North Korea warns the United States of “very grave situation” due to Biden’s “mistake”

North Korea warned the United States that it could face a “very grave situation” over a speech by President Joe Biden. A R...

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  • North Korea warned the United States that it could face a “very grave situation” over a speech by President Joe Biden.
  • A “big blunder” by Biden, North Korea said when it warned the United States of the problem.
  • North Korea stated that Biden’s speech reflected his “hostile policy.”

North Korea warned on Sunday that the United States would face “a very grave situation” and claimed that President Joe Biden “made a big blunder” in his recent speech by calling North Korea a security threat.

Last week, Biden, in his first speech to Congress, called the nuclear programs of North Korea and Iran “serious threats” to the US and global security and said he will work with his allies to address those problems through diplomacy and severe deterrence.

“Hostile policy”: North Korea has already warned the United States

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“His statement clearly reflects his intention to continue to pursue hostile policy towards the DPRK as the United States has done for more than half a century,” Kwon Jong Gun, a senior official at the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said in a statement. quoted by news agency AP. DPRK stands for Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the official name for North Korea.

“It’s true that the CEO of the United States made a big mistake in light of today’s point of view,” Kwon said. “Now that the keynote of the new US policy for the DPRK has become clear, we will be forced to push for appropriate action and eventually the US will find itself in a very dire situation.”

North Korea warned the United States of a “very serious situation”

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Kwon has not yet specified what steps North Korea would take, and his statement could be seen as an effort to pressure the Biden administration as it is shaping its policy in North Korea.

Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, said Sunday that US policy “is not aimed at hostility, but at solutions” and “ultimately, at achieving the complete denuclearization of the peninsula. Korea”.

Diplomatic work

North Korea warned the United States
In this image, distributed by the North Korean government, Kim Jong Un delivers a speech at the closing of the 6th Cell Secretaries Conference of the Workers’ Party of Korea, in Pyongyang, North Korea, on April 8, 2021. Via: AP

“And we are prepared to engage in diplomacy toward that ultimate goal, but we are working on practical steps that can help us move toward that goal,” Sullivan said on ABC’s “This Week.”

The White House mentioned on Friday that administration officials had completed a review of US policy toward North Korea and that Biden plans to deviate from the approaches of his two most recent predecessors as he tries to stop North Korea’s nuclear program.


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Press secretary Jen Psaki did not elaborate on the review’s findings, but suggested that the administration would seek a middle ground between the “great deal” of Donald trump and Barack Obama’s “strategic patience” approaches. Kwon’s statement did not mention Psaki’s comments, the AP noted.

After a series of high-profile nuclear and missile tests in 2016-17, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un offered a diplomatic deal at the summit with Trump on the future of his growing nuclear arsenal. But that diplomacy remains stalled for about two years due to differences in the amount of sanctions relief North Korea could get in exchange for limited denuclearization measures.

North Korea warned the United States about Biden’s “mistake,” but it is not the first threat

North Korea warned the United States

In January, Kim threatened to expand his nuclear arsenal and build more high-tech weapons aimed at the continental United States, saying the fate of bilateral ties would depend on whether he abandons his hostile policy. In March, it tested short-range ballistic missiles for the first time in a year, although it still maintains a moratorium on larger weapon launches.

“If Pyongyang accepts the working-level talks, the starting point for the negotiations would be to freeze testing and the development of North Korea’s nuclear capabilities and delivery systems,” said Leif-Eric Easley, a professor at the University. Ewha in Seoul. “If, on the other hand, Kim rejects diplomacy and opts for provocative tests, Washington is likely to expand sanctions and military exercises with allies.”

Possible confrontation

Kim trump
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Also on Sunday, an unidentified spokesman for the North Korean Foreign Ministry promised a strong and separate response to a recent State Department statement that it would push to promote the “responsibility of the Kim regime” for its “appalling situation of human rights”.

According to the AP report, the unidentified spokesman for the North Korean Foreign Ministry called the statement a preparation for “a total confrontation with us.”

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