Noelia turns on Instagram by taking off her clothes in front of the mirror

Noelia turns on social networks after posting a video where she undresses in front of a mirror The singer shows off her body on video whe...

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  • Noelia turns on social networks after posting a video where she undresses in front of a mirror
  • The singer shows off her body on video when recording herself taking off her clothes
  • Hot video of the singer surprises netizens after seeing her undress in front of the camera

Naked Noelia. The world of social networks lit up after the singer Noelia posted on her account Instagram a video, in which she shows off her statuesque body as she undresses in front of her bathroom mirror.

In the video you can see Noelia naked, standing in front of a mirror with a green blouse and white leggings, and where afterwards she gradually takes off the blouse she was wearing.

But what was most surprising was when the singer bent down and took off her leggings in the middle of the video, not caring at all and only keeping the thong she was wearing.

After undressing, Noelia is seen naked as she walks towards her bathroom. Thus the singer concluded her video, but not before adding a comment on the video where she says: “After 2 hours of GYM … to take a shower.”

This undoubtedly caused the different users of social networks to be present and comment on the video: “Uff, beautiful, Noelia you showed off with the video, what a beautiful body shaved from head to toe”, “I love you”, “How exquisite it is all your beauty ”,“ My God, you need someone to help you wash your back ”.

“So there is no joke, that is from the front”, “what beautiful lips”, “you are a goddess”, “whoever was the water in that shower”, being just some of the comments that fans made in the published video.

Even celebrities like Isabel Madow had the luxury of commenting with a fire emoji to the singer’s video, and where Noelia responded in the same way with an emoji, but this one of a kiss towards the famous.

Noelia nude bath

PHOTO: Instagram

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Of course, Internet users did not miss the opportunity to see these comments and even asked Isabel to make a video similar to Noelia’s.

“Isabel, could you please delight us with the same charm?”, “Pair of goddesses”, “abuser, you are going to kill one of the pressure”, were other comments that fans made, seeing that the two famous both Noelia as Isabel were commented.

Naked Noelia. There were even past comments of tone made by users such as: “Noelia well sweat your panoch … how delicious”, “Noelia rich take … hard mommy”.

“How rich are you Noelia, apart from being beautiful, you are a goddess with that little body, you are not suitable for heart disease”, “delicious rich thing”, were other comments by the fans.

“Beautiful love, the socks?” There were even those who reminded him that he got into the shower without having removed his socks.

The video currently has almost 400 thousand reproductions and more than two thousand comments, being undoubtedly one of the favorite videos by fans and Internet users, and where it can be seen that the singer is not only beautiful, but that also boasts a well-worked body.

And after being one of the most played videos on social networks, Noelia two days later published a photo in the same bathroom where she made the video, but now in pure lingerie and wearing long high-heeled boots.

In this publication, the singer invites Internet users to take a look at her Only Fans account, with a caption that says: “I wait for you in my Only Fans account, don’t wait any longer”, followed by two emojis, one from the heart and the other throwing a kiss.

With this photo reaching more than 20 thousand “Likes”, there is no doubt that the fans have shown how delighted the singer is, letting her know that they are fascinated with all the daring publications that Noelia uploads.

Naked Noelia. After seeing JLo in lingerie showing her intimate parts, the one who did not want to be left behind was the singer Noelia, who through a video, made it clear that she has what to motivate her audience, even in the purest style of Jennifer López in lingerie.

Like the Diva of the Bronx, Noelia used a sofa to unleash the lust of her followers and with a similar lingerie, she managed it and go in what way.

Noelia nude bath

PHOTO: Instagram

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In the material it can be seen that the singer barely shows her breasts, as she has a huge cleavage that almost lets out one of her most precious attributes (breasts and butt).

From the privacy of her home, Naked Noelia “takes advantage” of her fans, to leave them wanting to see more, even so the video was a success. Until the afternoon of this April 21, 2020, it was about to reach 81 thousand reactions of likes and narrowly exceeded 750 comments.

One of the first messages they left was the following: “I was the first I like hahaha, give me a kiss”, to which the artist agreed and sent it to her.

However, some people could not help but notice a strange appearance and pointed it out: “Your boobs are already victims of gravity, they need a touch up.”

But this did not overshadow the emotion of the other followers who immediately told Noelia to show her breasts and butt: “Beautiful baby, you are prettier than yesterday, I love you.”

Given the resemblance to Jennifer Lopez’s (JLo) lingerie on top of a sofa, other people commented: “I love you, what a beautiful tet …”.

Someone else wrote: “Hello Noelia, you are very beautiful, you don’t know how much I like to see all your publications, you always surprise me, you leave me with my mouth open.”

“Fiery little lovely woman”, “delicious breasts and nipples”, “now Noelia porfitas and stop it”, “show me more”, were other wishes of men.

Noelia nude photo

PHOTO: Instagram

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