New York requires health workers to be vaccinated or tested weekly

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  • New York Governor Says Healthcare Employees Should Be Vaccinated Or Tested Weekly for Coronavirus.
  • The mayor will also be questioned about sexual abuse.
  • The Big Apple wants to speed up vaccination.

New York, Jul 20 (EFE News).- The city of New York will force workers in its medical centers and public hospitals to be vaccinated or tested for coronavirus every week, a measure with which it tries to mitigate the fact that about a third of the city’s health workers have not been inoculated.

According to local media, the Mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio, will announce this Wednesday the decision, which will take effect in August and which comes after an increase in coronavirus cases was registered throughout the United States with the advance of variant delta. This is the first measure implemented by De Blasio in New York that requires city officials to prove that they are vaccinated or submit a recent negative test for covid-19.

Also officials


The new rule is estimated to affect more than 10% of the 300,000 people who work for New York City. At the moment, it is unknown if in the future it will be applied to other officials, such as police officers, teachers or drivers of means of transport, or if it will end up being applied only to workers in medical centers.

“It’s about safety in the healthcare setting,” explained De Blasio’s press secretary, Bill Neidhardt. Specifically, the rule will apply to the 11 hospitals managed by New York City, including those in Bellevue and Elmhurst, as well as clinics and nursing homes. Some 2 million adult New Yorkers have yet to receive any doses of the coronavirus vaccine, despite the efforts of authorities who have vaccinated New Yorkers in their own residences, and have offered the injections at temporary centers located on the subway network. or in museums. Currently, fewer than 10,000 New Yorkers are receiving the first dose of the vaccine, despite the fact that the number of new daily cases soared to 600 last week, more than double what was recorded last June. EFE News

New York Governor to be questioned in sexual abuse investigations


New York, Jul 15 (EFE News) .- It is expected that the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, is questioned this Saturday by investigators from the State Attorney General’s Office in relation to accusations of sexual harassment leveled against him by several women earlier this year, The New York Times reported on Thursday. The media, which cites two sources familiar with the matter, points out that this interrogation is a sign that the investigation, which has been carried out for four months, could be in its final phase.

Lawyers Joon Kim and Anne Clark, outside lawyers hired to carry out the investigations ordered by the prosecutor general New Yorker, Letitia James, are scheduled to question Cuomo in Albany, the New York state capital, after having spent months obtaining information about alleged sexual harassment reported by women, most of whom worked for the governor. In recent weeks, they have also questioned senior Cuomo administration officials, in addition to having reviewed a large volume of documents, including emails and text messages.

The report is expected to be public


Once the investigation of Kim and Clark is concluded, a report is expected to be made public whose content could seriously affect Cuomo’s political career, which is going through the most turbulent moment in his 10 years of administration. Although Cuomo has repeatedly defended his innocence, last March, as accusations of sexual harassment against him mounted, a long list of his fellow party members called for his resignation, but the governor said he would not leave his post until they were investigated. the alleged facts.

The findings could also affect other investigations that are being carried out by a judicial commission of the New York State Assembly, which also aims to delve into the cause of the high number of deaths in nursing homes during the worst time of the pandemic in the Big Apple, spring 2020. Interrogation of Cuomo, 63, suggests that the investigations ordered by James are in their final stages, but as of now there is no date for the end of the investigations, and it is unknown when they will be publish the report. Ten women have publicly accused the governor of sexual harassment or misconduct, from kisses on the cheeks described as “very sexual” to touching the breasts. EFE News

Covid-19 cases rise in New York, which seeks to speed up vaccination


New York, Jul 14 (EFE News) .- Although they remain at relatively low levels, the cases of covid-19 have started to rise again in New York with the advance of the delta variant, while the authorities locals try to get more people to get vaccinated. In recent days, the Big Apple registered several days with more than 400 cases, well above the around 200 that were being seen recently.

The positive test rate, meanwhile, has gone from approximately 0.5% to around 1.3%, leaving the average for the last month at 0.9%. The mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio, assured this Wednesday that these figures are being monitored, but for the moment ruled out the reimposition of restrictions, noting that hospitalizations and deaths remain at minimum levels.

New York reports increases in covid

A coronavirus test

In the last 7 days, the average number of daily hospitalizations is 17 and the number of deaths is 3. The priority right now, De Blasio insisted at a press conference, is to keep the vaccination campaign moving forward as quickly as possible, given that people who have not been immunized are by far the most at risk.

In that sense, the New York Health Commissioner, Dave Chokshi, assured this Wednesday that if you can talk about an outbreak, it is currently an outbreak among unvaccinated people. Thus, he highlighted that during the last months more than 98% of the cases, hospitalizations and deaths from covid-19 in the city have been of people who had not completed the vaccination.

Deaths averted

Hospitalized patient in New York

The New York authorities put on the table this Wednesday a new study prepared by Yale University that, using a projection system, estimates that the vaccination campaign has saved more than 8,300 lives in the Big Apple during the last 6 months. According to that analysis, the injections have also prevented more than 44,000 hospitalizations and a quarter of a million cases in a city of about 8.5 million people.

So far, more than 9.6 million doses have been administered in New York, which has allowed almost 64% of the adult population to have completed the vaccination schedule, according to official data. The percentage, which drops to 52% if minors are also taken into account, varies significantly from one area of ​​the city to another, which has recently led the authorities to reinforce their efforts in districts such as Staten Island, which they are well below the average and where more infections are being registered.

The delta variant

Coronavirus Illustration

Today, municipal representatives assured that they plan to reinforce the incentives offered to residents to get vaccinated and awareness campaigns. In this sense, Chokshi insisted that, even with the new variants, a person who has completed the vaccination has a very high level of protection against the disease and, above all, against serious cases that require hospitalization.

Cases among those vaccinated, he stressed, are somewhat more numerous with the delta variant, but they are still very rare and, when they occur, generally lead to mild symptoms. New York was one of the great global epicenters of covid-19 in the early stages of the pandemic and between late 2020 and early 2021 it suffered a significant second wave of infections. In total, the disease has killed more than 33,000 people in the city, according to official data. EFE News

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