New photo of Angélica Rivera is criticized for an excessive use of filters (PHOTO)

Angélica Rivera, Cynthia Klitbo and Aylín Mujica reunite These celebrities have been friends for 27 years Netizens criticize the photo sa...

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  • Angélica Rivera, Cynthia Klitbo and Aylín Mujica reunite
  • These celebrities have been friends for 27 years
  • Netizens criticize the photo saying it has too many filters

Angelica Rivera’s new photo. After leaving Los Pinos and divorcing the former president Enrique Peña Nieto, everyone wants to know what happened to Angélica Rivera and now that a new photo of the former first lady of Mexico in the company of Aylín Mújica and Cynthia Klitbo has appeared, the comments have exploded.

After being friends for more than 27 years, Angélica Rivera was reunited with the actresses Cynthia Klitbo and Aylín Mujica and the latter was the one who shared a photo in social media, which did not go unnoticed by her followers on Instagram.

Angélica Rivera and her friendship with Aylín Mujica and Cynthia Klitbo

Aylín Mujica Angélica Rivera Cynthia Klitbo filter
PHOTO Instagram

Through the account of Instagram of the program Suelta la Sopa, the image of the three divas together was shared and although the intention of the host was to show off their friendship for a long time, Internet users began to criticize the photo, mentioning that they used many filters.

“What a delight to meet again! I love them so much! # 27 years of friendship “, Aylín Mujica wrote in the publication that was filled with criticism on her Instagram profile, where users affirm that they used many filters, since due to their age, the three artists look too young.

Angélica Rivera new photo: Internet users attack them

Aylín Mujica Angélica Rivera Cynthia Klitbo filter
PHOTO Instagram

Immediately the followers did not miss the opportunity to criticize the divas who have maintained a friendship for several years, but who due to certain circumstances could not be together, since they look totally different from what they see in real life, due to the amount of filters they used.

“They passed the filter hahaha”, “one more filter, and the seas are purified”, they criticized the three friends. But there was no shortage of those who defended them: “It is not the filter they publish, it is the friendship that has existed in them for a long time. Please interpret and stop women making such lousy comments from other women, rather let’s unite and beat the world with more positive things please. Much envy is stronger than a simple filter ”.

“Las Doñas Filtros”

Aylín Mujica Angélica Rivera Cynthia Klitbo filter 3
PHOTO Instagram

And there was also someone who reminded the host of Suelta la Sopa: “Aylín Mujica expressed herself badly about Angélica in interviews and now it turns out that nail and dirt”. While others continued to criticize the former first lady: “Angelica looks like a squirrel with that filter”, “tremendous filter that bleached even her teeth at three o’clock”, “how many filters and how much the Seagull has stolen from the Mexican people.”

“With the filter, Angelica seems 13”, “Las Doñas Filtros”, “all 3 are beautiful with or without a filter”, “too much filter. Their faces will disappear ”,“ my little eyes were enchina to see so much talent and beauty, we all use filter ”, these were some of the criticisms when the users were present. Filed Under: Angélica Rivera new photo.

Angélica Rivera new photo: “It was a magical night”

Aylín Mujica Angélica Rivera Cynthia Klitbo filter 4
PHOTO Instagram

Also in the social network account of Suelta la Sopa, a video was uploaded where the host of the program spoke about the meeting she had with her friends: “It was a magical night, 27 years later we met doing ‘La Dueña’ in the year 94 ”, were the words of Aylín.

“We felt like three teenagers, excited because we were going to meet, Cynthia is very well, recovering, we relax as friends,” said the host of Suelta la Sopa, describing the exciting night she had with her friends, where they got together in a private place. Filed Under: Angélica Rivera new photo. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

The beginnings of Angélica Rivera

PHOTO Instagram @angelicariveraworld

Angélica Rivera is an actress, singer and former first lady of Mexico born on August 2, 1969 in Mexico City. His parents are Manuel Rivera and María Eugenia Hurtado, and he has five siblings: Carolina, Manuel, Maritza, Adriana, Manuel and Elisa. She is the mother of three daughters: Sofía, Fernanda and Regina, the result of her marriage to the television producer José Alberto Castro, brother of Verónica Castro with whom she was married between 1994 and 2008.

Like many young women who aspired to a career in acting in Mexico during the 1980s, Angélica participated in the El Heraldo de México pageant, which was known for launching the careers of young models who were in the early stages of their careers. . Filed Under: Angélica Rivera new photo.

Angelica Rivera new photo: Amorous life

PHOTO Mezcalent

She has been married twice, the first in 1994 to the television producer José Alberto Castro, whom she divorced in 2008. From this marriage her only three daughters were born: Sofía, in 1996; Fernanda, in 1999, and Sofía, in 2005. Although they appeared to be a stable marriage, the controversy soon overshadowed their relationship, as information leaked that the couple had made the decision to separate after having been in a relationship for more than ten years. .

In 2008 it became known that Angélica Rivera had started an affair with the then governor of the State of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto. His career was on the rise, so rumors soon began to spread about Rivera’s professional future. Filed Under: Angélica Rivera new photo.

What has become of Angélica Rivera?

Angelica Rivera soap operas

In 2012, Peña Nieto was elected as President of Mexico, for which Angélica was named First Lady of the country and National President of the Citizen Advisory Council of the Mexican DIF, an institution in favor of the integral development of the Mexican family.

For six years she served as first lady, participating in formal acts and tours that the then president had in Mexico and the rest of the world. Months after Enrique Peña Nieto’s official term as president of Mexico ended, the couple announced their final separation, which they formalized on May 2, 2019. Filed under: Angélica Rivera new photo.

Aylín Mujica in bikini

PHOTO Instagram

Before sharing the photo of her reunion with Angélica Rivera and Cynthia Klitbo, the actress and host Aylín Mujica appeared in a photo on her Instagram profile wearing an incredible navy blue bikini, causing many users to be delighted with her beauty on social networks , after showing off his statuesque figure.

The above, after last November it was announced that Aylin Mujica would be back on television, but as a host in the show program Suelta La Sopa, in the place that the Venezuelan show host Carolina once occupied ” The Poison ”Sandoval. Filed Under: Angélica Rivera new photo.

Users love Aylín


Several comments began to arrive at the photograph of Aylín Mujica in a navy blue bikini, where some users were amazed at the body that the Cuban was modeling. Provoking various comments, including Aylín’s, they began to respond: The host of Suelta La Sopa confessed the following: “They are ugly, but I love them.”

More slightly risque comments began to flood the photograph of Aylín Mujica in a bikini: “How rich are you, mamacita”, “pretty legs, mommy”, “precious my love”, “a goddess of beauty, very beautiful”, “monument of woman ”,“ you are beautiful ”,“ beautiful mommy, what a sensual love ”,“ rich ”,“ beautiful ”,“ fantastic ”,“ great body ”. Filed Under: Angélica Rivera new photo.

Aylín Mújica shows off her figure

PHOTO Instagram

It should be noted that this has not been the only photograph where the Cuban driver Aylín Mújica appears in a bikini, since a month ago the actress turned on social networks once more, but this time without showing more than her contoured rear, causing low passions among the followers.

In the Photography, Aylín Mújica appears from behind inside a pool, while wearing a bathing suit. However, in the snapshot, it is possible to see a backlight effect, where the Cuban woman appears shaded, but her voluptuous rear takes center stage in the publication. Filed Under: Angélica Rivera new photo.

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