New Jersey Imposes New Restrictions Due to Increase in COVID-19 Cases

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  • New Jersey imposes new restrictions on second wave of COVID-19 in the state
  • The restaurants will not be able to serve inside after 10 at night
  • The new rules will take effect from Thursday, November 12

The state of New Jersey, one of the worst hit in the United States during the first wave of COVID-19, announced new restrictions on Monday to try to stop the increase in cases it is experiencing, the Efe agency reported.

The measures prohibit, among other things, restaurants from serving meals indoors from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. or serving customers at the bar.

Takeout and cookout may continue after 10 p.m., The Associated Press reported.

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The rules announced by the governor, Phil Murphy, They will come into force this Thursday and respond to the upturn in positives for coronavirus that is being registered in the state.

“We need to change the way we think, we have to shake off the pandemic fatigue we all feel,” Murphy said during a news conference in Trenton.

Murphy also indicated that all interstate indoor sporting events will be prohibited. “This is not forever and ever. We basically have a six-month window to bring down the virus, ”he said.

In the last 72 hours, the state has confirmed more than 7,000 new positives and, for the first time in five months, those hospitalized have reached 1,500.

Republicans rejected the governor’s new order. Republican State Senator Joe Pennacchio called it unwarranted.

“This is just another random edict from a governor who continues to fight the pandemic without the benefit of logic or science,” he said in an emailed statement. “Is the governor suggesting that diners are more susceptible to the virus later in the evening?”

New Jersey, located in the northeastern United States and neighboring New York, was one of the areas of the United States most affected by the pandemic in the spring, accumulating a total of about 16,500 deaths.

Like its entire region, New Jersey managed to get the virus under control over the summer, but is seeing a significant increase in cases, with the percentage of positive tests already above 7%.

Murphy described the new restrictions as “surgical” measures that seek to curb infections by avoiding a broader shutdown of the state’s economy.

“A second wave is here,” Murphy said. “This is our reality,” he added.

new jersey restrictions

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The decision to ban bar service stems from the fact that, according to Murphy, the majority of cases in the hospitality industry seem to be linked to bars during night hours and not to restaurants.

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Marilou Halvorsen, president and CEO of the New Jersey Restaurant and Hospitality Association, characterized the new guidelines as the latest example of restaurants being unfairly targeted, while restrictions on other businesses, such as department stores, are less draconian.

Had she been consulted, she said, she would have urged a more specific approach than penalizing the entire industry.

“I appreciate the fact that the governor and health commissioner are concerned about the increase,” said Halvorsen. “But we are the ones who get the black mark. Doing something just to do it doesn’t make sense. “

The New Jersey Casino Association issued a statement reiterating the Atlantic City casinos’ commitment to precautions designed to prevent the spread of the virus. He also emphasized that the casinos will remain open as usual and that gambling operations are not affected by the governor’s order.

New York, which has generally maintained tougher restrictions, is also considering some new measures given the increase in cases, according to various media.

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The mayor of the Big Apple, Bill de Blasio, on Monday called on citizens to take extreme precautions to avoid a “second wave” in the city, which was the global epicenter of the pandemic in March and April.

For now, the numbers in New York are still much better than those in other parts of the United States, but the recent increase in infections worries authorities.

Utah declares new state of emergency and announces rules for coronavirus outbreak

Faced with a fearsome outbreak of the coronavirus, Utah declared a new state of emergency, which implies the execution of several immediate rules.

The governor of UtahGary Herbert declared a new state of emergency on Sunday night to deal with overcrowding in hospitals due to weeks of stress in their hospital networks due to a wave of new coronavirus cases, the Reuters news agency reported on Monday.

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On his Twitter account, the Governor of Utah wrote: “Due to the alarming rate of COVID infections in our state, I issued a new state of emergency tonight with several critical changes to our response.”

Herbert added: “These changes are not shutting down our economy, but they are absolutely necessary to save lives and hospital capacity.”

The governor of Utah indicated that the entire state will be under the mask use mandate until further notice and that casual social gatherings would be limited to those who live in the same house for the next two weeks. He added that all extracurricular activities have been suspended with this new state of emergency in Utah due to the coronavirus.

According to a Reuters tally, the total number of coronavirus infections in the United States surpassed 10 million as of late Sunday.

Utah has had a total of 132,621 confirmed cases and 659 deaths from coronavirus since the pandemic began.

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