Nicole Poole is convicted after running over a girl for looking “Mexican” and over a boy for looking “like those ISIS”

Nicole Poole was sentenced on Thursday to 25 years in jail. Authorities indicated that the woman had run over two minors because of racis...

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  • Nicole Poole was sentenced on Thursday to 25 years in jail.
  • Authorities indicated that the woman had run over two minors because of racism.
  • Nicole Poole had already confessed that she ran over a girl for looking “Mexican” and a boy because he looked “like those ISIS.”

Racism will keep her imprisoned for decades. A woman identified as Nicole Poole Franklin was sentenced to 25 years in prison for running over a girl for looking “Mexican” and a boy for looking “like those ISIS” (Islamic State).

Nicole Poole, a white Iowa woman who admitted that she deliberately ran her SUV over two children because of their race, will spend more than 20 years behind bars, Fox News reported on Thursday, August 19.

Nicole Poole receives conviction

 Nicole poole

The defendant, 43, had already been sentenced to up to 25 years on state charges for the attack on children that occurred in December 2019 in Des Moines, capital of Iowa, the aforementioned media detailed. For its part, the AP news agency explained that the sentence will be concurrent with the state sentence, but ensures that the woman will be behind bars for a longer time, since the federal system does not grant parole.

In a separate federal proceeding on Thursday, US District Judge Stephanie Rose sentenced Nicole Poole to 25 years and four months in prison. The defendant had already pleaded guilty in May to two federal hate crime charges.

He confessed that he ran over the minors because of their race

Nicole poole
In this undated photograph provided by Polk County, Iowa, Nicole Poole Franklin is shown, who said she rammed her truck into two children in 2019 to try to kill them because of their race. (Polk County Jail via AP, File)

Prosecutors requested a 27-year sentence in a docket last week, arguing that Nicole Poole targeted a 12-year-old black boy and a 14-year-old Latina girl because of their race and ethnicity. Both minors were walking down the street near their schools when the dramatic event occurred, Fox News reported.

Prosecutors said Nicole Poole first ran over a sidewalk and hit the boy, whom she ran over because, in her words, he looked “like ISIS” and “is not supposed to be there and is going to eliminate me.”

The girl looked “Mexican,” said Nicole Poole

Reference photo: Shutterstock

Prosecutors said Nicole Poole drove down a sidewalk minutes later and ran over the girl, who suffered bruises, cuts and a concussion, Fox News detailed in its report.

Regarding this action, the woman said that she attacked the girl because she thought she was “Mexican” and because, according to the statements in the judicial file, she was taking over “our houses and our jobs” and “she was not supposed to to be in the country ”.

Nicole Poole’s defender argued “mental illness”

 Nicole poole

Nicole Poole was arrested by authorities later after she drove to a gas station where she yelled various racial slurs at an employee and customers, Fox News said.

The women’s public defender asked Judge Rose for a sentence of no more than 27 years. According to the report of the aforementioned television network, she argued in a presentation that she suffered from “serious pre-existing mental illnesses that were exacerbated by the use of methamphetamine, numerous extremely difficult life events occurring almost at the same time, and with some of the worst aspects of culture acting behind the scenes. and further poisoning his state of mind ”.

Juan Corona took advantage of the fact that he was a coach to give private classes and abuse minors

Juan Corona

A softball coach identified how Juan Corona was accused in Texas of sexual assault after a teenager who attended a private class decided to tell what was happening.

Juan “Manny” Corona, 44, a Montgomery County softball coach, was charged Wednesday with sexually assaulting teenagers he coached, authorities quoted as saying. Click 2 Houston on the afternoon of Wednesday, August 18.

Juan Corona fell after a teenager’s complaint

Juan Corona
Reference photo: Shutterstock

According to the aforementioned local newspaper, Juan “Manny” Corona, also known as “Coach Manny,” now faces several crimes, including three counts of sexual assault against a child.

The coach was arrested at his home on January 3, 2018, and a jury is now expected to render its sentence at 9:00 a.m. local time on Thursday, August 19, Click 2 Houston said.

Juan Corona was looking for the minors at school

Juan Corona
Photo: Montgomery County Constable Pct. 3

Captain Dan Zientek of the Montgomery County Precinct 3 Sheriff’s Office said Juan Corona had been a coach for about 25 years and 17 of those years were in Montgomery County.

Authorities indicated that he gave private lessons at the South Montgomery County Softball League. In some cases, Juan Corona looked for the minors at school and took them to the place where he gave his classes, Zientek explained.

Threatened the victim

Juan Corona
Reference photo: Shutterstock

Captain Zientek said that Juan Corona sexually assaulted a girl under 14 during one of the private practices after picking her up from school. The coach threatened the victim and told her that something would happen to her or that he would not put her to play if she told someone about the match they had.

According to a report by the local newspaper Click 2 Houston, investigators learned of the alleged sexual assaults that occurred in May and August thanks to the account of another player.

Juan Corona bought alcohol from the minors

Juan Corona
Reference photo: Shutterstock

“Another player who was traveling to practice with our victim and Coach ‘Manny’ said the coach decided to stop by the store and buy alcohol for both girls,” said Captain Zientek.

He explained that the parents of the other player found out about the event and that was when the parents of the victim began to ask their daughter questions, according to the report of the aforementioned media.

One of the victims said that Juan Corona sexually assaulted them since they were 12 years old

Chronicle Latino couple night
Photo: Shutterstock

Authorities said Juan Corona admitted to giving the girls alcohol, but avoided questions about sexual assault. The researchers mentioned that they believe there may be more victims due to the amount of contact he had with children during his time as a coach. Since Juan Corona was publicly charged, four more victims have come forward with sexual assault charges against him, Click 2 Houston detailed.

One of the victims said that they were continuously sexually assaulted starting in 2002 when they were 12 years old. Evidence recovered from Juan Corona’s home corroborated the victim’s statement, including videos and photographs. And due to the accusations, the trainer also faced an additional charge for the production of child pornography, the newspaper said.

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