North Korea launches ballistic missiles amid Covid-19 outbreak

North Korea launches ballistic missiles amid Covid-19 outbreak. Three short-range missiles were launched. Is it to keep up the pressure o...

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  • North Korea launches ballistic missiles amid Covid-19 outbreak.
  • Three short-range missiles were launched.
  • Is it to keep up the pressure on their rivals?

NORTH KOREA LAUNCHED THREE MISSILES! On Thursday, it was announced that North Korea had launched three missiles amid the Covid-19 outbreak that caused them to close their border indefinitely. The country’s action was taken as a clear warning to their ‘enemies’ that they are keeping up pressure amid the stalled nuclear diplomacy that has been going on for a couple of years.

The launches of the three missiles took place for the first time after South Korea’s presidential election. Yoon Suk Yeo took office last Tuesday. The launch of the missiles has been sanctioned by South Korea, the United States and Japan, who disapprove of these actions.


Photo: The Associated Press

On Thursday, international media reported that North Korea had decided to launch three short-range ballistic missiles. In the statements, they noted that the missiles were aimed toward the sea. This launch is not the first of the year, but it drew attention because it occurred days after President Yoon Suk Yeo took office.

North Korea fired three short-range ballistic missiles into the sea on Thursday, its neighbors said, the latest in a series of weapons demonstrations this year that came a few hours after confirming their first case of the coronavirus since the pandemic began, The Associated Press reported.

A Threat to South Korea?

North Korea COVID Missile: A Threat to South Korea?
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One of the details that drew attention to the launch of the three missiles is that they were North Korea’s first weapons tests since the inauguration of the new conservative president of South Korea, Yoon Suk Yeol, last Tuesday, according to The Associated Press. For the moment, this initiative was taken as a clear threat to the ‘enemies’ of the nation.

The North Korean authorities have not disclosed new information about the launch of the three missiles; In the corresponding information, they highlighted that, even if there is an outbreak of Covid-19, the military force will not stop testing its missiles. Filed Under: North Korea COVID Missile

To unsettle governments?

To unsettle governments?
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North Korea has a history of unnerving new governments in Seoul and Washington in an apparent attempt to boost its future negotiating power. The North Korean nuclear threat will likely be high on the agenda when Yoon meets with US President Joe Biden in Seoul next week, the AP noted.

South Korea, Japan and the United States condemned the test of the weapons, which were launched from the North’s capital region on Thursday afternoon, The Associated Press reported. At the moment, the governments have made their opinion known about the launch of the three missiles that were reported this Thursday.

Did they condemn North Korea’s actions?

Did they condemn North Korea's actions?
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White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan condemned the launch when speaking by phone with his South Korean counterpart Kim Sung-han, according to a White House statement. The two also discussed President Joe Biden’s visit to South Korea next week. It will be Biden’s first visit to an Asian country during his presidency. Biden is also scheduled to visit Japan during the whirlwind trip, the AP reported.

The South Korean military said it increased its readiness and vigilance while maintaining close coordination with the United States. They called on the North to immediately stop its repeated missile launches. South Korea and Japan released similar flight details, saying the weapons traveled 350 to 360 kilometers (217 to 224 miles) at a maximum altitude of 90 to 100 kilometers (56 to 62 miles).

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