Nostradamus prediction for 2021 includes natural catastrophes in the US.

Seer Nostradamus’ prediction for 2021 includes US earthquakes, volcanoes exploding and World War III The French astrologer predicte...

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  • Seer Nostradamus’ prediction for 2021 includes US earthquakes, volcanoes exploding and World War III
  • The French astrologer predicted a
  • Nostradamus has become relevant for “getting it right” with some of his fateful predictions

Michel de Notre-Dame, better known as Nostradamus, the 16th century seer who died in 1566 predicted multiple natural catastrophes for 2021.

According to a new eight-episode documentary series from Discovery + that looks at Nostradamus’ predictions, this year there could be World War III and a second pandemic.

Nostradamus’ predictions are credited with the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York, the rise of Adolf Hitler, and the Great Fire of London.

However, the 942 prophecies of the French are not close to ending as they continue until the year 3793, reported The Sun.

The documentary interprets one of Nostradamus’ predictions as a fatal earthquake that will shake California and the Mississippi River will split in half.

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According to the predictions there is talk of an event of extinction which occurred on May 10, however, specialists in this type of study have not been able to agree on the year that this would occur.

In the documentary it is presumed that “the great crowded theater” where the first great earthquake will occur could be Hollywood and for “several nights the earth will shake” in “modern Memphis”, which could mean the old house of Elvis Presley.

According to British Nostradamus expert Bobby Shailer, “Governments must be prepared.” Shailer indicated that according to the predictions of the seer, the end of the world is not yet near because that will occur in the year 3793.

“Nostradamus does talk about something that he calls the final conflagration, fire from heaven, extinction level events, two or three, which probably happens around 3797, but he mentions several conflagrations before that,” Shailer said. “There will be others,” he added.

Among the fatalistic predictions is also the arrival of the third antichrist.

“An antichrist as defined by Nostradamus are the warriors who are responsible for the death of innocent people, like Hitler or Napoleon,” said Bobby.

“I think the third antichrist is coming soon, possibly in the next ten to 20 years. I think he is probably alive today ”, he highlighted.

In relation to what would be the third world war, Nostradamus predicted that it would be much worse than the previous two.

Bobby says, “I think that in the next few years, certainly this century, World War III could begin.”

“Nostradamus says it will be a long and massive war, of 25 to 29 years, followed by smaller wars,” said the expert.

Within the predictions of Nostradamus for 2021 also highlight the explosion of large volcanoes.

Some geologists fear that the volcano in Yellowstone Park, in the northwestern United States, could cause the most devastating eruption in history.

Prediction experts believe that this volcano is the same one mentioned by the French seer.

Bobby explained that Nostradamus wrote that the eruption of the volcano “will happen at 45 degrees, and Yellowstone Park is close to 45 degrees” and “will spread out over large countries.”

According to the New York Post, Nostradamus’s prediction record has been “incredibly accurate,” so the famine, asteroids and zombies featured in the doctor’s prophecies have caused a stir.

“Few young people: half dead to begin with” is the phrase that, according to the Yearly-Horoscope, can be related to a zombie apocalypse. Nostradamus, seems to have reinforced the theory by writing: “Fathers and mothers dead of infinite pain”, and “women in mourning, the pestilential monster.”

In addition, according to his loyal followers, the famous seer mentioned that after the great coronavirus pandemic that hit the entire world, a terrible famine could approach in 2021.

“After a great problem for humanity, a greater one is being prepared,” wrote the Frenchman, which was immediately linked to the coronavirus.

“The Great Engine renews the ages”, “rain, blood, milk, hunger, steel and plague”, are the words that lead its readers to think of a great famine.

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