New York: Brooklyn shooting leaves one dead and three injured

A shooting in Brooklyn left one man dead and three injured The shooting took place in a place known as the “garito”, a local ...

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  • A shooting in Brooklyn left one man dead and three injured
  • The shooting took place in a place known as the “garito”, a local gaming venue
  • Authorities presume the shooting started after an argument over a game

A shooting at a gambling venue known as “el gambling den” left one man dead and three people injured in Brooklyn, New York.

According to official sources and witnesses to the incident, the shooting began after 10 p.m. Wednesday after a fight in the back of the game venue, located inside a building on Hegeman Avenue near Osborn Street in Brownsville, de agree with The New York Post.

According to the authorities, a 30-year-old man was killed by a gunshot to the chest. Three other men, ages 31, 32 and 44, were also shot and taken to a nearby hospital where they all remain stable, police said.

New York: Brooklyn shooting leaves one dead and three injured

Photo: Twitter.

Investigators presume the shooting started after an argument over a game.

A 50-year-old neighbor who asked to remain anonymous for safety, indicated that “the gambling den” was a famous place in the neighborhood, where many neighbors attended to play.

“They always play indoors,” said the man, who also indicated that he was a regular player. “Day and night, they play dice, they play poker and Cee-lo.”

“On Friday and Saturday nights you can’t even walk inside, it’s always very crowded,” he said. The man stressed that within “the gambling den” they gamble from a few dollars to thousands.

For their part, the police indicated that so far they had no suspects related to the shooting and that the case remains under investigation.

On the other hand, a police officer from Myrtle beach was shot and killed and a second officer was injured while on duty last Saturday night in the South Carolina city, local media reported.

Officer Jacob Hancher and another officer reportedly went to a residence following a call about a domestic incident around 10:00 p.m. Saturday near the 400 block of 14th Avenue South in Myrtle Beach when the shooting occurred. .

Agents with the South Carolina Division of Law Enforcement are now investigating the shooting. Initial reports say officers confronted a man at the scene.

Hancher died and the second officer was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

Myrtle Beach Police Chief Amy Prock said Patrolman Hancher “was a dedicated public servant who kept his oath to protect this community and made the ultimate sacrifice.”

Hancher had been a community service officer for four years and a police officer for less than a year.

The Horry County incident is the 37th in which an officer has been involved in a shooting in South Carolina so far in 2020.

It’s the first this year to involve the Myrtle Beach Police Department. In 2019, 45 officers were under fire in South Carolina.

Three Los Angeles police officers indicted for classifying detainees as gang members

Three agents of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) were charged amid the scandal facing the institution for making false classifications as gang members to drivers stopped at traffic stops and entered into a state database, reported this Friday the County Attorney.

Agents René Braga, 40; Raúl Uribe, 34, and Julio García, 36, face arrest warrants issued by the Los Angeles Prosecutor’s Office, Jackey Lacey, in a plot in which three other agents had already been charged.

In total, six police officers have been charged with entering false information into the Cal Gang state database, which is for the exclusive use of the authorities and where they are suspected of belonging to gangs.

“In all three cases, officers are accused of writing that a person admitted to being a member of a gang despite the fact that body camera video showed that the defendants never asked people about their membership in a gang or that people denied gang membership if asked, ”Lacey’s office said.

Braga is accused of filing a false police report and preparing false documentary evidence in a case. Uribe and García are accused of preparing false documentary evidence in two other cases.

The first accusations were made last July when Officer Braxton Shaw was accused of falsifying information on 43 field interview cards.

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Michael Coblentz, 43, and Nicolas Martinez, 37, round out the list of defendants for July, each with one count of conspiracy to obstruct justice and multiple counts of filing a police report and preparing false documentary evidence.

Another 18 officers remain under investigation. Of these, 11 are at home waiting for the results and seven were assigned to desk tasks, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The scandal prompted the California attorney general, Xavier Becerra, to conduct an investigation and remove all information provided by the Los Angeles police.

In 2016 a state audit found that the Cal Gang lacked oversight and that names of people who had no affiliation with these groups had been included, including “people who were still children,” Becerra said.

The audit effectively found names of children as young as one year old classified as gang members, a situation that resulted in the state legislature passing a rule that empowers the Prosecutor’s Office to make the necessary improvements in the database used by all police agencies. Of California.

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