Curious: Nipple is found in hamburger and priest faints during mass

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  • Diner finds nipple in his McDonalds burger.
  • They post photos on social media and provoke anger.
  • In addition, a priest faints during mass and is saved by his ‘angels’.

In a world where more and more bizarre things happen, a man who went to eat at a McDonalds restaurant, found something unpleasant in his food, as he found a nipple in his hamburger, while a priest passed out in the middle of mass, according to The Sun and a video posted on Facebook.





These events began to circulate rapidly through social networks, the first of them caused disgust among diners who are regulars of that fast food business, while the second moved the religious community due to the solidarity shown by the parishioners.


Find nipple on hamburger
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Below we will tell you each of the stories that will leave you ‘frozen’, since they are not common cases to see, and yet they motivated a series of negative and positive comments, since they are totally contrary.

It is not the first time that situations like this have happened, however, with the number of events that are currently being seen, they attract a lot of attention, because the father was rescued from falling unconscious and a tragedy was generated.


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So unpleasant was the surprise he found at his dinner, that the diner has promised that he will not eat meat again and will become a vegetarian. The man was identified as Simon Robinson, 27, and went to the branch to order a bacon sandwich.

The customer left the business with his food, but without opening it and eating something before arriving home, however, his surprise was capitalized, since what he had ordered had nothing to do with what they gave him on his plate. Filed Under: Find Nipple On Burger

Find nipple in hamburger: “IT WAS DISGUSTING”

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But the man’s reaction was less common, since he left the complaint for later and went to his mother to tell her about the unpleasant surprise and later, he took pictures and decided to complain at the McDonalds offices.

But he also complained publicly and verbatim: “Opening it and finding that was disgusting. It has completely discouraged me. So much so that I am considering going vegan now, ”he stated firmly and without hesitation.


Find nipple on hamburger
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Simon confessed that he regularly goes to McDonalds to order the same sandwich, but this time what he ordered was totally out of place. “This time it seems like it was totally justified,” she said in a surprised way.

“I know you can find that in pork belly, but I didn’t order a pork belly roll. I ordered a bacon sandwich. ” “I don’t dare to eat it, but I did eat the rest of the roll,” he said about how unpleasant it was to find that in his food. Filed Under: Find Nipple On Burger


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But this was not going to stay that way, Simon was willing to do anything to claim for the food he received and went to the McDonalds company to make his complaint effective, but first he called to clarify his position on this.

“I contacted McDonald’s, who told me that I had to send it to them so they could send it to a lab. If he did that, they could finish him off. I can not believe it. When I showed my mother, she was also upset. ” Filed Under: Find Nipple On Burger

Find nipple in hamburger: MCDONALDS ANSWERS

Father faints
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But the complaint was answered and a McDonald’s spokesperson told The Sun Online: “We use bacon in all of our bacon rolls and due to the location this cut is taken from, we are sure this customer is wrong in their claim.

And the spokesperson statement added the following verbatim: “We understand that the customer is communicating with our customer service team, which offers further assistance.” Ane this case situation went viral.

Find nipple in hamburger: faints

Find nipple on hamburger
Facebook photo

But this case was not the only one that went viral, but also the video where a father is seen who faints in the middle of mass and in a miraculous way several parishioners helped him so that he did not fall unconscious to the ground.

This amazing and miraculous event happened, according to the publication, in the Our Lady of Guadalupe parish, Acapulco, when the priest Ángel Cuevas almost fell to the ground in a faint, were it not for several women who ran to help him. To see the video click here.

Find nipple in hamburger: AVOID TRAGEDY

Facebook photo

Almost at the end of the mass, the father looks disoriented and weak, so he uses his hand to support himself, but after taking a couple of steps he begins to stagger and that’s when a woman quickly comes to help him.

However, seeing that little by little he is losing consciousness, several women come and the priest loses consciousness and lets his body fall, but several parishioners were already there to prevent him from falling loudly.


Father faints
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Although there were many women who helped, a couple of men had to arrive to prevent the father from falling down and they sat him near there. Apparently the Catholic is in good health, however, if he caused a great scare in those present.

People immediately began to comment on the event: “God be with him, he is a great human being, I have known him for many years, my respects to the father and may the Virgin of Guadalupe help him, he loves him very much,” said one person. Filed Under: Find Nipple On Burger


Facebook photo

Suddenly some people speculated about the fact: “Sure he didn’t have breakfast, that’s how it happened to me once in high school, when we were honoring the flag, but my friends supported me anyway, nothing happens, just low glucose, you have to have breakfast, and it is that the smell of those candles that they put makes anyone faint ”.

“I hope that Father Ángel has not had serious neurological or metabolic problems, I was shocked to see what happened, and I wish his good and speedy recovery! The women who were helping him avoided further damage! ”Said another person. Filed Under: Find Nipple On Burger

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