Niece of Osama Bin Laden warns of terrorist attack if Joe Biden wins elections

Niece Osama Bin Laden says that if Joe Biden wins the US elections there will be another 9/11 attack Noor bin Laden warns that an attack ...

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  • Niece Osama Bin Laden says that if Joe Biden wins the US elections there will be another 9/11 attack
  • Noor bin Laden warns that an attack similar to that of the Twin Towers could happen
  • Says President Donald Trump Must Be Re-elected

Noor bin Laden, the niece of terrorist Osama Bin Laden, says that if Joe Biden wins the United States elections there will be another 9/11 attack like that of the Twin Towers, according to the website of the New York Post.

Noor bin Laden has always lived in Switzerland, her country of origin, and has been classified as an American, it is even said that she hung a flag American in her room.

He attempt September 9, 2001 forever marked the history of the United States, since hundreds of deaths were reported through suicide attacks after planes crashed into the Twin Towers in New York.

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The attack was attributed to Al Qaeda, a terrorist group led by Osama Bin Laden, who was later executed by the United States military forces.

In an interview for the New York Post, Noor Bin Laden immediately made known his position on this issue that many have already worried about.

Verbatim: “I have been a supporter of President (Donald) Trump since he announced that he would run in the first days of 2015. I have watched from afar and admire the determination of this man. She must be reelected… it is vital to the future not only of the United States, but of Western civilization as a whole. “

You look at all the terrorist attacks that have occurred in Europe during the last 19 years. They have completely shaken us … [el Islam radical] it has completely infiltrated our society ”.

And Bin Laden continued. “In the United States it is very worrying that the left has completely aligned itself with the people who share that ideology.”

On the next page you will learn more about all this that Osama Bin Laden’s niece is warning about another terrorist attack like 9/11, similar to that of the Twin Towers.

In her first interview, Osama Bin Laden’s niece, Noor bin Laden said: “ISIS proliferated under the Obama / Biden administration, which led them to come to Europe. Trump has shown that he protects the United States and us by extension from foreign threats, by wiping out terrorists at the root and before they have a chance to strike. “

And he also launched a phrase that says: “It is an honor to be able to go to live in the United States and make the most of all opportunities,” said Bin Ladin.

Only last year it became known that the US intelligence services received reports indicating that Hamza Bin Laden, son of Osama Bin Laden and considered one of the current leaders of the terrorist group Al Qaeda and therefore, An enemy of the United States, he died, according to the NBC television network.

According to the chain, three government sources, who asked not to be identified, confirmed the death of Hamza bin Laden.

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Although Hamza bin Laden’s whereabouts were unknown, authorities suspected that he might be somewhere along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, possibly waiting for an opportunity to cross into Iran.

At first, it was Saad bin Laden who was called to relieve his father at the head of the terrorist organization, but his death in Pakistan during a drone attack forced him to name Hamza, ten years younger than him, as his new heir. the eldest son of the Saudi terrorist who died in 2009.

The Deputy Secretary for Diplomatic Security, Michael Evanoff, explained last February, during a press conference, that Osama bin Laden, a terrorist who died in May 2011 during the term of Barack Obama, spent years preparing his son Hamza to assume the leadership of the criminal organization, currently held by the Egyptian Ayman al Zawahiri.

The official supported this claim in a series of letters that were found in the Pakistani compound of Abbottabad, where Osama bin Laden lost his life in a US special forces operation.

Twin Towers

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Despite the fact that in recent years Al Qaeda has been in the shadow of the terrorist group Islamic State (IS), Washington considers that the extremist group maintains the capacity and the intention to continue its fight against the United States and its allies, for which considered the capture of Hamza bin Laden a priority.

According to the NBC report, the US government has obtained information that Hamza bin Laden, son of Osama bin Laden, is dead, according to three US officials.

This statement by Osama Bin Laden’s niece has been taken by many people as a clear indication of voting for Donald Trum and leaving Joe Biden aside.

Elections in the United States are scheduled for the first days of November, but were at stake due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The sector that most expects benefits is that of immigrants, so it will be a close fight to get to the white house.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are the main contenders to be presidents for the United States, so not only the country is attentive to what happens, but the whole world.

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