Not getting any better! Roberto Tapia desperately pleads for prayers for his mother’s health (PHOTO)



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  • Roberto Tapia asked people to pray for the health of his mother who is still ill
  • The last few months have been terrible for the singer, who is a friend of Rafael Amaya
  • The singer’s mother was hospitalized at the end of 2020

From 2020 to date, Roberto Tapia has gone through difficult times and now he suffers for the health of his mother who unfortunately hasn’t recovered after becoming ill with coronavirus last February, when the singer asked for prayers for her.

Now, three months later, the lady has had a relapse of health, so once again Rafael Amaya’s friend went to social networks in search of consolation to vent about the moments of uncertainty that his mother is experiencing as she doesn’t fully recover.

Roberto Tapia’s mother is sick again

Roberto Tapia

In mid-2020 Roberto Tapia suffered an attempted kidnapping, which fortunately did not pass to the elderly, only the scare, then in December he became ill with coronavirus and had symptoms, and at the beginning of 2021 he experienced the worst with the hospitalization of his mother that he needed respirator and now relapses again.

On his Instagram account, the singer who is currently promoting his music and projects with Rafael Amaya, who is trying to revive his career after the addiction scandals he fell into, published a desperate message for his fans.

The singer’s moving message was reproduced by several pages of shows

Mama Roberto Tapia

The account of Instagram of ‘Suelta la Sopa’, published the capture of the story of Roberto Tapia in prayers for his mother: “My God from the bottom of my heart and with deep sadness I beg you and I ask you to help my mother improve, I feel very sad to see her like this and I feel a lot of pain in my heart ”.

But the pleas continued: “I don’t know what to do anymore, that’s why I beg you to help her, I’m not asking for money, or luxuries, or fame, I just want you to heal it for me, I’ll be asking you every day because I believe in you,” he concluded. Roberto Tapia’s moving message without specifying what happened to his mother.

People demonstrated in support of the singer

The singer is still worried

People did not touch their hearts at the words and criticisms: “I hope that God has wifi so that I can read this message. I imagine that he has a cell phone and social networks, because many write to him on social networks asking for everything and thanking him. Despite the fact that God prefers a prayer or intimate conversation with each one of us ”.

“Of course God is up to date and uses Instagram … just get attention and advertise”, “Lock yourself in your room, double your knees, give a contrite and humbled heart to the Lord. Pray for the health of your mother we know and believe that for God there is nothing impossible, tell him Lord I know that you can heal my mother. Beloved Father, may your Holy Will always be done ”,

Is it just advertising and does he use his mom? Roberto Tapia is criticized

The singer's mother suffers from health problems

People consider that this type of thing is not advertised, but is requested in private: “Or is it because publishing it is lazy! From such a sad situation they want publicity ”,“ There is no need to pray here since it is misinterpreted, even if he feels terrible, but now everyone does ”.

But there were also those who were moved and prayed for the lady: “I hope that Diosito recovers his mother, have faith first, God will be well, you will see”, “Blessed heavenly father I humbly ask you to send health to Roberto Tapia’s mother, cover her with your blessed I ask you for the love that you have for your blessed son Jesus Christ, Amen “,” God will not have social networks … but for that we are here to read and pray for his mommy and for all those who they need a prayer ”.

Since last year, Roberto Tapia struggles with many things in his life

Since 2020 he has been living difficult moments

It should be remembered that it was last December 2020 when the singer from the United States, Roberto Tapia was desperate and worried about the recent health of his mother. And is that the 40-year-old interpreter published on his official Instagram account that his mother was in very serious health, although he never specified what was the evil that afflicted her at that time: “In your hands is my mother again, leave her to me more time, I need it ”.

The last publication of Roberto Tapia in 2020 was a message making it clear that I was not going to miss anything of that year: “The truth is, I will not sincerely miss you because you left me many wounds but I do want to thank you because through you I learned to be a lot stronger, to value health, my family, my work, I also thank you because despite taking so many lives, you left my mother’s to me… ”, he wrote.

Roberto Tapia’s mother was in poor health in February

Roberto Tapia mom

The singer Roberto Tapia generated great controversy in the networks when he announced that his mother was in poor health and asks for prayers for her, that at the end of 2020. Not everything in the world of celebrities is about sharing successes or projects with His Followers. Unfortunately there is a part that not many would like to hear, but that is part of life itself.

And they are the mishaps and illnesses that can be derived. This is what happened with Roberto Tapia’s mother, who is in poor health, to whom the interpreter made a request to his followers. On his Instagram account, Tapia published a photograph of his mother, who at that moment appeared very beautiful, with beautiful makeup and smiling for the camera. However, Roberto Tapia’s message was the opposite and reported how serious his mother is.

The artist asked for prayers for his mother’s health

Roberto Tapia

“Today I am not going to ask you to buy one of my records or to go to a concert to see me. Today I am going to ask you for a prayer for my mother, who is in very poor health and I need your prayers so that my mother gets better. Thanks to everyone who is with me right now. I love you mother and I need you ”, it was possible to read.

Given this, the messages did not take long to arrive. Chiquibaby wrote: “We are with you, of course.” Ana María Canseco was not left behind either: “First, God, he will soon be better. In my prayers”. And Jorge Bernal stained an emoticon of praying hands at the moment in which Jessica Maldonado told him: “Prayers and speedy recovery for your mommy.” Also, more celebrities and famous people joined in shows of support for Roberto Tapia and his mother.

Roberto Tapia’s mother hospitalized at the beginning of the year

Roberto Tapia mom hospital

So far, the singer has not given more information about the health of his mother and only put the same image in the stories section. This happened after a year ago the interpreter suffered an attack. After the news circulated that the singer Roberto Tapia had suffered an attack in the state of Michoacán, he himself sent a message to his fans.

And it is that the world of grupera music was surprised to learn of an attack that the interpreter suffered in December 2018 during his tour of Mexico. At first, Roberto’s representative published the alarming message on his Instagram stories. “Thank God we are alive. We have just suffered an attack in Michoacán. Roberto Tapia and team ”, you can read.

Roberto Tapia’s mother cannot fully recover

Roberto Tapia's mother

Also, various versions of what happened began to emerge. One of them mentioned that it was not an attack, but an attempted kidnapping. Another, on the part of the ‘Línea Directa’ portal, mentioned that the authorities of the region had not received any type of alert and even, there was news that the concert was carried out successfully and ended at the edge of 4 o’clock. the morning.

However, given the strong rumors, the musician himself sent a clear message to his alarmed followers, where he confirmed the suspicions of what had happened and that he is fine. It was through his Instagram account that a photograph is seen where Roberto Tapia appears smiling, wearing white jeans, a white shirt and sunglasses in what appears to be a gas station. “Blessed God, all good. Here we move on despite what happened and first God, no presentation is canceled. Thank you for your attention and support, ”he wrote.

In 2020 the singer narrowly and was kidnapped

At the end of 2020 the singer could be kidnapped

Roberto Tapia announces to the media that he is in good health after an attempted kidnapping of which he was a victim last night in the city of Buenavista, Michoacán state. The singer was on his way to his presentation in the company of his representative, Freddy Pérez and his brother Genaro, when they were intercepted by two heavily armed men, who took them hostage, “the text continues.

And he continues: “After a 20-minute odyssey, Roberto Tapia and his team were finally able to identify themselves to the assailants, who after making a couple of calls released them and apologized. However, the artist’s truck was taken away to make his escape. Shocked by what happened, but always ready to fulfill his commitments, Roberto contacted the event’s businessman, who went to find him where he was and transported him to the concert, which was held with resounding success despite the circumstances. Some images of this note comes from the following video

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