Love, embrace and celebrate your body. Don’t let anyone dictate what size you should be. Be confident, ”he wrote.

To see the video click here.

Image taken from Instagram @chiquis

This publication was so successful that until the morning of February 27 it had just over 1.5 million views and more than 3,670 comments.

Although Chiquis Rivera’s audacity when posing nude from the shower was not so well taken by some people, although she gave a message of encouragement.

One of the Internet users immediately criticized that: “I already jumped naked, that’s what you want them to see you,” since the glass was foggy.

But this publication is similar to those that other artists have made and that have caused a stir because they come out naked and ignite the passions of Internet users.

Such is the case of Celia Lora and Noelia, who tend to upload material that is overheated and manage to attract the eyes of men and in the following pages we will show you the sexy images.

Just as Chiquis Rivera appeared naked from the intimacy of her shower, Celia Lora did so recently, but from the bathtub.

The daughter of rocker Alex Lora, appeared in a bathtub full of rose petals and showing her statuesque figure.

From her back, the woman showed her entire back and wore her tattoos, for which many were the compliments she received for posing as God brought her into the world.

For almost nothing, Celia Lora reveals her butt, however this time, to the sadness of her fans, she did not show her huge breasts.

Some comments they made were the following: “Simply beautiful woman greetings”, “beautiful back”, “what a woman”, “who was a petal to touch your skin”, “angels have no back”, “how rich”, ” I loved this photo ”,“ what a detail ”.

This photograph reached more than 202 thousand reactions of likes and almost a thousand comments, especially from the male public who enjoy each postcard that Alex Lora’s daughter takes on their social networks.

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Image taken from Instagram @celi_lora

Another famous person who did not miss the opportunity like Chiquis Rivera to pose without clothes from the shower or in this case from the bathtub, was Noelia without clothes.

Just this February 27, a photograph was uploaded, in which it looks soapy and how God brought it into the world, so it immediately caused a stir among its fans.

The sexy photograph of Celia Lora without clothes had reached a total of almost 24 thousand reactions of likes and almost 500 comments until this morning.

The singer and businesswoman appears in the bathtub and covered in soap, almost revealing her most intimate parts, to the delight of her audience.

Some people commented: “I want all that, mamacita Linda”, “I would like to be soap suds.”

Image taken from Instagram @noeliaofficial

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